A forbidden fruit (Sister/brother love story) [Chapter 9]

Created by Bisha on Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Soon dinner was on the table.

Kaito climbed downstairs. Megumi, Emi and Ichiro were already there. Both women were having a funny chat.

Ayumi also came here. She was wearing a comfortable, gray knee-length dress with long sleeves and black tights. Her figure was nicely highlighted.

-Your daughter is very beautiful, Megumi, - said Emi.

Ayumi blushed and sat down. Next to her was sitting Ichiro, on the other side - Kaito.

-She would be a great match for Kaito. Both of them are so attractive, - also added Megumi. - Don't you think so, Ichiro?

Ayumi listened carefully, but he was silent.

Soon Yoshiki returned home.

Megumi went to greet her husband.

-Perfect time, honey! Emi is already here!

Adults started talking.


When everyone finished eating, Megumi said:

-Seems like we don't have any bread and eggs. Someone has to go to a market.

-I can, - suggested Ayumi.

-You can't go there alone, it's pretty dark outside.

-I can go to-

-I will go with her. - said Ichiro.

-Okay. Kaito is new here, so it would be better for him to stay here tonight, - smiled Megumi.

Kaito sighed with displeasure.

Ayumi and Ichiro put on their coats and went outside.


For some time both of them were silent. More and more clouds wandered in the sky, the wind was getting stronger. Only lamps illuminated that narrow street.

-Why you don't talk to me? - Ichiro couldn't bear silence anymore.

-I talk, - muttered Ayumi with her eyes lowered.

-Do you like that stupid Kaito?

-Why are you asking me this?

Ichiro grabbed her hand and stopped.

-I'm your brother, I have a right to know, - he angrily retorted.

Ayumi still didn't dare to raise her eyes to him.

It started to rain softly. Cool drops touched their faces.

-Answer me! - brother even more firmly gripped her arm.

-Why are you doing this to me, Ichiro? Why? Release me, please, - bitterly answered Ayumi and finally raised her eyes. They were wet.

Ichiro couldn't control himself anymore. Everything that he kept to himself and hid from everyone for such a long time overflowed in that one moment. He kissed her.

At that time it was raining pretty hard already.

Ayumi felt like someone just poured icy water over her. Her body was shivering. Her innermost dream finally came true. But she shouldn't give in to this moment...

Ayumi pulled back.

-Ichiro, no... No! We can't! You're my brother, such relationship is forbbi-

-I said that to myself million times! But I can't control myself. Forgive me. I love you.

Ichiro embraced her. Ayumi's tears and rain mixed together.

-We can't, Ichiro, we can't... - with teary face whispered girl.

-I don't care anymore. Ayumi, I need only you. I don't want anything else.

Ayumi didn't say anything. It felt like something just shattered, collapsed. Ayumi's hands slowly hugged Ichiro.

-What about Kumiko? You were together...

-I don't care about her.

Ichiro hotly kissed Ayumi again. Rain didn't want to stop, but they kept standing and hugging each other.

-It will be a secret, our secret. Do you understand? - said brother while snuggling his face to her.

Ayumi nodded and embraced him even harder.

In that moment all walls which were standing between them disappeared. That sibling connection lost its meaning. Something new have just began...

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