I Switched Bodies With A Teenage Boy {Prologue}

Decided to write this, seems really interesting. Please message me, add me as well :P

Created by xBrownEyedAngelx on Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Danielle (AKA Danii) Miller

Age: 16

Description: Loves music, especially 'Paramore'. Friedly, Caring & Kind. Best Friends with Lizzie. Not very popular. Sophomore at Mcking High School.



Alex Shaw

Age: 16

Description: Funny, Cool, Big Ego. Loves girls. Best Friends with Ben. Very popular. Sophomore in Mcking High Shool.



Elizabeth (AKA Lizzie) Drew

Age: 16

Description: Funny, Kind, Sweet, Caring. Best Friends with Danii. Loves 'You Me At Six'. Not Very Popular. Sophomore with Danii at Mcking High School.



Ben Johnson

Age: 16

Description: Funny, Player, Cool, Loves Girls. Best Friends with Alex. Big Ego like Alex. Sophomore at Mcking High School.


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