Tarzan and Jane Rated R Smexy Time Part 1

WARNING MATURE CONTENT THERE IS SEX XDDDDDDDDDD this is only the first part ;3 if i get enuff rates/messages i'll continue :3

Created by sealy410 on Thursday, March 10, 2011


It was the birds that always roused Jane, but today was different. For Jane there was no sleep to wake from. She had spent the entire night thinking about Tarzan, about how he had kissed her so unexpectedly after taking her vine swinging in the afternoon. She had been so shocked, Jane had stood there as he went swinging away.

How long had it been since she'd been with a man? Years, maybe. Too long. When she started her research, Jane had practically given up on men. A man would be nice until he discovered her profession, then he would walk out with disgust and the words "Women have no place in science." The last one had been the worst.

Jane had dated Harry for 3 weeks. He was a kind man, ever so kind, until he took her to meet his family where she was locked in the basement with the rest of the "females". Thankfully she had managed to escape out a very small window and run to the police. The experience had been horrifying. Jane still had nightmares.

But Tarzan...Tarzan was different. He was the most attractive man she had ever seen. Jane had always liked men with longer hair but Tarzan was in a class of his own. It was a mop of dreadlocks that hung to his shoulders, and his eyes! Oh his deep, soul-piercing eyes that made her feel like she was drowning in molten chocolate. But his eyes were soft too. And the look he had given her before he kissed her...Jane shivered. It was a look of pure love and Tarzan's kiss had been filled with the same emotion. He wasn't rough, like some men, he didn't try to claim her lips, but was gentle. His lips were soft and when they pressed to hers and Jane's insides had turned to jelly .She blushed. It was no use sitting in bed fantasizing about a man. Jane sighed. She had the whole day ahead of her.

* * * * * * * * * *

As he reached for the next vine, Tarzan silently cursed himself. He hadn't meant to kiss her, but when he set her down outside her tent after an hour of vine swinging...Jane's cheeks were flushed, her eyes sparkling...damn it! There was no way in hell he could've stopped himself.

Tarzan sighed. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he was falling in love with Jane. She entranced him; he had never met anyone like her. Jane had so much energy, she was always happy as if nothing could upset her. He wondered if her boundless energycould be put towards other things...no! Tarzan knew he would have to be careful with Jane, she had the power to drive him insane with desire and if he lost control he might end up taking her like the animal he was.

Softly, Tarzan landed behind Jane's tent. Padding around the side, he could see her through a netted window. She sat on a stool, dressed only in a large, button-down shirt that reached her thighs as she brushed her hair.Tarzan loved watching her brush her hair; her fingers carefully work out the knots, hoping those fingers were skilled at other things. Jane reached towards a leather tie sitting on a crate next to her. Not today, Tarzan thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jane tightened the knot, tugging at it. Leather was so hard to work with, she'd much rather wear ribbons. I wonder if Tarzan would like it if I wore ribbons, she thought.

"You look better with your hair down." Jane jumped up, spinning around.

"Tarzan!" she exclaimed. He stood in the corner of her tent, leaning against a stack of crates. His arms were crossed, relaxed almost, and his eyes were smoldering with lust. Jane blushed, he had been watching her.

"As much as I like your hair up," he closed the distance between them in three strides. "because it gives me access to your neck," Tarzan's arms slipped around her waist and he pressed his lips to her neck. Jane gasped and he reached up, pulling the leather tie she had worked so hard on, from her hair. "it looks better down and it allows me to do this." His hands buried themselves in her hair and he kissed her. Again.

* * * * * * * * * *

This time Tarzan couldn't help it. He pulled her to him, lips crushing into hers. Her lips were just as soft as they'd been yesterday, but now they moved with his and her arms reached around his neck, pulling him closer. Her hands entwined in his hair, deepening their kiss. He growled and gave her bottom lip a sharp nip. Jane gasped and Tarzan slipped his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue flirted with his and when she pulled back sucking on his tongue, Tarzan lost all control. Grabbing her hips, he lifted Jane up and threw her roughly back onto the cot. He crawled over her, claiming her mouth in a tongue-tangling kiss. She moaned into his mouth and he reached down, grasping the sides of her shirt. Screw buttons. He thought and ripped the thin cotton material open.

