X-Men: Second Chance *Character Info*

Told ya I'd post the character info! It's pretty long

Created by iluvkellenlutz on Wednesday, March 02, 2011


LexiJefferson.jpg(She also has two red streaks, each one by her blonde streaks)

Name: Lexi Sky Jefferson

X-Men Name: Animal (though they rarely call her that)

Mutation: Control over plants and water
Reincarnation (part of her plant mutation)
Animal telepathy
Long life and invulnerability (agelessness, just like Logan. Can’t die)
her nails and canines can grow a few centimeters (part of her animal mutation)
extremely fast healing (like Logan and Victor)

Weakness: A spot right over her heart that is vulnerable. If wounded, it does not heal quickly like the rest of her body. If someone were to stab or shoot or manage to get there claws deep enough to stab her heart she would die.

Age: Physically she’s 26. She’s really 166.

Birthday: September 18, 1835/ 1985

Siblings: Luke Jefferson (Superman)

Personality: Fun, out-going, loud, caring, loving, strong-minded, stubborn, fierce, hot-headed at times, cool-headed at others, sarcastic, smart, humorous, doesn’t put up with crap, stands up for what she believes in and her friends, loyal, cunning, and hard-headed.

Background: Lexi was born in 1835 a month after James Howlett was born. Lexi’s and Logan’s families were extremely close leading to the two of them knowing each other since they were born and them becoming best friends. When Logan killed his real father and went on the run with Victor, Lexi came with him. They were inseparable through battles and life. During the incident in Nigeria, Victor killed Lexi, knowing her weakness, and Logan swore to avenge her death one day. Lexi was born again in 1985 back into her family – the Jeffersons. Lexi is a descendant from Thomas Jefferson. As she grew up, her memories from her first life came back to her and by the time she was twenty- four she remembered everything. She found out about her mutations when she was nine and when she told her parents about her first life they wanted her checked out and Xavier came to visit her. (They had met before when Charles and Erik started Xavier’s School) Lexi ran away from home when she was sixteen and went straight to Xavier’s. (This was around the time Xavier went to the island to get the kids)

Lexi never really got along with her parents considering she knew they weren’t her real parents even though Amy gave birth to her. Her real parents died a few hundred years ago.

Name: Luke Jefferson

X-Men Nick Name: Superman

Mutation: Animal telepathy (can speak to Lexi telepathically)
Super speed
Heightened senses (Eagle-like vision, heightened smell, hearing and taste)
Immortality and invulnerability
Slight control over plants and water but not as strong as Lexi

Weakness: He is weakened if he over uses his abilities.

Age: Physically he’s 28. He’s really 167.

Birthday: October 29, 1833

Siblings: Lexi Jefferson (Animal)

Personality: Fun, loyal, stubborn, strong minded, hard-headed, caring, loving, kind, loud, leader, smart, humorous, sarcastic, very protective of his little sister, stands up for what’s right.

Background: Luke is the oldest of the Jeffersons and two years older than Lexi. He was twelve when he found out about his abilities and kept it from his parents but told Lexi. When she got her abilities they found they had a telepathy connection because they could talk to animals. When Lexi ran away with Logan, she let Luke know where she was at all times through the bond. Luke went through life normally being able to hide most of his abilities and then met Xavier and Erik during college and started the X-Men with the two. When Lexi was killed he felt immense pain in his chest due to their bond and when she was reborn he felt that too. He went to look for her and when she regained her abilities, their connection was reinstated and Luke told her everything. When she showed up at Xavier’s with Sydney, Luke was the first to greet them. Luke is a founding father of Xavier’s School and became close friends with both Charles and Erik. When Erik turned bad, Luke tried his hardest to get him to see like he and Charles did but failed. It was a blow to Luke to lose Erik, but he kept him as a friend. They never attacked one another and kept respect for the other.

Name: Sydney Allerdyce

X-Men Nick Name: Australia

Mutation: Control of fire
Generates scolding hot temperatures to create fire
Can transform her body into fire
(She’s pretty much the opposite of Bobby)

Weakness: Water, ice, and she’s a human and can be hurt.

Age: 26

Birthday: February 14, 1985

Siblings: John Allerdyce (Pyro) and Nate Sherry (Rixon, step-brother)

Personality: Loving, fun, kind of quiet and shy, level-headed, stubborn, loyal, kind, caring and stands up for what she believes in and her friends.

