Wow My Cat Turned Into A Super Hot Neko Guy And He's My Only Friend? D: INFO kinda

wierd dream. i don't even own a cat. heck i'm more of a dog person. i'm just doin this cuz i'm boerd and i wanna see if more people read this story more.

Created by HinoMegami112 on Thursday, March 10, 2011

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i dragged my feet up the stair case of the Chrysilis House For Abonded Children. yep. i live in an orphanege. As i walked towards my room several kids of all ages came out of their room and threw things at me. I had this at school too so i was just plain tierd and all i wanted was to sleep.
i went inside my room and closed the door thightly behind me. I slid down and hugged my knees.
the day went on as usal. Bullied at school bullied at orphanege, and my cat, Vladimir was gone yet again. i sgihed heavily. I heard a growl coming from the bottom of my bed and smirked. Vlad was probobly fighting against the litlle dog toy I hot at Mc Dondalds again.
i picked up my covers and saw Vlad hissing at the miniture stuffed doll shaking a paw at it.
"WOOF!" I barked just to see what would happen. Vlad jumped and ran back smashing against my face.
"Vlad!" i said holding my nose. he accesitdently scratched while trying to run away.
he moewed back swettly making big puppy eyes. i leaned down.
"Only dogs do that Vlad." he atumaticly hised at the word "Dog".
i got up to get a band-aid to stop the bleeding. behind me Vlad meowed againg and gently tuched my leg with his paw.
"it's okay it dose'nt hurt that much." i told him.
i went to the window and sat down. Vlad jumped into my lap. i saw a shooting star and made a silly childish wish.
"i wish Vlad turned human or something..."
i then fell asleep.


sorry it's short i was gonna make it longer and more intresting but my evil mum and sis are back and that means no more computer time. D:

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