Jane gasped and Tarzan's lips moved to her neck, He treated her with hot, wet kisses then nipped at the tender skin, branding her with a love bite.

* * * * * * * * * *

As Tarzan's lips trailed lower, Jane could feel his arousal pressing on the inside of her thigh. She gulped. She was still a virgin. Her previous man had left her with no desire for sex. They were always too pushy, begging for love from her body instead of her heart. Jane was sure Tarzan would respect her if she asked him to stop, but Jane wasn't sure if she wanted him to. Conventional thought left her when Tarzan's mouth closed around her left nipple. It wasn't painful, but it was excruciating, Jane squirmed beneath him, moaning when his tongue flicked over the bud.

He moved to taste the other one and Jane's whole body shuddered.

"Your right side is more sensitive..." Tarzan whispered, sliding his hand down her belly. Jane blushed. Her panties were thin, cotton, whatever had been on sale and they were definitely not sexy. Tarzan didn't seem to mind and traced the line of her panties down, between her thighs. He stroked the scant fabric and when his fingers slipped beneath the material, he was surprised to find her dripping wet with anticipation. His fingers massaged her clit and Jane pressed against him, whimpering.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tarzan pushed a single finger inside her and was met by a tiny gasp of pain. Frowning he brought his lips to her ear,

"Are you a virgin?" he whispered, then laughed when she turned bright red.

"Are you?" She squeezed her eyes shut and nodded.

"Good," Tarzan nibbled Jane's ear. "I would be angry if someone had taken you before me." With the last word he thrust a second finger inside her, making her groan with pleasure. Jane's hips began to rock against his fingers, and Tarzan rubbed her clit with his thumb. When Jane's whimpering turned into tiny gasps, Tarzan pulled his fingers from her tightening cave.

"No!" Jane gasped. "Why are you---" Tarzan spread her thighs, pulling back and kneeling in front of her. His lips brushed against the inside of her thighs and he took a moment to suck on the soft flesh. His hot breath reached the insufficient scrap of fabric that guarded Jane's sex, and when he tentatively licked it she bucked beneath him.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tarzan's hands clamped tight on her thighs and Jane gasped again when his tongue touched her through the flimsy material. Tarzan growled, grabbed the fabric with his teeth and ripped the panties from her hips. Jane's breath caught in her throat but it came out in a moan as Tarzan's mouth closed around her. Oh God. Jane thought where'd he learn to do all this? Tarzan was sucking and licking, every few seconds he would bite softly making her emit sounds she never knew she could make.

Suddenly his tongue pressed inside her and Jane stopped breathing, Have I died? Jane asked herself.Have I died and gone to heaven?

Heat pooled in her stomach. Jane felt like a gigantic wave was building inside her.

"Tarzan, " she asked. "Tarzan...please...finish..." Tarzan pulled himself over her again, catching her lips. His hips kept her thighs open and before Jane could beg again, Tarzan slammed inside her.

The pain was blinding. Jane screamed but Tarzan clapped his hand over her mouth and began to pump inside her. In seconds the pain subsided, the friction was so wonderful, so delicious, that Jane thrusted with him and the wave built higher and higher, until one final thrust pushed her over the edge. As the orgasm crashed over her, Jane clenched around Tarzan. He roared, pushing into her again and again, then he shuddered and released inside her. Jane thought he would fall and crush her, but Tarzan quickly shifted and settled beside her, resting his arm around her waist.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tarzan settled down beside Jane and they lay in silence, contemplating what they had just done. Tarzan could hear her breathing and waited until it had calmed, to speak again.

"Jane?" She rolled over to face him.

"Hmm?" She blinked, drowsy. Jane looked deliciously mussed: her hair no longer straight and ordered, her lips pink and swollen from being ravaged and her shirt hanging in tatters, slightly covering one of her breasts.

"Are you ok?" Tarzan was genuinely concerned. "I'm sorry if I was a bit rough. I couldn't really...ahem...control myself." He stared at her, biting his lip, waiting for her reply. To his surprise, she started laughing.

