It's Been 4 Years Since I Saw You(The feelings are coming back)ch12

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Created by 17bitemyheartxx on Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Author's note: I changed Thunder to portray Alex Pettyfer. Sorry for changing all the chracters all of a sudden :(

I wake up next morning to find an awkward silence amongst the house. What'd going on? Mom always makes coffee in the morning. It's Saturday and no one is in the house. I go wash up then change into dark sweats. I run downstairs to find the kitchen empty. Thanks for breakfast mom. I open a bottle of milk and just drink it from the galloon itself.

"That should keep me full." I say to myself. As I start to walk upstairs again, my phone starts to vibrate. It's a text from Jake.

I wanna break up.

These four words on the screen take me by surprise. Jake wants to break up with me? This isn't right, I'm supposed to be the oneto break up with him! I calm mysellf and text him back.

Why? Can't handle it?

Jake texts back.

You never really liked me. At first I just thought you liked playing hard-to-get. Now I know you're just a little freak that likes to play games! Besides, I think I'd be doing you a favor right now.

Tears run down my cheeks. Yeah, I'm crying. But I'm crying for the wrongest reason ever. I'm crying because I truly lost the game.

I hear the door open all of a sudden and look up.

"Oh my god." I simply say. The woman looks down at me. She's here. She's actually here! My sister's come home!

"Why are you crying?" She asks and wipes the tears from my eyes. She's wearing a sweetheart ivory/black lace dress, a white creamish openback cardigan and a silver faceted bead drape necklace. Her black curly hair shapes her face perfectly. I don't get how someone this pretty is my sister.

"Uhm I thought you were studying in Columbia." I say sniffling.

"Yeah well the place had to temporarily close for awhile. Some stupid college kid threatened to bomb the place and now the police have to check every frickin' place. That kid is so stupid." My sister replies.

"Oh. Okay then." I reply.

"So why were you crying J? Whats with you?" My sister asks.

"It's not a big deal, Avril. My boyfriend just broke up with me, that's all." I say.

"Over a freaking text?" Avril asks, pointing at the phone I'm gripping.

"Yeah, not a big deal." I answer.

"No, we are going to get revenge on this piece of dipshit. Besides, this is going to be fun." She smiles mischievously.

She grabs my hand and we run downstairs and see mom sitting in the lounge.

"Sorry I couldn't cook your breakfast Jane, I had to pick Avril up from the airport. So why don't you ladies have fun an go off somewhere today?" Mom smiles tiredly.

"Oh yes we will mom." Avril says in an innocent voice.

We run upstairs and Avril grabs her makeup kit,"Now we're only going give him a little bit of revenge."

My phone vibrates again. It's from Kaylie.

Jake asked me out! Wait you're aren't mad at me are you? Maybe I shouldn't go...

Avril reads the text and says," Lost of revenge is going tobe given to this 'Jake' "

I text back.

Sure I'm not pissed. Just not tonight, I gotta get a little dignity back.

Kaylie replies.

Ok sures. I can tell this is going to be fun for you :)

I close my phone and look at my awesome sister,"So what's the plan?"

*8 hours later* 7:00 P.M.

The plan is simple. I go to one of these underage clubs that Jake goes to often. And since it's really dark in there, dance with him a little. Leave.Tell him at school.

Avril and I spend eight hours planning my clothes, makeup, and how to ruin Jake's life. The whole plan is so perfect.

Avril and I are talking as she's driving her silver Chevrolet Camaro. We're talking about how she's been studying photogrphy in Columbia and I'm thinking about how grateful I am. She's so awesome, twenty year olds are supposed to be boring, but she's so fun! Everyone likes her, how can they not? She's oneof those girls where you can't hate, you envy, and the person that you're jealous of. I so wish I was her.

"Okay, we're here. B-B, the underage club." Avril grins. The place is called B-B because it stands for Beautiful Beasts.

Once I step out of the car, I'm immediately freezing. I'm only wearing a silk black blended puff dress, a pearl cherish mesh necklace, and my silver etched bow ring. I have slight black eyeshadow on with black eyeliner and rose-colored lipstick on.

As I walk get into the line, I clutch harder on my black weaved clutch, afraid that someone might take it. s my turn comes up, the bouncer immediately lets me in after checking out my dress.

When I get inside, I feel amazed. The walls are studded black and the dance floor is covered with black titles with small neon colors on the sides. The song that is playing is probably a song by Far East Movement.

At first,all I see is a shadow of guys, but as I squint, I barely make out Jake and a bunch of friends. He catches my eye, and walks over to me.

"Nice ring." He says, gesturing to the silver ring on my finger.

"Want to dance?"

I don't reply. I grab his hand and lead him to the center of the dance floor and begin dancing with him.

Five minutes into dancing with him, some random chick tries to butt in and replace me. She has fat in all places, stringy blond hair, and pale eyes with dark circles. Ugly bitch. I push her away and Jake laughs.

Suddenly, Avril bumps me and mouths, "Let's go!" to me.

I part from Jake reluctantly, wanting to turn him on more. He touches my ring, trying to grab me back, but I yank him off and smirk. On the way out, I see some other ugly girl trying to dance with him. He just pushes her away, disgusted. I chuckle, surprised. Jake attracts a lot of girls, but they're losers.

Once I'm in the car, I break in to a wide grin.

"That was so much fun!" I exclaim, feeling happy for the first time today.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Avril says. She pulls the car in to reverse, and starts backing out. I see Jake in the car next to me. Avril sees him, then nudges me.

"Is that him? Here's your chance."

Jake's eyes widen in surprise when he sees the ring on my finger and realizes that he had been dancing with me. But what really makes him gape is what I do next. With full force, I pull out a very meaningful middle finger, then smirk. Avril laughs and drives away.

"Did it feel good to flip him off??"


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