Everytime I Try To Fly I Fall (a D.N Angel story) Pt 1(This Is Where The Fun Begins!)

I got the name from the song by briney cause nobody messaged me with name ideas T_T.

Created by Erinska on Sunday, March 06, 2011


Krystina's pov:

"Krystiiiiiinnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" called my brothers voice softly. I ignored him.

"Krystina c'mon you gotta get up sometime today."

"Forget school Elijah, I'm tired."

"Fine if you wont get up. I'll make you get up." Well, I wasn't going to give up without a fight! I felt him reach for my covers as i braced myself and...

"HA I GOT You wha...HEY let go!!"

"No you let go!" we were struggling now. If he pulled harder i would pull even harder until eventually..


I gasped as i looked at what used to be my blanket.

"um..oops." Elijah said.

"I'm..going...to kill you." I said softly and started wrestling him.

"WAIT!! smell that?" He cried. I sniffed the air. It was coming from down stairs! FOOD! I jumped away from him and rushed down stairs determined to get there before Elijah did. I made it and jumped into the kitchen to see my mum just finishing a full English Breakfast!! YESSSSS!!! I sat down at the table.

"Ah, I knew one of you would get here fast." She placed a massive plate of food infront of me just as Elijah burst into the room.

"Good morning Elijah. Did you sleep well?" He didn't say anything but just glowered at at me.

"Here's your breakfast!" she placed a plate with slightly less food on it on the table for Elijah. I grinned to myself. This was my revenge for the blanket.

"Now, remember why we are here. We cannot afford to mess up."

"yeah yeah whatever." Me and Elijah said at the same time, not listening, with food in our mouths.

"I'm serious! When Dark finds out we have the twined statue of henlis he's bound to come!"

"So what? We've defended our artifacts before how come this time is different?" I asked.

"Krystal have you forgotten the prophecy already?" Asked Elijah.

"What prophecy?" Elijah and mum looked at each other.

"WHAT?!?!" I shouted. They both knew that if I knew someone has a secret i stop at nothing to find out what it is. Mum looked at me.

"Honey, the prophecy states that when dark appears to take the twin statue of henlis your..other selfs become forever bound to become his accomplices."


"Neither do i but we just gotta accepted it." Said Elijah

*Its true. I am one of Dark's assistants.* Said Jera. Jera was my other self. She protects art and so does Akashe ,Elijah's other self, and together we protect any endangered pieces of art work. I wondered why we moved to Japan and I think i know now, mum wants the prophecy to come true!!

"So this is why we moved to Japan!"

"Yes. I too once held Jera in my body and assisted Dark. Now it's your turn." Said mum.

"Them why did you move to England in the first place? You coulda just stayed here and.."



"I GOT PREGNANT!" She screamed at us. Oh yes! My and Elijah Dad was an exchange student from England. Mum and Dad fell in love and it took off from there. She probably would have made him stay in Japan if she hadn't of got pregnant with him at 18. She couldn't handle Jera and us at the same time so she left to England with him. And now she expects it to be our turn to take on Jera and Akashe. Mums brother used to have Akashe as well but he died a long time ago. in a car crash mum told us.

Mum left the room tears streaming down her face. Elijah took my hand and squesed it, he looked terrified. My expression must of been the same.

"C'mon I gotta teach you how say peoples names propley in Japanese!"

"Do I have a choice?"


"Ok then!" One thing Elijah was very good at is that he ALWAYS knows how to cheer me up. Whether its keeping me busy or buying me sugary sweets. But this was not a good start to the day.I wonder how the rest of it will turn out?

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