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Yes this is the end! i hope you all enjoy it so much! muchos gracias to all yall whove stuck with me and viewed it!

Created by GuMMieBeaRS911 on Monday, March 28, 2011

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I looked at the black gown I was wearing in the mirror. It didn’t feel official to me. Almost as if the past 2 years have been a blur. I sighed trying to keep the thoughts from my mind as I tried to make the black cap look somewhat decent against my bright red hair.

“Hello Mrs. Heats,” Alex grinned as he entered the room and I watched him through the mirror as he strolled over to me in a matching gown and cap looking gorgeous as ever. He wrapped his arms around me and grinned while kissing my throat where my necklace hung. Cautiously I reached up and touched the trinket on my neck. “What’s wrong, love?” Alex asked staring at me through the mirror.

“It’s just… Her,” I mumbled while I twisted the memory in my fingers.

He nodded softly also at a loss for words. He kissed my fingers and ran his lips over our wedding ring looking me in the eye. Then turned me towards him to give me a reassuring smile. “I miss them,” he said bluntly.

I stared up at him after a moment of thinking and nodded. “Let’s go,” I said sturdily brushing off the thoughts.

The day was brighter as ever as we entered the open area where chairs were set up in front of a classic stages. Kids I’ve known since grade school were rushing around worrying about their gown adjustments and parents were hurrying to find their seats in the audience. Teachers and faculty members who’ve watched us grown up were seated on the stage just waiting for it all to happen and in a few moments it would. And a few moments after that it would be over. And a few moments after that we’d all be in college or taking on our dreams we’ve had since middle school. My heart pounded as Alex squeezed my hand next to me. I stared next to him and gave him a warm smile as his brown eyes gazed back softly. He stepped in front of me and tucked a dark red streak of hair behind my ear. “I love you sweetheart. You’re going to do great up there,” he stated with a smile and was about to kiss me when someone jumped on me from behind. I turned and grinned to see Magenta and Alison along with the rest of our friends. “Hey guys.”

“How’s the speech? I bet I’m mentioned a million times in it,” Magenta grinned while she flipped her blonde hair.

Our friends laughed at her. “You’re going to do great,” Matt said as he patted my back. “And afterwards we’re all headed to the party still right?” he asked around and all of us said yes. My 8 closest friends since junior year were surrounding me and making me smile and laugh like every other day of my life has been for the last two years. Yet I still wasn’t happy. The memories were nagging my mind ten times worse today. My fingers hadn’t left the stubby metal ring she gave me.

“Today, the class of 2010 is graduating. And I couldn’t be happier to introduce the valedictorian! Kaitlin Heats!” Everyone cheered my name as I went up to the stage remembering the speech that I’d prepared for every day for the past 3 months.

I stared out into the crowd to see every face I’d ever loved there… All but one. My parents sitting in the back with my grandparents were smiling under the warm sun and blossom trees. I scanned the crowd smiling back at all of them who were smiling at me. I looked down at my perfectly manicured fingernails resting on the stand in front of me and opened my mouth. “I… This year has been great… Every year has been great,” I said softly and smiled as I remembered my best time was during freshman year. “Everyone I met at school here, the teachers,” I turned to give the teachers behind me a smile, “The faculty, especially all the parents who’ve supported our school through the sports and meetings and bake sales. And a special thanks to all the students this year. You guys have been… All of you have been important to me,” I said as I looked out to see all their eyes. I couldn’t help but feel like it was all wrong though. My fingers touched the necklace I wore but I continued to talk. “If it weren’t for the amazing friends I’ve made I don’t think… I know for sure that I wouldn’t be up here right now. I think through this whole experience of highschool we’ve all been tortured. Through the tiring hours of test weeks, the horrors of report card week,” everyone chuckled, “and the dreadful freshman year, getting pennies thrown at, lunch dumped on. We’ve finally made it to the top. And we found ourselves through the way. I know we’re all glad to leave but just remember… Highschool… This highschool is where you started. You made yourself here. And you can’t change it. If you’re a jock you’re the jock of life. If you’re the artist you’re sure to be the next Vango. And if you’re a drama major you’re most likely to be in broadway. I know there are some definitely talented people from this school. And I know a lot of us are going to make it big. And when I see you all 25 years from now at our reunion I know I won’t be disappointed in any of you,” I said proudly as I looked out at all their faces. They were shining with hope and I couldn’t be the downer to tell them that they most likely wouldn’t succeed. ‘You’ll get whatever you want from life so long as you put half the time you have into it and the other half into your happiness’. I remembered her say a long time ago. I twisted the ring in my hand and smiled down at it. I knew what I had to say. “We all had a great experience here that changed our life, whether we want to admit it or not,” I said then took a deep breath and started softly, “I… I want to tell you all about my experience here at school… I wasn’t the most popular during freshman year… In fact most of you don’t even remember me during freshman year. But there was one person who did. She’s not here today,” I said and looked back down for a brief moment to look at the necklace, “But she’s the reason why I’m up here today right now. We were best friends. We were inseparable. We did everything together and she stood up for me every chance she got. I wish I could say I did the same for her, but I didn’t. In fact I was selfish… I didn’t once think of her during our friendship. All I thought of was how I finally wasn’t alone during highschool,” I said truthfully and shamefully. “She was humble, powerful and kind. Either way we stayed friends for a while. But sophomore year came and a couple complications entered our life. We tried to stick through it, her more than me, and we made it through till the end together. But she asked me a question… If I loved her as a sister. If I would be there for her till the end. And… I didn’t say anything. But that was a good enough answer for her. I regret doing nothing but when I think about it… If I had she would have missed out on her true happiness and I on mine,” I said and blew a quick kiss to Alex while everyone awed at us. “She really did change my life. She asked me as a goodbye present to become loved by everyone in town, to become prom queen and valedictorian. It’s really because of her that I’m up here… And I know everyone has been impacted somehow by someone during their time here. And as we go off in life I hope we all know that… well I don’t know how to put it but as a friend of mine once said,” I said as I raised the ring on my necklace with a smile, ‘You’ll get whatever you want from life, so long as you put half the time you have into it and the other half into your happiness’.”

Everyone cheered and clapped and we all took our hats off and threw them up. “KAITLIN!” they chanted and I smiled down at them and saw how happy everyone was and how right the moment felt now that Amber was with me even though she was half way across the world by now with Forrest. I envied them completely. Running off to be together in bliss. But was happy to have my own happiness with my husband Alex and my best friends I could ever ask for. Speaking of which they were running up to me at the moment so we could enjoy the rest of our lives together so PEACE OUT VIEWERS!

Okay. i thought i published this but then it didn't show up but thank god i saved it on word or else this wouldn't be up for another 5 days. lol, and also if you couldn't follow who's pov this story is then i'm voting you off the island -_- now onto my thanks. you know the routine. thanks for viewing, bla bla, thanks for messaging blabla, thanks for the... very rude threats to get my story up (lol special thanks to those), and another special thanks to whyloveandpain for the 3 epically aMaZiNG banners she made me <3. also just wanted to note that i love seeing my stories on the 10 pages of most popular list. i thought that was really cool so thanks for viewing. i hope this was satisfying and all that other junk an author is supposed to say. but really i just like to write because i can. if you love my writing then kudos, if you dont then i have nothing against you. but i will admit that the messages i've gotten gave me an encouragement to actually finish the story in a reasonable amount of time. now before i babble (too late for that) just wanted to say you guys rock my socks!

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