My Black Butler? (Ciel love story)

First Black Butler story yayz!!!! tell me if you like it!!

Created by Mizukiharu on Saturday, March 19, 2011


“Mizuki lets go or we’re going to be late.” My mother said in a sweet voice as she reached for my hand. I reached for it back and replied. “ Ok mommy I need to get my doll first.” I ran up stairs and into my room. I opened my blue door and walked into the small room and hoped on my bed. I lifted up my pillow up and looked confused. “ It’s not there…” I slammed my pillow back down then hoped off my bed. My eyes started to tear up as I ran out of my room. “Mommy I can’t find my dolly!” I yelled downstairs as tears ran down my face. “Your dolly is down here on the side of the second step you silly little girl.” My eyes widened as I wiped the tears off my cheeks. “Step, step, step ,step.” I said as I ran down the stairs so fast I almost tripped. I hopped off the second stair , onto the ground and looked to the side of the stairs. “I found you! I missed you so much you’re my only friend!” I said to the blonde doll with a pink dress down to it’s knees as I squeezed it tight against my face. I looked up to see my mom was gone. “M-mommy w-where are y-you?!” I said quietly as I walked toward the door of the giant mansion I lived in. I ran outside and heard a scream. “Mommy!” I screamed as I dropped my doll and started running farther away from the mansion. I stopped dead frozen in my place as I looked down at my dead parents. “MOMMY! DADDY!” I screamed as it echoed through the forest. “Dad open your e-eyes!” I barley said as tears hysterically ran down my face onto my parents bodies. I stood up and looked the other way of my parents because I could not stand to look at them anymore as I was weeping in sorrow. I smelled smoke. “Huh…” I said as I lifted my head slowly. I saw that the fire was coming from our mansion! “No!” I said as I ran back to the mansion as tears ran off my face while I ran. I stared at the burning mansion as time passed I sat down with my knees held up to my chest and my head in my knees. “My I help you?” a man in a black suit said to me. I stood up and looked at him as he looked at me and the burning mansion in the background and that’s when it all began.
“May I help you?” He asked one more time as he held his hand out to me. I pushed his hand away and started to back up, turned around, and started to run away from the strange man in the black suit. He reappeared in front of me and stood there. “It’s okay I am not going hurt you.” I stared at him and started to talk. “Well…” I said in a soft voice as I sat down on the ground. “Well…?” he replied back as he sat down in front of me. “This morning my mommy, daddy and me were suppose to go to town to get me clothes for a party and my daddy a new pair of shoes. I forgot my dolly up stairs so I went up to grab her and but she was missing so, I heard my mommy call me and say that it was on the side of the stairs. I went downstairs and found my dolly and I looked up and my mommy was gone! I went outside and I heard her scream and I ran to where I heard it and she was dead along with my daddy! Then I looked up and saw that my home was on fire! I don’t know what to do I have no one to turn to! Help me! Please!” I said as I hugged him. “What do you want the most right now?”“Huh?” I said as I looked at him.“What do you desire the most right now?”“I want to know who did this and why- why anyone would do this to my family!… To me!”“Deal.” the man said as his eyes glowed to a neon purple color.
He held his hand up to his mouth and pulled his white glove off his hand by using his teeth. He held his hand up to my chest. It had a curse mark on it and he said that if I had an order to give him it light up. The sun was setting when he gave me the curse on my eye so I was getting tired. He picked me up and started to walk away from the mansion that had burnt to the ground. “Master… What do you want my name to be?” he said as he was still walking forward and looking straight ahead. “ Don’t you already have a name?” I said as I looked up at him. “No, I do not have a name I am nameless, as you might say.” “Well I don’t know what your name should be then. Um… you look like a……Kayden!” I said as I smiled at him. “As you wish young master my name shall Kayden.”
My name is Mizuki Takiash when I was five my parents died and I met my black butler. I named him Kayden and now he serves me as my butler. I has been eight years since I net Kayden but I am thirteen now. I am living in a mansion that I bought, and my aunt lives in down town she moved there when she heard that my parents were gone. She lived three hour away before but now she lives practicly next door. Al my friends that come over also have butlers but not black butlers, they think Kayden is a mysterious person but is a good butler. “Master I have your favorite afternoon snack, chocolate cream and moose cake with tea.” Kayden said as he opened the door to my library. He came in and stopped in the middle of the library and looked up. “Coming! Ahahaha!” I yelled as I jumped down off the second floor of the library. Kayden quickly jumped up and caught me and landed back down on the floor. “Yummy! How’d you know it is my favorite afternoon snack Kayden?” I said as I was laughing. “Master you order this every other afternoon.” he said as he put the chocolate cake onto a plate. “I know!” I said as I took the chocolate cake and started to eat it with a smile on my face. “Thanks Kayden!”





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