My Summer Love Story: “She could be the one” Were his thoughts Exactly

Created by mzswaggaboo on Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Summer Love Story: “She could be the one” Were his thoughts Exactly


Alicia:long brown haired hazel like eyed 13 years old.She loves animals, the beach, singing, dancing and writing. Has very many friends but not all of them are her true friends. Friendship to Alicia is very important. She is adventurous when she has or wants to be but she, from being nice she can be extremely mean if she wants to be. Loves fashion so she always in the spotlight which isn’t all that great because she can be extremely shy at times. She loves and respect nature etc etc. You will find out more about her later on in the story. Oh and she has a reasonable height that works for her. (Curves in all the right places etc etc)

Daniel:Longish Dark brown somewhat curly hair. He has great eyes (blue brown), color (tan), and a delicious body. He’s 14 and he loves the beach (water), sports and adventure. You’ll learn a lot more about him later.

Talicia:Alicia’s ex-best friend. Tall, bright, blue eyed Blackish- brownish hair.

Her problem: she has problems trusting her friends but guys on the other hand not so much.

Alexandria:Alicia’s older cousin whom loves Alicia very much. She was sent to be there for Alicia because her mom got worried about her when she stopped talking to everyone and stayed in her room alot. You’ll learn more about that later. Alexandria is tall with color sassy and a lot like her cousin Alicia (Lyndia is her native/ real name) except her hair is longer and she’s more outgoing adventurous and I wouldn’t say a way better writer but hey that just me. Oh, and did I mention fun to be around, easy to talk to? Do you See where I’m going with this?

Alicia’s family


She and her daughter look a lot alike but are somewhat different.


He and Alicia have some things in common that she (Alicia) doesn’t have in common with her mom. Those things would mostly revolve around music.

Both her parents love her very much.


Not much in common with his sister people say they look alike but neither of them would ever admit to that. He has brighter more hazel like eyes with a green context to them. But, even when it comes to their similarity it also brings a difference (you’ll see what I mean). Each of their voices simply compliments the next.

You’ll learnmore about the other characters as they come

You can’t change the past that’s why there’s the present and that’s a gift so why don’t you take and use it to its every advantage isn’t that what you did as a kid what makes being an adult or teenager any different?

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