Scary Love story!!

This is the first story I wrote ever except for my justin bieber one i stopped cuz i didnt get anymore ideas so me and my friend autumn got inspired to both write stories and i gotta say AUTUMN is FREAKIN AND AWESOME WRITER!! welp i hope u guys into my story! mkay thxs!

Created by Ashleyrules1314 on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Chapter 1
Have you ever wonder what love at first sight means when you just can't stop thinking about that special person and everytime that special person passes by you, your heart just won't stop beating and when that person looks at you your just melting down inside. That's what I think love at first sight means. Anyway It all started at schoolon a thursday. I was on the school bus sitting next to nobody because I had no friends. I use to have a friend name Autumn Stone. But she moved away to New Jersey on the first day of high school being a 9th grader. So its the middle of the semester and I've been dying to get out of high school because nobody wanted me there. Until the bus stopped at the second stop to pick up a really cute guy that I don't recognize or even seen in school before. So hecomes up on the bus looking for a spot to sit. But there were no seats available except one next to me. So he walked down and spotted a empty seat next to me. He looked at me nervous, " Can I sit here?" looking at me nervous thinking I was gonna snap at him. I look up at his amazing face, " Yea . Sure". I moved my stuff and piled it on my lap and ignored him when he sat down. The bus took longer to get to school then last time . We both still didn't say anything to each other at all. When I saw the school building up the street and the bus arrives there and the bus door opens up and everyone got up and ran out like a stampeed.(how ever you spell it) I t was just me and him on the bus and he got up and turned around and smiled " Thanks for the seat" , turnd back around walked off the bus. I got up off the bus still shocked that guy like that talked to me because mostly everyone thinksI'm invisible. I headed off tofirst period still thinkabout him and his sweet voice and awesome smile that I will never forget. While I was still dazed off I bumped into someone and saw who it was . It was girl i recognize her before with her brown hairwithher gold hoop earrings on the side and she was wearing blue aeropostale shirt with her black ripped jeans.ButI completely forgot what her name was, soI just looked at her and bent down and helped her with her books," I'm totally sorry .I'm such a clumsy person". She looked up at me with a smile on her face like she wasn't even mad' It's kool I just heading off to my first period at Mrs.Dyson's class." I handed her books and chuckled" haahah lucky I'm heading to Mrs.Thomas for first period. By the way my name is Ashley Connor. She smiled" I'm Mia White and I got to go before Mrs. Dyson yells at me for being late to her class. I looked at her and smiled" Hahahha me too . Welp I guess I'll see you later Mia" started walking and headed into Mrs. Thomas class.
hahhaha this is how far i got on chpter 1 . so I g2g cuz my mom is bothering me for the laptop and she's getting on my nerves and I can't concentrate while she's bugs me for the computer so I'll type chapter 2 tm at school.
Welp i hoped you enjoyed my story so far and i deff love if you guys made me some banners and message me some great ideas. ight g2g bye!! hope ya have a great day =D

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