I Switched Bodies With A Teenage Boy #3

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Created by xBrownEyedAngelx on Monday, March 14, 2011

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Alex's P.O.V//

I was sitting outside the principal's office with Danii. I had an ice pack on my face, where she punched me. She had an ice pack where I hit the ball on her head. I kept staring at her trying to piss her off. Which worked.

"What the fuck do you want, Alex?" She shouted, pretty angry. I laid back on my chair. I smirked.

"Nothing!" I said trying to look away. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

"Mr Alex Shaw and Miss Danii Miller, come in please!" Principle Turner said. We both entered, and sat down on the chairs that were in front of his desk.

"I have heard from your sports coaches what happened. But I want to hear your stories. Danii you first please..." Principal Turner said.

"Well, the girls and boys were playing against eachother in basketball, then this person to my left decided to hit the ball on my head, hard. So I got pissed off and punched him!" She said, looking at my direction in disgust. Principal Turner was actually listening to her.

"Hm...And you Alex?" He said as he looked from Danii to me. I shrugged.

"The same thing, I guess!" I said as I shrugged once again. Principal Turner kept looking at us both.

"Well you know that I cannot accept any kind of behaviour like this, so you two will have after school detentions for one week!" He said. Danii shot up from her chair.

"What? You are giving me a detention, when he started it!" She said really loud. Principal Turner looked angry.

"Miss Danii Miller! I will not let you speak to me like that, unless you want to make it 2 weeks?" He said shouting. Danii sat back down really quietly. Inside I was laughing my ass off.

"You will both be doing litter picking, Danii you will go to the back side of school while Alex you go to the front side, starting tonight, okay?" He asked, much more calmer. We both nodded.

"You may go!" He said pointing at his door. I got up and so did Danii, she just rushed off to the Janitor's room, while I casually walked down, the empty hallway.

I quickly entered the toilets. Some of the nerds ran outside, I looked into the mirror. I couldn't really see the bruise do I threw away my ice pack 'cause I didn't want to look bad, and walked out, and the hallway was suddenly busy.

"Hey Alex! Don't forget to text me, babes!" Natasha said as she walked past me. 'Damn, she has a fit body!' As I thought to myself as I checked her out.

"Hey, Alex. Long time no see!" Chloe said as she blew a kiss at me. There are so many fit girls in this school.

"Dude! What just happened man?" I heard Ben ask me as he came up to me. I shrugged.

"After school detention for a week." I said not giving a shit. He shook his head.

"Damn Alex, you could of got some action with Chloe tonight! He said disappointed.

"Don't worry man, there is always next week!" I said. He patted me on the back.

"Well whatever man! I'm getting some action with Brittany, tonight!" He said as dragged his hair to the side. I just shrugged.

"Whatev's man! See ya later!" He said as we did our handshake. Ben left the main doors, as I walked to the back of the school. I felt a buzz in my pocket.

"Hey sexy! Wanna chat? x" It was a text from Jasmine. I started typing in a reply.

"Soz, darlin, can't! Detention! x"

I arrived at the Janitor's door, and I already see Danii without her ice pack, but with a bin bag and a plastic glove on her right hand instead.

"How long does it take to walk 2 fucking minutes?" Danii said, with an angry tone at me.

"Sorry, detention officer!" I said as I put my hands up, laughing at the same time. She just rolled her eyes.

The janitor gave me a bin bag and glove. I put my bags on the floor inside a classroom, then put the glove on.

The janitor gave us instructions, which I didn't hear at all. ThenI headed towards the front part of the school, while Danii went to the back half of the school.

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