Black Butler:Ciel phantomhive's sister

Hi guys!!!!!!!Sori for not making it the schedule ling!school made me my summer VACATION!!!!!!!!!!WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by Ren1630210 on Sunday, March 13, 2011

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It was Evening in 8:00 p.m. and its Past ciel's bedtime.

"Sebastian,I want you to come around my room at 10:00"Cecilia said."As you wish my mistress"Sebastian replied and respectfullt bowed and leaves the room.Cecilia had a really big sigh and said."Many years had past,But still I kept on living.......I lived for Ciel,I don't know how to explain Ciel about this......"

She saw Maria walking through the hallway and said."Oh,Good Evening milady."Cecilia smiled and nodded and asked."Maria what is Ciel doing?""Oh Young master is doing paperworks and its about to be his Bedtime Mistress."Maria Replied."She sniled and said."I see.....Maria you may go now.""As you wish My mistress"she said and respectfully bowed.

Cecilia went to Ciel's Office and brought one hot of milk and smiled."Hello,Ciel.""Oh hello big sister......What brings you here?"He asks.She smiled and said"I just wanted to see you If you're just Fine my sweet."He smiled and nodded.Cecilia handed the Milk to Ciel and he drink it."Thank you little sister...""Ciel its past bedtime now....You can continue it tomorrow...""okay Sister..."he stand up and walk through the door but suddenly he felt 2 arms around his shoulder."You've grown now Ciel......""I know sister..."Ciel said."Someday you will grow tall just like father."Ciel blushed and giggled."Now go to your room and take some rest...We will meet Elizabeth and Madame Red Tomorrow.."Ciel wrapped his arms around Cecilia's waist and rested his head in his chest."I love you,big sister."Cecilia smiled and kissed his forehead."goodnight ciel"

Ciel's P.O.V.

Ciel went to his room and Sebastian saw him blushing"young master....You're blushing...I see."He proceeded to his room and still smiled.

Cecilia's P.O.V.

It was 10:00 and Heard a knocked from a door."come in""My Mistress what are we going to talk about."He asked."Its about Ciel and I's contract with you....""is that all mistress?""Yes"she said."Who's soul willl you take?"She asked."Afterall Ciel was the first one who signed my contract so he will if I made My promise to both of you,Mistress.""Cecilia covered her bangs to her eyes."Sebastian........Is there any chance that.........You will take my soul instead of ciel's "Sebastian's eyes widened and said."I am sorry my mistress but Ciel's the first one."Cecilia's eyes formed tears and nailed down before Sebastain."Mistress!!"Sebastian exclaimed."Sebastian please.....Take my soul instead my cilel!!!!I beg you.............Pls. take mine.........Take mine........." Sebastian shooked his head and said>"I am so sorry milady But couldn't do that"Cecilia rose up and beg and grabbed his taxido(I don;t know the word for thatXD)He cupped Cecilia's cheeks and moved his hand down to his chin and brushed his thumb to his lips nd lifted it up."Mistress,I am very sorry......"Cecilia cried and ran away from her room.








~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sad!!!alright what will ccecilia do?stay tuned and keep readín

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