My Blood Red Lover{A Black Butler Grell Love Story}Chapter 1

Here's chapter 1 of my Black Butler Grell love story! Please Enjoy!

Created by sailorj14 on Friday, March 18, 2011

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Yuki's POV
"Time to get up Yuki." I heard the curtains ruffle and light flooded the room. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head.
"Come now Yuki, the young master is waiting," he said pulling the white, silky sheets off of me. I opened my eyes and saw the man before me. The man with shiny black hair and blazing red eyes, my father, Sebastian.
"Daddy, I don't want to get up!" I complained. He sighed.
"Do i have to force you out of bed again?" I remembered the last time he forced me out of bed. I still had bruises(this does not mean Sebastian is an abusive father! They're demons so of course they're going to be more rough on each other!). I glared at him.
"Fine," I growled. he smiled and left me to get ready. I lazily got out of bed and to my dresser. I grabbed my clothes and went to my bathroom. I changes into my maid's uniform(which looks exactly like Mey-rin's), brushed my teeth, combed my hair, ect. I heard my name being called and ran downstairs into the kitchen.
"Yes Daddy?"
"I need you to take the young master's breakfast to his room." I took the cart and rolled it to Ceil's room. I've never called Ceil by master or lord. I thik it's waaay to formal. Ceil was bothered by it at first, but in the few yaers I've know him we've become like siblings. I crept into Ceil's room since he was still sleeping. I smirked and tip-toed over to his bed.
"GOOD MORNING CEIL!" I yelled jumping and then landing on Ceil. He woke up with a loud "ACK".
"G-good morning Y-yuki," he stuttered
"This morning my Daddy has made you a delisous sconeand a glass of milk," I said getting off of him.
"Ugg, milk," he groaned.
"You better drink it, or else. Besides you need to build strong bones." And with that I left.
"Yuki, is the young master up?" Daddy asked me as I walked into the kitchen.
"He woke up when I jumped on him." I grabbed the newspaper and started reading.
"Yuki! Don't treat him so poorly!" he yelled.
"Just because you formed a contract with him and have to be nice to him doesn't mean I have too," I said,"Hey look at this, Jack the Ripper strikes again." Daddy snatched the paper from my hands.
"This Jack the Ripper character is getting bothersome," Daddy sighed. At that time Ceil had came into to the kitchen.
"WHAT?! I thought it was the Vicount Druet!" Ceil shouted.
"I'm afraid not sir." Ceil slammed his fist on the counter.
"Then all of that was for nothing?!"
"I wouldn't say nothing," I held up pictures of Ceil in a dress," I got these pictures!" Ceil's face flushed
"Give me those this istant!" he shouted. I held the pictures over my head, laughing triumpfully while he tried to reach them. I stuffed the pictures in my bra.
"Now you can't get them for sure," I said,"Unless you wanna reach down there." Ceil blushed.
"FINE!" he stormed out of the room.
"Why must you treat the young master with no respect?" Daddy sighed.
"Cause that's how siblings treat each other."
"You two aren't siblings."
"We're like siblings Daddy!" I said getting irritated with this conversation. He took the hint and stopped talking. I started helping him make everyone's breakfast when Mey-rin, Bard, Finnah, and Tanaka walked in.
"Good morning Mey-rin, Bard, Finny, and Tanaka," I said cheerfully.
"Mornin' Yuki."
"Good morning."
"Good morning Yuki."
"Ohoho." I handed everyone a plate with eggs and bacon on it.
"Eat your breakfast quickly everyone,"Daddy said,"Then get to work!"
"Y-yes sir!" Everyone gobbled down their breakfast and ran out of the kitchen.
"Yuki, make sure those four don't get into any trouble."
"Yes sir," I groaned and walked out of the room to start my day.
WOOT WOOT! Chapter one finished! Hoped you like it!

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