Devastation *A Severus Snape Love Story*

Created by DanceFloorAnthem27 on Monday, March 28, 2011

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Lucetta thumbed through her class papers, not really dedicated to grading them at the moment. She had all weekend, there was still time, and for now she just wanted to go to the Three Broomsticks and have a drink. She wondered where one of her two remaining friends from school was; she could really use his advice and support. Remus Lupin was always her strong hold. He was the only consistent friend she had, the only one who had stuck by her side.

Her other friends had been Lily Evans, James Potter, Sirius Black, and Severus Snape. Peter Pettigrew, the other Marauder, was never very fond of her, and Sirius mostly just put up with her because of James, who was only her friend because Lily was her best friend, as well as Severus. Remus was the only Marauder who actually got to know her.

It had all been going fairly well until the day Severus, in a fit of what Lucetta liked to think was stupidity, called Lily that awful name. Lily had refused to talk to him, and when Lucetta didn't do the same and defended him, Lily had dropped her as well. James, not needing to appease Lily any longer, turned on Lucetta, as well as Sirius. Remus was the only one she'd had left, and even Severus started treating her badly.

Things had never been the same after Lily left them. Severus spiraled into a pit of despair. Lucetta sometimes thought he didn't even realize she existed. But she was there, she was always there for him, and she did her best to always be there. She knew she would never be like Lily, she knew he would never love her like he loved Lily, but she loved him, unconditionally, and that was enough for her.

Remus had told her many times that Severus Snape would eventually break her. She deserved better, she could do better, she needed someone who'd love her like she loved them. But she always told him she would never love anyone but Severus. Remus accepted this each time as an end to the conversation, and let her be. Lucetta often wondered if Remus had ever had feelings for her, but she could never bring herself to ask. It would hurt too much to know that she was killing him like Severus was killing her.

Lucetta twirled her wand in her hands, thinking about the brooding Potions Master that was more than likely hiding himself away in his dungeons. He despised her, but kept her hanging on. When she decided to give in and leave, he would pull her back in with alluring words with a seemingly double meaning. But things would always go back to the way they were before; glares, rude words, and heartache. It was devastating, and she hated herself for it, hated that he had such power over her. She felt utterly pathetic and used, but she couldn't bring herself to stop this vicious cycle... because at least she felt wanted by him sometimes.

She glanced down at the papers on her desk again, and sighed. Checking the time, she got up and swung her cloak on over her robes. She needed a drink.

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