Ghost Adventures- Zak Bagans Love Story

^_^ Why is everyone obssesed with Zak Bagans and his cuteness?! I don't know! But I know I am! Maybe not as much as everyone else is but just got bored and decided to write a story about him. A LOVE story. :))

Created by SouthernGrown14 on Monday, March 28, 2011

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I listened to the thunder roll outside of my aunt and uncle's small double wide trailer in a little town called Wakulla County. (Can I just say something? It's NOT Wakoola. It is NOT said like that. It is pronounced: Wu- ku- la. Be smart and say it like that.) I was sitting in the living room after coming home from my first day back at college after a week of Spring Break. Man v. Food came on the small flat screen. My sister, Melanie, sat at the dining room table doing homework. It was a regular Monday at 4:00 pm. Aunt Theresa and Uncle Richard were at work, as usual.
A knock on the white door at the front of the house filled my ears. I got up, not to answer it butto fill my glass with fresh Mountain Dew. I knew Melanie would get it. She always did. I heard a familiar voice but couldn't place it. "I'm sorry but I don't know you. But you do look awfully familiar..." I heard my sister reply to the man. Passing by, taking a sip of Mountain Dew, I glanced over at the doorway.
I almost dropped the glass when I realized who it was but tried to keep my cool. Don't celebrities hate it when you freak out over their appearance? Walking to the door, I almost immediatly heard the raining pelting down on the three of them. "Oh my gosh! Melanie, let them in! It's raining out there!" I pushed the door open all the way to let them through.
"Thanks." he said as he shook his hair on me. I gave him an epic glare. He noticed it but pretended not to. "I'm Zak." he said and put his hand out for me to shake. I raised an eyebrow. "Yea... I know who you are." He smiled, knowing how I would know him. "This is Aaron"he waved his hand out to Aaron, who gave a small smile and wave, "And this is Nick." Nick gave a "wassup" nod. I blinked. "Umm, yes. Like I said, I know." I said, but it wasn't to be mean. "Where do I know them from?" my sister mumbled from the table where she sat, trying to finish her homework.
"I guess you could just come in here." I led them into the living room and the three, Aaron, Nick, and Zak, sat down on the greenish brown couch. I, myself, sat down in the dark blue recliner and surfed the channels on TV. "So, what do you guys need and why are you here?" I asked. I was completley ECSTATIC inside! ZakBagans and the Ghost Adventure crew were sitting on MY couch in MY house in MY town! Ok, well, my aunt and uncle's house and couch. "Well, the bus broke down and this was the closest house near it. And we were actually coming to Wakulla to do a lockdown at the old Court House and library. Didn't the library get turned into a museum?" I smiled. Wakulla County, Tallahassee, Florida was probably the smallest town in the USA and he had come here.
I remembered that they were waiting for an answer and here I was sitting here, smiling and thinking about how they'd come here. "Oh! Umm, yes. An old museum. I mean! The old library got turned into a museum. Yea, that's what I meant."
Zak chuckled and Nick and Aaron had their laughs. I rolled my eyes and quickly blamed it on the delicious looking fried chicken sandwhich on Man v. Food. I was a sucker for fried chicken. My sister decided to butt in and I thanked her later for it. "OH MY GOSH! I KNOW WHERE YOU GUYS ARE FROM NOW!"We all looked at her wide eyed at her burst out and the next part was the one that I hated her for. "Nicole watches you guys EVERY Friday! Never misses a show! Always commenting on how awesome Zak looks in black." I went wide eyed and a bright pink blush didn't just brush my cheeks; more like all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks and stayed there for what seemed like FOREVER! "Her favorite is the one where Zak picks up the snake and holds it and freaks out!"
Thank God for the friends calling me. Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers blasted out from my phone. I jumoed nearly 10 feet in the air. After having the crap scared of me, I quickly grabbed my phone and rushed to my room. I hoped to get away from them for at least alittle while, especially after what just happened.
~Sorry it was so short and suckish. I have school tomorrow and got to go! Tomorrow it will be in Zak's point of view. xD~

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