Brusies and Bitemarks (Damon/Jeremy Love Story)::12

Created by IvyPotterMalfoy on Friday, March 25, 2011

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We arrived at the picnic, Stefan was talking to Mason Lockwood, Damon was nowhere in sight, but I could see Caroline with Liz by the lemonade. I parked my car on the corner and Jewels and I walked over to Stefan. “What were you and Mason Lockwood talking about?” Jewels asked him. “Just something that happened between him and Damon a couple days ago.” Stefan said. Just then Damon appeared behind him, “Do you really think that a handshake will fix this?” he asked his little brother. “No, he could turn around and stake you through the heart at any minute.” Stefan said. “Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon.” Jewels said, stepping between the two brothers. “Where is Elena?” I asked them. “She was with Caroline a minute ago.” Stefan said. “Well if she was now or not I’m not going over there.” I told them. “You still not forgive the cousin yet?” Damon asked. “No.” I said plainly.

The day just seemed to drag on, Caroline didn’t approach me but once, and when she did I turned and walked away. I was filling lemonade cups with Elena when Mason came over to the table. “I see you aren’t talking to your cousin.” He said to me. “That’s none of your business.” I told him. I was starting to get in a bad mood with people saying that and asking me about it. He got a cup of lemonade and downed it. “Hmm, that’s good, it wouldn’t happen to have vervain in it would it?” he asked. I glared at him and said, “No why would it?”

“Just to protect you and everyone else from the vampires around here.” He said. Liz was right behind him when he said that, my eyes went wide, “Vampires? What are you talking about?” I asked pretending not to know. “Yeah, what vampires?” Liz said from behind him. He turned around. “Aunt Liz he was just joking there are no vampires around here, remember you got rid of them.” I said. Mason rolled his eyes. “Liz vampires are living right under your nose and you have no idea.” He said. My heart sped up. “What vampires would those be Mason?” she asked him. “Damon and Stefan Salvatore.” He said, “That’s impossible, Damon is on the founders committee with me, he is the one that gave us the vervain. He can’t possibly be a vampire.” She said. “They are and if you don’t believe me, put this in a cup of lemonade and give it to one of the brothers.” He said handing her a small vile. Mason grabbed another cup of lemonade and walked off.

“Can you believe that guy? The Salvatore brothers vampires, yeah sure.” She said and walked off. I turned to Elena. “Do you think she is going to do it?” I asked her. “I don’t know, don’t worry about it though, Damon and Stefan know how to take care of themselves.” She said. I nodded my head and didn’t worry about it.

It was about 2:30 when I saw Liz talking with Damon. The conversation didn’t last that long, Damon began to walk toward us. “Oh my god Elena what if Liz changed her mind about Damon and Stefan and she actually thinks they are vampires?” I asked her. “Calm down and relax Emma, there is no way she believes him, ok?” she said. I nodded my head and took a deep breath. Damon stopped in front of us. “Mason told Liz about me and Stefan.” He said. And took a sip of lemonade, he began to choke. “Damon are you ok?” I asked running around the table to him. “Vervain.” He said. Stefan ran over to us. “What happened?” he asked. Mason told Liz about you and Damon and put vervain in the lemonade.” Elena told him. He helped Damon up and took him into the woods. I looked around and saw Liz; she was looking right at us. “Elena?” I said. She walked up behind me and looked at Liz “Yeah?” she asked. I looked at her worried. “What do we do now? Liz knows she is going to do something I just know it.” I said. “We wait, find Caroline.” She said. “But?” she stared at me, “Look if you wanna help Damon find Caroline and get over the fact that she is working for Katherine.” Elena said. I nodded my head and went to find my cousin.

Caroline was leaned up against a tree talking quietly with Tyler Lockwood. I ran over to her, “I need your help.” I said to her. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “It’s…Damon.” I said in a hushed tone. “What happened?” she asked a concerned look crossed her face. “Vervain.” I whispered to her. her eyes grew wide she looked behind me to Tyler and said, “I’m sorry I have to go, I’ll talk to you later though.” We walked off to find Damon, Stefan and Elena.