"Yes," She gasped. "I'm fine. I just lost my virginity to the man I think I'm falling in love with and had an amazing time doing it!" Jane was completely serious and Tarzan smiled. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her out of the tent, to the jungle's edge.

"Hold on." Tarzan pulled Jane onto his back and she wrapped her arms around him. Tarzan hauled himself up the first couple of branches on the nearest tree, Reaching out he grabbed a vine.

"Here we go!"

* * * * * * * * * *

As Tarzan propelled them through the jungle, Jane thought about what just happened. Sure, she was no longer a virgin, but had she really said "the man i think i'm falling in love with"? Was she really falling in love with him? Tarzan was a nice guy. Whenever he was near her he made her heart pound and his touch...she shivered.

Jane tightened her grip around Tarzan's neck. He's so muscular. She thought. I just want to touch him, feel the strength beneath his skin, run my fingers over the smooth flesh...she sighed. Tarzan was like a dream come true. He was attractive, strong, had an amazing body (not to mention amazing talent in bed) and he was in love with her. Or so he said.

Jane wasn't sure if Tarzan was in love with her. More like lust, she mused, we've only known each other for a few weeks...was it possible? Whatever. She thought. Jane closed her eyes, might as well enjoy the ride.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tarzan touched down in a small clearing. Just the feeling of Jane's breasts pressing into his back made him hard again and he couldn't take it anymore. He had to have her again. Jane slid from his shoulders and he turned to face her. Something in his eyes must've given it away because she glanced down and smiled. Very slowly she moved toward him, trailing her fingers over his chest, then she pushed him back onto the soft ground.


"Hmm?" she replied, looking down on him. "You've had your fun, now i'm having mine."

Hearing Jane say that, while standing above him in nothing but a ripped shirt was sexy as hell and he let her sit on his chest while she had her fun. Her fingers ran over his chest and she bent down to trace his abs with her tongue.

Moving lower, she pushed the rag that was his loincloth out of the way. Jane murmured with appreciation and measured the length of his erection with her fingers.

"Well, aren't you a big boy!" she squeezed and his aroused member twitched.

She turned around, presenting him with a lovely view of her ass. Tarzan inhaled sharply when Jane's tongue touched his tip and when her mouth closed around him, he let out a deep-throated groan. Her sex was wet and hot on his belly and the warm, moist cave that was her mouth was destroying his self-control.

Tarzan moved his hands to Jane's hips and began to roll them in time with his. All his blood was rushing south, quickly, he growled, hauling her hips back so he could reach the lips of her sex with his mouth. If she's going to torture me, I'm going to torture her. Tarzan thought and he slowly extended his tongue towards her nether region.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jane had been encircling Tarzan with her tongue when he licked her. She stopped and he licked her again, causing her to shudder. A few more licks and heat began to pool in her belly, making Jane moan, her breath hot on his erection. She tightened her fingers around him and resumed pleasuring him with her mouth, trying to ignore the orgasm building inside her. Jane moved her mouth and tongue as though she was sucking on a popsicle, and was rewarded when he grew thicker and longer to her touch.

Tarzan was on the edge, Jane could tell. He rolled his hips toward her mouth, groaning every time her tongue flicked over his tip. He was about to come, when Tarzan's tongue thrust inside her, making her gasp with surprise. A soft whimper escaped her and Tarzan stabbed her again with his tongue. Jane's hips bucked and she pulled away but Tarzan laced his fingers into her hair and held her in place. Jane knew it was not a request to continue, but an order and with that realization, she broke her hold scrambling away from him.

Tarzan sat up, a look of confusion on his face.

"Jane?" She did not respond, but curled herself into a ball, about ten feet away from him.

"Jane?" He crawled over to her and reached out toward her hand.

"Dont touch me!" Jane screamed and her eyes filled with tears. "Don't...touch me..." She began to cry and smacked his hand away.

"Jane? What's wrong? What did i do?" Tarzan's voice was seeded with worry.

"You are just like the rest of them! All you want is sex and when i don't make it happen fast enough, you try to order it! You think you own me? You've had me once and now you own me? No! You are the reason...I hate men!" Jane dissolved into tears and wept until sundown.

* * * * * * * * * *

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