Embrace What's Given [ Pluto ] -- Black Butler

It's long, sue me. Got this while snuggling my own dog and he got mad at me QQ'ing on him. xD

Created by [x]Rose[x] on Friday, March 11, 2011

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All the pain and anguish that filled you seemed like an endless tunnel of no escape. It would go on and on, without a break or curve, or any crack of light. It was hard always putting on a mask; a mask that you were okay, happy, full of smiles. You struggled day in and day out lately to keep that mask on. Whenever you started to feel sad, it would affect you heavily, but showing it to others, was out of the question.

Taking refuge in the courtyard, the sun was all to much bright for your already stinging eyes. The atmosphere seemed out of place from how you felt. Too cheerful, too warming and welcoming. Nothing here was going to make you happy, even if it looked like a paradise. You swallowed with difficulty, straining to keep the tears that threatened to spill back. It was as if the warm outdoors was teasing, taunting and laughing. Here we are happy and cozy, while you are not. A loud bark startled you from out of your glaring at the warm breeze that ruffled the tree leaves. You had forgotten that the giant hell hound was also inhabiting this place. And it appeared that you were in his sun bathing spot and wanted you to move.

Feeling shameful that you were in his space, you hurriedly got up, whisking away the salty water that escaped your eye. Your mixed feelings of pain startled the giant canine. Pluto could sense the waves of sadness that came off of you. You stopped walking away when Pluto kept following you. It was starting to bug you that you couldn’t just be left alone. With a sharp turn you went to scold the beast, but stopped when gentle crimson eyes were staring back. You wanted to believe worry filled those eyes.
You croaked, clearing your throat after. Talking after crying wasn’t so easy. Pluto was just a giant dog, you told yourself. He knew not of human emotions and the why reasons. He couldn’t tell you it was okay and that things always get better. Couldn’t hold you in comfort, whispering soothing words that would put you at ease and make you feel happy and cared for. So why did the damn beast have such a high intent on following you. And looking at you like he was caring for you.

It was very complicated to hold back the tears now, with Pluto practically burying you in fur. The large dog stayed put while you hugged yourself to the side of his muzzle. He had laid down, inched towards you and whined. That made you cave. You sobbed, soaking the pure white fur in salty tears. You were startled for a second time, when that fur turned to skin and pressure was around the middle of your back. You didn’t know if that made you cry more in heartache or relief. Pluto perhaps, was merely offering you comfort from an animal’s perspective, not truly knowing why, but feeling your despair. You highly doubted it was beyond that. But feeling the arms that held you so tightly, made you not care.

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