Background: Sydney is Lexi’s best friend. When she was born her parents had gotten a divorce and her mom moved back to Australia with Sydney (that’s where Sydney’s nick name comes from). When she was ten her mom moved back to the states and moved in down the street from Lexi and her family. She kept the Australian accent and hasn’t lost it yet. They went to school together and are practically sisters. Sydney was in contact with her brother but they weren’t close. In fact John came to resent his little sister because she had more control and power with her fire. Sydney was twelve when she found out about her mutation and her mom didn’t really have a problem with it. When Lexi ran away from home, Sydney came with her with her mother’s blessing. (Her mom thought it would be good for her daughter to learn how to control her mutation better) The girls are inseparable. When her brother turns up at Xavier’s the two bicker constantly and Sydney isn’t all that surprised when he joins the Brotherhood. (she may have a crush on Bobby)

Name: Nathan (Nate) Sherry

X-Men Nick Name: Manifest, Rixon

Mutation: Shape shifting (he can change his appearance at will and change into anybody)

Weakness: Vulnerability

Age: 26

Birthday: April 9, 1985

Siblings: Sydney Allerdyce (Australia, step-sister)

Personality: Fun, witty, sarcastic, hot-headed, stubborn, smart, stands up for what he believes in, loving, kind, caring, loves kids, easily liked and a bit silly.

Background: Nate was born into a wealthy family in Australia, but when he was six his house was set ablaze and he was able to get out of the house but his parents died in the fire. Orfaned he roamed the streets until he was eight and met Sydney. The two became friends instantly and Sydney brought him home to meet her mom. After she heard his story, Sydney’s mom adopted him and he and Sydney became brother and sister. He got his abilities when he was twelve and when he told Sydney, she told him about hers and they went to their mom to tell them. Their mom was a little freaked out at first, but she didn’t treat them any different. Nate and Lexi became extremely close since they met and soon became best friends (he’s very easy to get along with.) In eighth grade, he asked Lexi to be his girlfriend and she accepted. When she ran away he and Sydney went with her. They dated until they were 19. They had a huge fight and broke it off and didn’t speak to each other for nine months and then started talking again. Since then they had been on and off again until they were 23 and decided that they were better off as best friends. (Through their hole relationship, Lexi had the problem of her still loving Logan. Though she never told him about that part, he knows about her being 166)

Name: Logan (James Howlett)

X-Men Nick Name: Wolverine

Mutation: Bone claws that turned into adamantium claws when it was infused with his skeleton.

Weakness: Adamantium bullets

Age: Physically he’s 28. He’s really 166.

Birthday: August 28, 1835

Siblings: Victor Creed (Sabertooth)

Personality: Strong, stubborn, fierce, loyal, caring, sarcastic, strong-minded, hot-headed.

He’s Lexi’s best friend and pretty much soul mate (hehe mate. Cause they both have animal qualities). Y’all know his background and it’s way too much to write here.
Name: Emma Frost

X-Men Nick Name: Ice Queen

Mutation: Diamond hard skin (actual diamonds)
Some telekinesis

Weakness: While in her normal state she’s just another human

Age: 26

Birthday: April 26, 1985

Siblings: Kayla (deceased)

Personality: Fun, out-going, sweet, smart, powerful, loyal, caring, kind of quiet, but a leader.

She’s Lexi’s best friend. You know her background (I’m kind of using her from X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

(Cute teenage Scott Summers but I can’t use this can I? He’s all grown up now!)
Name: Scott Summers

X-Men Nick Name: Cyclops

Mutation: Optic Blast
Immune to Alex’s mutation

Weakness: He’s just another human and can be killed

Age: 27

Birthday: January 1, 1984

Siblings: Alex and Gabriel (Havok and Vulcan)

Personality: Weird, sarcastic, hot-headed, stubborn.

He’s Lexi’s best friend and y’all know his background.

Name: Alex Summers

X-Men Nick Name: Havok

Mutation: Absorbs cosmic energy
Energy blasts
Immunity to Cyclops beams

Weakness: Uncontrolled aambient energy conversion

Age: 21

Birthday: May 18, 1989

Siblings: Scott (Cyclops) and Gabriel [I’m not going to include Gabriel in this story.]

Personality: Weird, quiet, shy, confused, angry, stubborn, fun, caring, not that loyal.

Background: I don’t know much about Alex because I didn’t read the comics but I like the idea of Scott having a brother. What I do know about Alex is his parents died when he was six (correct me if I’m wrong please) and he’s a little out of control when it comes to his power. He’s not all that loyal to the X-Men because he has been associated with the Brotherhood. So I’m going to make him kind of my own character if that’s okay with y’all. (He and Emma make a good couple don’t ya think? ;])

Name: Bobby Drake

X-Men Nick Name: Iceman

Mutation: Control of ice
Generates freezing temperatures to create ice
Can transform his body into ice

Weakness: Like that of any trained athlete, the Iceman's ability to perform is directly related to his daily physical health and current mental state. Under normal conditions, he can usually form ice continually for a period of about 5 hours before becoming mentally exhausted. Also, he doesn't have enough creativity and imagination to use his powers to their full potential, mostly because he doesn't like experimenting with his powers to find more uses for them.

