I Switched Bodies With A Teenage Boy #2

2nd part. Hope your enjoying the chapters. Message me as well. Banners would be really nice. Enjoy! :D

Created by xBrownEyedAngelx on Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Danii's P.O.V//

I walked off, and as I looked back, Alex was still standing where he was and staring at me. I winked.I got dragged by someone into the girls toilets.

"What were you doing, Danii?" Lizzie asked.

"I was giving him a taste of his own medicine!" I said. She rolled her eyes then laughed.

"Come on!" She said dragging me to our next lesson. We entered the classroom. We sat down, and to my surprise Alex was sitting behind us.

"Hey Sexy!" He said. I turned around.

"You talking to me?" I asked. He nodded slowly.

"Haha...Fuck you!" You said, then turning around. For the rest of the hour, Alex kept on bugging you.

"Mr Alex Shaw, I'm sure instead of you annoying Miss Danii Miller, you could answer my question?" Mrs Kingley asked.

"Um...I don't understand the question." He quickly replied.

"Mr Shaw, are you telling me you don't know what date it is today?" Mrs Kingley asked. The whole room burst into laughs and giggles.

"Haha...just kidding with ya miss!" He said trying to cover up his embarrasment.

"Right!" Mrs Kingley said. Then the bell rang for the end of the lesson. I packed my stuff, put them in my bag then I left the classroom with Lizzie. Once Alex came out I said:

"Oh Miss, oh miss...I don't understand when you ask me what the date was today?" Everyone laughed, well everyone except Alex.

"Oh haha Dani-elle!" He said trying to piss me off. I just stuck out my tounge, then walk away to my locker with Lizzie.

"High five Danii, you rocked!" Lizzie said while high fiving me.

"Haha...I know! Come one lets get to P.E." I said taking out my sports kit. We walked into the changing rooms and started to get changed.

"What the fuck is Alex's problem?" Lizzie asked.

"I know, he just want's to get into our pants!" I replied.

"Why us, though?" She asked again.

"Because we're the only ones that he hasn't slept with." I relpied to her question, tired of hearing 'Why Alex this, why Alex that'

"No offence Lizzie, but could we talk about something else other than Alex OR Ben. Ok? " I finally said.

"Oh sorry, yeah sure!" She said sounding sorry. Once we got changed, we went outside to the basketball courts.

Which unfortunatley we were sharing with the boys. When I mean boys I mean Alex and Ben.Most of the girls were drooling over them.

"Honestly, don't any of the girls have a life?" I asked. Lizzie giggled.

"What?" I asked confused.

"What you said was funny." She said still giggling.

"No it wasn't, ah well, Lizzie you and your brain sometimes." I said. The girls started to play basketball, and some of the boys were watching.

More like watching girls ass' and whistling at them. I was in the 'B' Team, because I was alright at basketball. Lizzie was in the same team as me as well.

We continued to play together, until the girls and boys basketball coaches, had ideas.

"We think that the girls and boys should play against eachother in basketball!" The male coach said.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me?" I asked.

"Oi, Danii, watch your language!" The female coach said. So we got into our groups. My coach put us against Alex's team.

"Fuck sake!" I said to Lizzie. So the boys and girls played against eachother. Then about 2 or 3 minutes later, Alex had the ball.Then on purpose he threw the ball at my head.

"Why the fuck did you do that for?" I shouted at him.

"It was an accident!" He said all innocently. I knew he was lying and so i grabbed his hair and punched him.

"Miss Danii Miller and Mr Alex Shaw, principal's office NOW!" I heard the male coach shout.

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