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Thank you to JshayE95 for messaging me to keep going with this story. If anyone else would like to message me their opinion of the story feel free to. btw, this is the 4th chapter.

Created by animalmagik1508 on Thursday, March 03, 2011

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I hear a knock on my bedroom door. I get up from my bed and put my I-pod in the bedside table and go and open the door.
"I'm going to see if Damon found us again. Will you be alright for a while?" Demitri asks.
"Yeah, I'll just explore the house. I'll be fine." I say.
"If anything happens...." He starts.
"I'll scream, promise." I cross my heart. He smiles, turns and walks downstairs. I walk out into the hall and shut my bedroom door behind me. I take in my surroundings as I walk down the hall, in the opposite direction of the stairs that lead down to the kitchen and lounge room. The walls are cream coloured with one ortwo white doors on each side of the hall. I walk through the first door and see that the room is dark. I feel along the wall for a lightswitch. After a couple of minutes searching, my hand hits something hard and rectangle. I switch on the light and look around the room. Black double bed with red sheets, a black blanket and black pillows. The room has black walls, a red cailing and red carpet. A black wardrobe is in the close right corner, a wooden desk in the far left corner, a black armchair sits next to the window that has a red curtain hanging over it, keeping the light out.
"Must be Demitri's room." I think aloud. I walk back out into the hall, which is pretty light after being in Demitri's room. I go through the next door that is across the hall from Demitri's room.
"Oh my god." I stare around the room. The room is pretty big, but it looks smaller than it is because the walls are covered in shelves, and the shelves are covered in games, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, any game you can think of.....it's here. I go over to the PS3 games and find the one I am looking for, Ratchet and Clank. I used to love playing this game, but I lost it. I go over to the PS3 console and put in the CD. The title comes up and I press 'New Game'.
After playing the game for a while, I get up, turn off the PS3 and the HD tv and decideto go downstairs into the lounge room and relax. When I get down to the lounge room, I look over at the couch and see someone there.......and that someone has black hair. I freeze, and as the person turns around, I run for my life. It's Damon. 'What happened to Demitri?' I wonder.I run into my room, shut and lock the door. Then I run into the bathroom, shut and lock the door. Then I jump into the empty bath/shower. I sit in the tub and wait. With a huge BANG the bedroom door is thrown off it's hinges. I lay down on the bottom of the tub and pray that he doesn find me. I hear crashes and bangs as Damon searches my room for me. Soon the noises stop, footsteps come closer and closerto the bathroom door, the door handle rattles and then a few bangs are heard as he tries to knock the door down. After about three bangs, the door gives in. As I hear the door alling to the ground I hold my breath, still praying that he doesn't find me.
"You know I will find you sooner or later." He says. 'Hopefully later' I think. I try to sink lower in the tub, but I can't, I'm already laying down. As I look at the ceiling, a face appears over therim of the tub.
"Peek-a-boo." Damon laughs. He grabs me by the throat, lifts me out of the bath and throws me onto the ground.
"Thought you could hide? Vampires can smell fear, you reek of it right now." He smirks. "Time to take you to the boss." He picks me up by the arm and pushes me out the bathroom door. My bedroom is a total wreck, the bedis thrownupside down, so is the bedside table, but it isn't where it used to be, it is ove the other side of the room as well as the armchair.
"Let me go!!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
"You're not getting away this time. Now, I have chains." He reaches into his pocket with his free hand and pulls out a length of chains. He quickly wraps them around my wrists and then starts dragging me along behind him. I keep pulling back on the chains and scream,
"Let go of me!! Please let me go!!" But he just ignores me and after we walk a fair bit into the forest I give up. I just follow silently.
"What did you do to Demitri?" I ask coldly.
"He won't be waking up for a while." Damon answers.
"Is he alive?" I demand.
"He's lucky to be." He grits his teeth. let out a sigh of relief. After a couple of hours walking, we come to a castle. We go through these huge wooden doors and down a really long hallway. Through another set of huge wooden doors is a large room, and on the other side of the room are two thrones.
"Who is this?" Yells a female voice from the direction of the thrones, staring at me.
"This is one of the elementals that the prophercy has foretold." As soon as Damon starts talking I start to pull on the chains again.
"Really? Did you take care of whoever was protecting her?" A male's voice asks.
"Yes, why?" Damon looks confused to why the or guy asked.
"Because we lost the other two a while ago because Carl and his sister didn't take them after they had been taken by their protectors. Their protectors came and they took them." Explains the female.
"What do you want me to do with her?" Damon asks.
"Do what you will, just don't kill her." The male orders.
"Thank you, your highness."Damon bows.

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