Age: 27

Birthday: December 16, 1984

Personality: Fun, caring, loyal, stubborn, and level-headed, quiet but strong.

A close friend of Lexi’s. He may have a crush on Sydney.
Name: Warren Worthington

X-Men Nick Name: Angel

Mutation: Angel wings

Weakness: He’s an ordinary human so can be harmed like one

Age: 26

Birthday: March 20, 1985

Personality: Caring, loyal, shy, quiet, strong, self-conscious thanks to his father.

Background: Warren was about ten when he got the wings and knew his father didn’t like mutants very much so he cut them off. He hid them under a duster and was first in line when his father found the Cure. Though he learned that he liked his wings and joined the X-Men.

A close friend of Lexi’s. Kind of like her brother in many ways.
Name: Peter Rasputin

X-Men Nick Name: Colossus

Mutation: A gigantic metal form (steel)
Super strength and near-invulnerability while in metal form

Weakness: While in human form he’s a vulnerable

Age: 20

Birthday: November 13, 1991

Personality: Strong, loyal, loving, protective, caring, humorous.

Background: Peter was born in Russia and his mutation appeared when he saved his little sister from a runaway tractor. He only uses his mutation to help people.
Name: Katherine Pryde

X-Men Nick Name: Kitty (I know its Sprite but I like Kitty better)

Mutation: Phasing; can pass through solid matter
Disrupting electronics
Walking on air

Weakness: She can only phase while holding her breath so she can’t go through too dense of objects

Age: 17

Birthday: September 14, 1995

Personality: Caring, strong-minded, loving, stubborn, stands up for what she believes in, loyal, kind, kind of quiet.

Background: She had headaches when she was a teen and got her powers. Xavier came to her and took her to the school and she became close friends with Storm. She’s Jewish and sensitive to mutant prejudice because of it. One of the youngest X-men.
Name: Remy LeBeau

X-Men Nick Name: Gambit

Mutation: Charges inanimate objects with explosive kinetic energy
Enhanced agility and hypnotic charm.

Weakness: Same as a human

Age: 26

Birthday: June 21, 1985

Personality: Fun, stubborn, laid back, hard-headed, strong, leader, doesn’t take crap.

Background: He was born in New Orleans and was kidnapped as a baby and raised in a thieves’ guild. He was raised as a street hustler and remained that way. He found out about his abilities when he was a teen and kept it secret from his family. He was captured by Stryker and held on The Island for a while and beat the guards at poker earning his nick name. He escaped and returned to New Orleans where Logan found him. Gambit took Logan back to the Island where he met Xavier and Lexi and became part of the X-Men.

He’s like a brother (twin) to Lexi.
Name: John Wraith

X-Men Nick Name: Kestrel

Mutation: Teleportation

Age: 28

Birthday: May 16, 1983

Personality: Witty, fun, funny, loyal, strong-minded, kind of quiet, and stands up for what he believes in.

Background: I don’t know a lot about John, but I liked him too much to let him die. So I’m going to say he was born in Nashville and developed his powers as a teen. He was commissioned by Stryker to Team X and when he left he started the boxing gym he has. When he goes to New Orleans with Logan he’s knocked out not killed but Victor still takes his DNA. When he wakes up he finds Xavier waiting for him and he joins the X-Men. He remembers Lexi from her days on Team X and they’re good friends.
Name: Chris Bradley

X-Men Nick Name: Maverick

Mutation: Able to generate and control electricity

Age: 27

Birthday: July 24, 1984

Personality: Fun, smart, witty, shy, level-headed.

Background: Chris is another one I don’t know anything about so I’m going to say that he’s from California and he discovered his abilities when he was thirteen. Like John he was recruited by Stryker for Team X and was the communicator and smart boy of the team. After Lexi and Logan left Team X fell apart and Chris went to work at a Circus where Xavier found him after hearing that Victor was coming for him. Chris was kept safe by Xavier and joined the X-Men. He’s a professor at the school.
Rest of characters:

Charles Xavier (Professor X)
Jean Grey
Dr. Hank McCoy (Beast)
Ororo Munroe (Storm)
Anna Marie (Rogue)
Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)
John Allerdryce (Pyro)
Raven Darkholme (Mystique)
Victor Creed (Sabertooth)
Mortimer Toynbe (Toad)

And many more.
So yeah, the characters here, you're gonna see alot more of. Kitty and Peter are together like in the comics and I set their ages mostly off the comics which is why Bobby's 26 instead of 17 :] I really hope y'all like this!!

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