Damon Salvatore Love Story{She called me Daddy}


Created by SparklySparkles on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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"Don't tell anyone Damon!"I Made him promise atleast 50 Times before we went back into the grill.

"Hey Guys!What took so long?!"

"Nothing."I lied quickly.

Izzy was aslep in Elenas arms.I had barely noticed it was now dark.

"Here,I'll take her."I said as I Gently grabbed Izzy from Elenas arms.

"Let's go home Stefan.Here,I'll take her."Damon said Leading me to the door and gently grabbing Izzy and cradling her to his chest.

"Alright,Bye Elena,I love you,and I'll call you tomorrow."Stefan said kissing her cheek.

"Be Elena,I'll see you tomorrow."I said giving her one last hug.

We arrived at The Salvatore home.

Damon lead me inside,While holding Isabelle still snuggled deep into his chest.

"Damon where can I Sleep?"

"With me,or on the couch."

"Um..Well,Being that it's me and Izzy..I guess with you."

"Alright,I'll show you to the rom and if you want to take a shower."

We walked up to what I'm guessing was his room.It was Dark in here.Almost everything was Black.

"Tere's the shower."He said pointing to a closed door.


I walked over and picked p Izzy

"Cmon Izzy,Let's go take a shower."

"Oh-tay."She mumbled.

We showered quickly,I got out and dressed myself ,Then Izzy.I put my wet hair in a side ponytail and hers in little ponytails in a line near the crown of her head.



Pajamas: ToddlerPajamas.jpg

Note,She wore the Shorts with the shirt.




I walked out of the bathroom,Holding Izzy with one arm on my hip.

I saw Damon sitting on the bed,with no shirt on.I couldn't help but stare ,he was so beautiful.He was looking down,But I could still see the smirk the found it's way to his mouth.

"C'mon Chelsea,Let's go to sleep."he said shifting so he was under the covers.

"Goodnight Damon,Goodnight Izzy."I whispered feeling sleep creep it's way across me.

"Goodnight Izzy,Goodnight Chelsea."Damon said.

"GoodNight Mommy,GoodNight Daddy."Isabelle's sweet little vice said.Wait,She just called Damon Daddy?!

That was the last thing I thought as sleep srrounded me.

Damon P.O.V

She called me Daddy?

She called me Daddy.

She called me Daddy!

Why was I so excited?I don't know...Ughh!What the Fuck is happening?!?!I'm the cold one,not the one who gets excited when a little girl calls me daddy?!

I slowly surrendered to sleep.

-Hours later-

I woke up to the pitter-patter of tiny feet.Izzy.

I felt a tiny finger tap my shoulder.

I don't kow why,but as if it was a habit I picked her up and set her in my lap.

"What's wrong Izzy?"

"Theres a scary lady in the wondow daddy!"She said pointing at my window.

I followed her finger to my window,as son as I looked My blood ran cold.


"Shh.Go to sleep Izzy.I'll get her to leave,Okay?"I said laying her down next to Chelsea and tucked her in.

I walked to my window.This bitch better have a good reason for disturbing my family.Whoa!Slow your roll,damon!This isn't you family!I'll think about this later.Right now theres a sicco bitch in my window.

"Why are you here Katherine?Your scaring my Daughter."Dammit,Damon!Even Ktherine looked a little taken back by that.

"Your Daughter?She's not your daughter Damon,And Chelsea isn't yours.I need the litle girl,She is the last one who has her fathers blood.She has powers Damon.She's part Witch.If I don't get her I die."

"GO.TO.HELL.Your never getting her.If you want her you come through me and stefan.Now,Get the fuck away from my house."

"I'll be back."


I walked back inside.That bitch had some serious nerve,showing up at my house.I went back in my room and found Izzy snuggled up with Chelsea..It was the perfect picture.There was just one thing missing..



I woke up and heard someone singing ..Was that Cher?

I shot up in bed and saw a picture that deserved to be on a hallmark card.

Chelsea was dancing around the room with Izzy.

IfI could Turn Back Time By Cher was playing and Chelsea was singing every word.Her voice was surprisingly good.

(Cher's old I know,But Hey!I jam to the Oldies!The 80's were the time of real music!)

Izzy was trying her hardest to sing every word like her mother,but she was falling behind.

I could definatly wake up tp this every morning.I waited until they had their back to me and I ran to them in Vampire speed and picked them up and carried them to the bed,I started tickling both of them.

"S-S-Stop D-D-D-Dad-dy!!"Izzy shouted.

I felt Chelsea Stiffen.

She turned her face towards Izzy.

"You are my daddy,Right?"Izzy asked looking between me and Chelsea.

"N-"Chelsea started but,I Interupted her.

"Yes,I'm your daddy."


So,I totally jammed out to Cher the entire time I wrote this!


Anyway Message me!Banners,Anyone?


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