He's the King of Slytherin and My Heart ~To Bad I'm the Queen of Gryffindor~ (A Draco Malfoy Love Story Sequel) Chapter 2


Created by Flowergirl2008 on Monday, March 07, 2011

Chapter 2: The Newly Appointed King’s and Queen’s

“I can’t believe we all made Prefects.” you say as you Rose and Jordon headed to the first compartment of the train that occupies students.

“Only because we need to double protection now.” Rose says.

“That’s beside the point.” you say as you enter the Prefects car. There is a long table that seated fifty people. At the head of the table was this year’s Head boy and girl. You took a seat next to Hermione in the Gryffindor section.

“This usually doesn’t take long, they basically review what our duties are, the basic rules and so on.” Hermione says. She was right. After everyone was there and seated the head boy and girl went over the basics and told you what term of punishment you could use. It was all fairly easy to remember.

“Could the following people please stay after when you are done?” The head boy which you found out was named Arnold announced. “Draco Malfoy, Rose Valen, and Summer Cave.” you look at Rose.

~I wonder what’s up?” you think to Rose.

*I don’t know but Malfoy has to stay too so it can’t be anything good.* she thinks. Everyone was dismissed and you stayed in your seat. A few moments later Neville walked in. you look at him confused.

“What are you doing here Neville?” you ask him as he comes and sits next to you.

“I’m not sure I was asked to come here by someone from Hufflepuff.” he says still confused as well.

“You are all here because you will become the next leaders of your house.” the head boy says.

“What do you mean leaders?” you say.

“Every other year a King and a Queen is appointed in as there house leaders.” the head girl says.

“And you lot think Longbottom can be King of Gryffindor?” Malfoy asks trying not to laugh.

“Not can he will be king.” the head boy says sternly towards Malfoy. “You will uphold the political aspect of your house and make sure that all of your house members are obeying all of the rules written up by prior Kings and Queens.

“Why isn’t anyone from Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff here?” Rose asks.

“They were appointed last year. Your term runs through your sixth and seventh year. Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s are appointed together and Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s are appointed together. The New Kings and Queens are chosen by the old ones.” The head girl says.

“Since you are now considered as your house’s royalty you must act appropriately. You have to follow all of the rules and look professional. The King and Queen, however, are not a couple.”

“Thank the lord.” Rose says interrupting the head boy. You laugh at her and Malfoy glairs at the both of you.

“But…” the head boy continues. “you will have to get along with each other. You will be scheduling all the events your house and your school does. This includes dances, hogsmead trips, Quidditch matchers, Quidditch practice, and so on. You each will get to appoint three people to create your own court. So chose well, here is the handbook and rule books.” He says as two red books with gold lettering land in front of you. “The first royal meeting will be Sunday evening after supper. Your head of house will be there waiting for a list of who you want to appoint. They will look over it and then decide if they are an appropriate choice. You are dismissed to enjoy the rest of your train ride.” the head boy says before leaving. You get up and grab your books.

“Can you believe we are the Queens now?” Rose asks you once the head boy and girl were out of ear shot.

“Yah Pansy is going to kill you.” you joke with her. Malfoy rolls his eyes and packs up his stuff. “Congrats on becoming King Neville.” You say to your friend.

“Thanks not really sure why they chose me though, Harry would have been the better candidate.” he says.

“Naaaah Harry as too much other stuff to handle then being King of his house.” you say.

“Remember what Arnold said Cave, just because your king and Queen doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship with them.” Malfoy sneered.

“The last I knew Malfoy paying a friend a complement isn’t a form of a relationship.” you say anger rising toward him.

“No but flirting is… Aren’t you dating someone anyways…. Better not let Randolph catch you flirting around.” he says smirking growing as your anger rises.

“I’m not a whore Malfoy.” you say through gritted teeth. You hadn’t noticed that Rose and Neville had backed away from the both of you. Everyone in that room knew what you were capable of; they had all seen your powers in some form or another.

“Oh really? Sure you are, you flirt more than any girl in this school. Even more then Pansy does with me. You’re a regular Gryffindor slut. Bet Randolph got sloppy seconds to Potter huh?” Malfoy sneers. He knew that would send you over the edge. It almost had eight months ago when Pansy had said it. But hearing it out of his mouth was like taking a dagger, plunging it through your heart, and twisting it continually. He knew that he hurt you bad; your eyes must have shown it.

“Better than being sloppy seconds from Parkinson.” you sneer before leaving the room and heading to the back of the train. You were holding back tears and you were cursing at yourself for it.

~Do NOT let Draco Malfoy make you cry Summer Cave. Do you hear me? Do not let that happen.~ you think to yourself. Once you found Jordon and Gordon you opened the compartment door harder then you thought, breaking the glass, and walked in and sat down angrily next to your boyfriend.

Reparo.” Rose says and waves her wand. The compartment door windows were fixed instantly.

“What happened and who the hell do I have to kill?” Gordon asks.

“Trust me I think Summer could kill Malfoy on her own.” Rose says sitting next to Jordon.

