Mindless Behavior Love Story

Created by i95luv95me on Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Mady's POV
My twinsister KJ was so jumpy today. We were going to see our favorite boy group Mindless Behaviorin a concert today. It practically took us a whole day to find something to wear to the concert. Our other two friends Jordin and Rayven are coming so we had a sleepover.
Jordin:maybe they'll sing to us
KJ:you mean maybe Roc Royal will sing to you
Jordin:I have my dreams
Rayven:we all do
Mady:mine is Prodigy
Rayven:mine is Princeton
KJ:and mine is RayRay
Mady:and we get to meet them up close and personal because
Jordin:yes its 6:00 and the concert starts at 7
KJ:ok let me get some pizza rolls for the 30 minute drive
Mady:you are always eating pizza rolls
KJ:cant help it
Jordin:I cant believe she the oldest twin
Mady:thats because it took me 10 minutes to get the longer attention span that she doesnt have
Mady:just kidding love you sis
KJ:yeah yeah yeah lets go
KJ started rapping Tygas part in the my girl remix and we headed out the door.

RayRay's POV
So after the concert we have to meet some girls. Im really not looking forward to it its just another gruop of girls who are going to scream over us and take pictures. I mean I like the fans are great but I wish someone would come where we could actually just talk. We also have to sing to some girls too. That I'm looking forward to. I love singing to the girls its fun and its nice to see them smile.
Roc Royal:you ready RayRay
Prodigy:guys Keisha said we need new back up dancers
Princeton:what about the girls we have now
Prodigy:she said they're parents wont let them come over seas with us after our U.S.A tour is over in two months
RayRay:well then how do we find new dancers
Prodigy:there are always good dancers in the first row
Roc Royal:so we pick some from the first row
Princeton:I have an idea
RayRay:what is it
Princeton:well you know we need four girls right
Roc Royal:yeah
Princeton:why dont we see if the four girls we meet after the concert would like to do it
RayRay:ok but what about today
Prodigy:the dancers we have will dance today
RayRay:ok so Aarons here so lets go
We are at the concert and the girls are trying to get me to dance. I mean yeah i dance pretty good but im just so scared to show people though. I dont know whats wrong with me I just dont like dancing in front of people.
Jordin:come on KJ you got skills
KJ:I cant im scared
Mady:what are you afraid of we're the only ones here that know you
KJ:I cant i'll make a fool of myself
Rayven:KJ pleez and we're in the front row RayRay could see you
KJ:since you put it that way..no
Mady:why not
KJ:because if RayRay saw he would probably not like it
Jordin:yes he would
KJ:no he wont
Rayven:KJ your dancing is good and nobody will know if you dont let it show
KJ:ok fine i'll dance
I started dancing and it felt good then I saw Princeton say something to RayRay and he looked at me and smiled so I danced more then RayRay started talking into his microphone
RayRay:ok ladies we have a surprise we are going to pick four girls from the front row to come up on stage with us and we'll sing to you
KJ:oh RayRay please pick me
He looked at me and smiled again and started coming my way
KJ:um did I just say that out loud
Mady:yes and here comes RayRay for you
KJ:oh no Mady dont leave me
Mady:girl go
When I got on the stage I was blinded by the bright light but when my eyes adjusted I noticed Prodigy chose Mady,Princeton chose Rayven,and Roc Royal chose Jordin. Then they started singing Future to us. I saw Prodigy put his arm around Mady and Roc Royal put his arm around Jordin's waist. Princeton put his arm around Rayven. I was hoping RayRay would do the same but instead he grabbed my hand and it felt good even better than when my bofriend held my hand. Then they stopped singing and we went back to our spots.
Mady:oh my gosh did you guys see that
Jordin:he put his arm around my waist that felt good
Rayven:wow Princeton can sing
Jordin:did you guys see KJ and RayRay
Mady:ooohhh yeah he grabbed her hand
Rayven:KJ how did that feel
I hardly heard her I was in shock of when he held my hand. Then I heard Mady call my name.
KJ:huh what happened
Mady:I think she was in shock
KJ:well yeah he held my hand
Rayven:ok lets go backstage so we can find out where we meet them

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