Middle School Love ( An Mindless Behavior Story)intro under title ...1st chapter

This story is about an 8th grade girl who is 14 and is forced to move to LA, California because her parents divorce and she is forced to live with her dad (walter Millsap which is mindless behavior producer.) She is then taking out of public school and is sent to the same home schooling teacher as mindless behavior. ENJOY the story !

Created by ilovemindlessb on Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jacey's POV.
Gosh , why is daddy forcing me to home school now ! I'm not gonna have no social life at all whatsoever . I have to leave for homeschool this morning , Imma stay in my pajama's because im not gonna have anybody to impress !
Narrator's POV
Jacey thinks she has no one to impress! to her suprise she is attending school at the Same time Mindless Behavior is .
Jacey walks in the little building on the corner . She looks around sees no one . She walked down the hallway with her 3notebooks and says" Gosh is anyone here ! imma already forced to come to the place what more could it be" She is then startled by Prodigy " Hey , cutie you must be watlter's daughter the teacher was looking for you ." Jacey is so stunned by how cute prodigy is she replies "HMMM, Daddy ill follow you anyday" She is so embarassed by her response she says nothing else their walk to the classroom . When she walks in she see Roc Royal , Rayray Princeton. But thinks nothing off them ! Her and prodigy has a project that is too be done together which i taking care of a baby for a health grade . They decide to stay at jacey's house since prodigy and the boys has a recording session which her father invited her to come observed... MORE THE NEXT CHAPTER ! SORRY IF ITS BORING !

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