“Want me to take care of him?” Jordon asks you. You shake your head no. you sat there and listen to Rose explain to the boys what happened during and after the prefect meeting. Several times you had to push Jordon and Gordon back down so they wouldn’t go hunt down Malfoy and killing him.

“Maybe we should work on our group song.” Rose suggests. Jordon and Gordon sit back in their seats in a huff. “Or not.” she says defeated and annoyed by the guys. She sits back in her seat just as mad as the guys. You look at the three of them.

“Well while the three of you are throwing a hissy fit I am going to change.” you say. You grab your robes and head to the bathrooms. When you got to the outside of the bathrooms you were surprised to find that no one else was there either. You look around suspiciously.

“What are you looking for Cave?” you hear from behind you. You jump a little startled but turned around to scold the person who had talked to you.

“I have no interest in talking with you Malfoy.” you say to him venomously. You turn around and head for the ladies bathroom. You feel something grab a hold of your arm and spin you around. His face was inches from yours. You look at Malfoy livid. You were not about to start playing the same game you did last year.

“I was wrong Summer I shouldn’t have broken off the friendship.” he whispers in your ear.

“No you did the right thing. Now it doesn’t look like I’m sneaking around on my boyfriend. Or did you forget I’m with Gordon?” you ask him making sure you emphasized that Gordon was your boyfriend.

“I don’t care if you have a boyfriend. I just want my friend back.” he says you glair at him.

“Well maybe you should have thought of that before you broke it off.” you say pushing him away. You head into the ladies room without looking back. Too bad that wouldn’t stop him. He followed you in and locked the door.

“Summer please I begging you. That’s not normal for me. I’m Draco freaking Malfoy. I never beg.” he says. You roll your eyes and try to go into a stall. He holds it open so you can’t close it. You glair at him.

“Don’t make me hex you Malfoy.” you warn him. He rolls his eyes.

“Why can’t we be friends?” he asks calmly.

“Rumor has it that your one of Voldey-poos little minions. Yah I’m not ok with associating myself with lowlifes like that.” you say. Malfoy tenses up.

“Who told you that?” he asks venomously.

“It’s none of your business Malfoy.” you shoot at him. He comes really close to you again pinning you against the stall wall.

“It’s all of my business Cave. It’s about me so that makes it my business.” he says. You could feel his breath on your lips and you were finding it hard to think.

“Sorry you’re going to have to do better than that if you want that kind of information out of me.” you say to him. He smirked for a moment. And then he kissed you. You were in a daze and wasn’t sure what to think. You were so confused by his feelings towards you. The kiss was so powerful. Probably the best kiss you had ever had in your life.

“What are you staring at Cave?” you hear. You realized that everything that just happened was just a fantasy. You where still standing in the hallway in front of the Girls bathroom. Malfoy was glaring at you and you knew you had been glaring at him. The only problem you had now was trying to figure out whose fantasy you had just seen. Some other students started to come towards the bathrooms.

“Sorry Malfoy, for the millionth time I will not go on a date with you. I have way more respect for myself then that.” you say. People begin to snicker at the insult you just gave Malfoy. Not to mention it made him look low to want to be with a Gryffindor. You could see his cheeks turn a very light shade of red.

~he still has feelings for you.~ your thoughts rang in your head. He walks past you quickly not even insulting you. You hear people start to make remarks.

“Looks like Malfoy’s going soft.” Lavender Brown says to one of the girls she was walking with. They begin to giggle like Cho’s and her group of friends. You roll your eyes and follow after Malfoy. You end up in the luggage compartment behind the driver.

“What is your problem?” you ask him. He turns and looks at you.

“Nothing, and if I had any problems then they are mine and no one else’s.” he shoots at you. You glair at him.

“You don’t even insult me anymore. What’s up with that?” you say to him.

“I’ve grown up. We all have to sometimes. I just have before you obviously.” he remarks.

“Funny, according to human anatomy the brain doesn’t stop maturing until the age of twenty-five.” you say logically.

“Well I have more important affairs to attend to then silly school yard quarrels.” he says sounding more arrogant than ever.

“Like what murdering the Pope?” you ask sarcastically. He glairs at you.

“You have no idea what hell I have to go through Summer.” he spits not realizing he called you by your first name.

“I would have if you would have not gone all psycho and ditched me at the end of last year.” you said barely above a whisper. Pain flashed in his eye.

“It’s your fault.” he says. “If you hand started dating that stupid Ravenclaw then we could still be friends. Not like it’s going to last long anyways he’s leaving this year which means he’s going to break your heart by the end of the year. I can promise that to you now.”

“How dare you try and manipulate me like that. Gordon actually cares about me. If we do break up I can promise it would be a mutual thing between just me and him.” you say to him anger rising.

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt. I actually care about you.” he admits. You roll your eyes.

“You’re lying.” you say. He steps towards you. You step away from him. He smirks.

“What’s wrong Summer? Afraid of me? Or are you afraid of your feelings for me?” he asks smirking. You glair at him.

“I hate you Malfoy.” you sneer at him before turning to leave.

“On the contrary you like me very much. Almost in love with me.” he says coming up behind you.

“Any feeling I had for you left when you walked out of the Hospital Wing Door in June.” you say before leaving the compartment.

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