Sweet Like the Monster's Touch ::Introduction::

Created by DanDisUrGirl on Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Ok so i'm starting a new story (hoping to actually finish this one...) This is just the characters and their descriptions right now.

First chapter should be up tomorrow (:


Name: Hikari Yamamoto

Age: 16years old

Hikari is a quiet but determined girl. She has had a hard life but won't let it get her down. Shes very optimistic and thinks the best of everyone. She can be very naive.


Name: Kiyann Rious

Age: 17 years old

Some would describe him as the "strong silent type" that would be true..except he isn't silent. He can be very loud when hes angry. He seems like a complainer but hes actually very protective when he wants to be. Trys to keep to himself to stop himself from becomming attached and hurt by others.


Name: Neiin Kugyaan

Age: 17 years old

Neiin (Pronunced: Nine) is a very popular guy. Not because of how nice and friendly he is but because of how mysterious and alluring he acts. No one knows anything about him. The only thing apparent is when Neiin wants something..he gets it.


Name: Noria "Nori" Sumin

Age: 16 years old

Noria is Hikari's best friend and is considered VERY FRIENDLY. Shes always happy except when she tries to talk to Kiyann and he is nasty to her. She is usually very quiet around him. She has a secret obsession with Kiyann's best friend, Luka.


Name: Luka "Kenny" Sohma

Age: 16 Years old

Luka is in Hikari's grade at school but is best friends with Kiyann. They are best friends because they don't obsess over everything but because they respect eachother. He understands Kiyann the best and although Luka comes off as a very silent and unknowing, he is actually very aware of everything and everyone around him. His nickname is Kenny and is given to him by Hikari the first time they meet.

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