Thankfully Mason didn’t tell Liz about Jewels being a vampire he probably didn’t ever know about it, yet. We walked a little way into the woods and saw Jewels talking with Elena, we walked over to them, “Where is Damon and Stefan?” I asked. “They went that way.” Jewels said pointing deeper into the woods. “Someone tell me what’s going on.” Caroline demanded. “Mason told Liz about Damon and Stefan being vampires. At first she didn’t believe him, then she put vervain in a cup of lemonade and it turns out that Mason was telling the truth.” Elena explained. “Damon drunk it and he choke and Liz was watching, she saw it happen and now what she does,” I looked at all them, “who knows.” I said. “Let’s just find them ok.” Caroline said. “There is a cellar that way,” Caroline said pointing in the direction Damon and Stefan went in, “pretty good chance that’s where they are.”

“Right, let’s go.” Elena said then there was a gun shot. We jumped and ran in the direction of the gun shot. Being vamps and everything Jewels and Caroline got there before me and Elena. We stopped outside of this cellar; down in the darkness we could hear the grunts of pain from Damon and Stefan. Before anyone could stop us; Elena and I ran down the stairs into the darkness. I walked into the light and saw Damon and Stefan on the ground bullet wounds were in each of their chests and Liz was holding a gun with two cops on both sides of her, both holding guns pointed right at Damon and Stefan. I stopped dead in my tracks, Caroline and Jewels flew into the cellar and attacked each of the cops leaving them to crumble to the floor, Liz stared with shocked eyes at her daughter and kept her gun pointed straight at her. “Mom.” Caroline said.

“You are no daughter of mine.” She said getting ready to shot Caroline. “Mom, stop you don’t mean that.” She cried to Liz. Caroline was her one and only daughter, why would she be disowning her own daughter. “I’m your only daughter, mom come on please look at me.” Liz however didn’t look at her, but instead she looked at me, “Please tell me that you’re not one of them too.” She said to me. I shook my head. I could understand why Liz didn’t want to look at Caroline blood was covering her mouth dripping from both sides of her lips, it was a quite unflattering sight, but still it wasn’t that bad.

After a couple minutes the guys made some noises and Elena went over to Stefan and put her wrist to his mouth, I hurt him bite down and the skin break under his teeth, I shuddered at the sound, not something everyone wants to hear. Liz was sitting on the opposite side of the room far from Caroline and the other vampires. Caroline finally walked over to her after she gave Damon blood the conversation was whispered but I’m sure Stefan, Damon and Jewels could hear every word they were saying. Caroline walked over to us about 15 minutes later, “Well she won’t remember anything that happened tonight.” She said. “But I’m not living with her anymore.” She finished and walked out of the cellar. I exchanged glances with Elena, “Can she stay with you?” we asked Damon and Stefan. “Oh no, most defiantly not, I don’t want to share a house with a drama queen.” Damon said. Stefan glared at him, “Of course she can stay with us for awhile.” He said, “We got her into this mess in the first place.” He finished. I turned to walk out of the cellar to find Caroline the others were right behind me.

Elena and Jewels went back to their houses to settle down for the night, I went back to the boarding house with the Salvatore brothers to help Caroline settle in for the next few days, Liz just kicked her out, if I was her I would have freaked but I wouldn’t have done that to my own daughter but that’s just me.

“Emma, can I tell you something?” Caroline asked walking out of the kitchen and over to the couch. “Yeah sure.” I told her. “Sit down,” she said taking a seat on the couch I sat beside her and turned to face her, “Emma my mom made me promise not to tell you this but I have to, when my mom was pregnant with me, your mom was pregnant with a baby, she lost the baby during her 4th month, it was so hard for her. After that she couldn’t get pregnant again, our moms were best friends that’s why my mom gave up her baby to your mom once she got pregnant again.” She said.

“What do you mean that I’m adopted or something?” I asked her. She nodded her head, “Emma you’re my sister. Liz is your mom and mine.” She said. I shook my head, “No, th-th-that’s not true.” I cried.

“It is Emma, it is.” She said and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around her crying into her shoulder.

Damon’s P.O.V

Caroline told her the truth about who her mother really was; I was standing in the kitchen when I heard her start to cry, “No, th-th-that’s not true.” She cried, she was hurting on the inside and it was killing me. I just wanted to go to her and wrap my arms around her telling her it was all going to be ok and that I was always there for her. But I just couldn’t, for all I knew Caroline was still working for Katherine and I couldn’t risk Emma’s life, not with everything she has been through. I walked up to my room stilling a look at Emma, tears were rolling down her face and it broke my heart.

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