Mindless Behavior Love Story Chapter 2

Created by i95luv95me on Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Roc Royal's POV
The girl I sang to was really pretty. I wish she was one of the girls we had to meet in the room. Man she was beautiful.
RayRay:Roc you ok
Roc Royal:huh yeah im, im cool
Prodigy:so what was up with you and the girl you was singing to Roc
Roc Royal:what do you mean
RayRay:you put your hand around her waist
Roc Royal:so
Princeton:so nothing you never do that
Roc Royal:I always do that
Prodigy:no u dont
Roc Royal:then what do I do
RayRay:you usually just put your hand on their shoulder and smile and sing to them
Roc Royal:so I did something different this time no big deal
Princeton:oh I get it
Roc Royal:get what
Princeton:out of all of the beautiful girls you sang to you like this one
Roc Royal:yeah so
RayRay:oh and he admits it
Prodigy:I was wondering why you pulled her so close
Princeton:right any closer and ya'll could have been joined at the hip
Roc Royal:im probably never gone see her again
Prodigy:think again
I looked up and the four girls we sang to were standing by the backstage entrance.

Jordin's POV
When we went backstage we stood there trying to find someone to tell us where to go so we can meet Mindless Behavior. I was so happy when Roc Royal sang to me. He put his around my waist and I loved it.
KJ:Jordin what are you thinking about
KJ:yall look
KJ:she has it
Jordin:I have what
Rayven:oohh she does
Jordin:what do I have
Mady:that smile
Jordin:what smile
KJ:that "oohh I like him" smile
Jordin:I do not
Rayven:yeah you do
Jordin:no I dont
Mady:oh yeah then tell that to Mindless Behavior because here they come
Jordin:what where how's my hair
KJ:see she likes him
Rayven:shhh here they come
Princeton:hi ladies you must be the four that get to sit in our dressing room and talk to us
None of us spoke because we were in shock that Princeton was talking to us then Mady spoke up.
Mady:hi im Mady
Prodigy:uh im Prodigy
RayRay:maybe we should go to our dressing room now ok then we'll introduce everybody
Roc Royal:ok
In the Dressing Room
Princeton's POV
So i turns out that the girls that we sang to are the girls that got to meet us. Its really fun talking to them. We learned two of them are twins, even though we could already tell they were.The one they call KJ has a streak in her hair so we can tell them apart. Rayven, the one I sang to, likes Micheal Jackson a lot just like us she loves music and she can sing really good. They told us they were in their own group called One of AKind.Me and the guys had a really good time with the girls.
Princeton:ok so ladies we had a lot of fun with you but we have to tell you something
Rayven:we have to leave
RayRay:actually you do
KJ:why we were having so much fun
Prodigy:wll you have to ask your parents if you can be our back up dancers
Roc Royal:we saw you guys dancing ihe audience and we would love it if you guys could come on tour with us for the next two months and then over seas
Rest of Girls:no!
KJ:what do you meanno
Mady:finals are coming up
Rayven:I have volenteer work
Jordin:im not a traveling person
KJ:come on please
Rest of Girls:no
Mady:we cant
KJ:Mady, you would rather sit at home and study for some stupid finals than live the dream and travel
Mady:I have to study, im not like you I actually like to learn and I actually make it pass a D
KJ:that is only math I at least make a C- ineverything elseand what would be a better learning experience than traveling the world and seeing big buldings and stuff
Mady:I guess i'll go
KJ:and Rayven this is volunteer work just think about it you are volunteering to dance for Mindless Behavior
Rayven:ok im in
KJ:and Jordin if you get sick we'll just give you some medicine or let you lay down and we're going to places like Paris and Germany
Jordin:ok im going
Roc Royal:yes.... for all of you
Prodigy:ok well can I see one of your phones
Mady:here you go
Prodigy:um thanks well here is my cellphone number and call us tonight if your parents say yes
Mady:ok we'll call
KJ:ok we have to go ask Julian
Jordin:I have to ask my parents
At The Twins House
Mady's POV
I cant believe we might be going on tour with Mindless Behavior. But first me and KJ have to ask our 23 year old brother Julian I hope he says yes.
Mady:come on we have to ask him
KJ:you sure you're ready
KJ:ok lets go
We walked down stairs and saw Julian kissing his girlfriend Destiny.
KJ:oh gross get a room
Julian:what do you guys want
KJ:we want to know if you can get a room
Julian:I cant because you two are here
Mady:that brings us to our next question and I will give the floor to the sweet talker
KJ:thank you sweet nerd I will take the floor now I have a question for you, young Julian
Julian:aahh this ought to begood
KJ:now how would you feel if me and Mady would be gone for say 4 months
Julian:well it depends on how many times you call me
KJ:ok so that brings me to my next question
Julian:ok what is it
KJ:can we go on tour with Mindless Behavior, Jordin and Rayven are going too they want us to be backup dancers
Julain:will you calm me 3 times a week
Mady:no way we call you once a week
Julian:3 or you cant go
KJ:dont worry sweet nerd I got this, how about we meet in the middle and you make it 2 times
Julian:deal you can go

Me and KJ ran upstairs super happy we called Jordin and Rayven and found out they could go so we turned on our webcams and we helped each other pack our cutest clothes.
Jordin:you think maybe Roc Royal will think my outfit is cute
Rest of Girls in Unison:because if he does you would be toghether forever
Jordin:oh be quiet
KJ:he is frustrating me
KJ:Andy he wont answer his phone
Jordin:I cant believe you even go out with him
KJ:theres nothing wrong with him
Mady:girl I've said this once and I'll say it again
Rest of Girls in Unison:he's not right for you, I think you should brek up with him
Mady:ok we hang out with other way too much
Mady:ok you guys totally have to come over
KJ:yeah its the only way Julian lets me get drunk off of kool aid
Jordin:but first call Prodigy and tell them we can come
Mady:ok I'll call him
Mady:I know
Mady:um hi is this Prodigy
Mady:this is Mady one of the girls you met earlier
Prodigy:oh yeah I remember
Mady:well all of our parents and guardians said we could go
Prodigy:ok great the buses will be there at 10 just give me your address
I gave him our address and tnked him the last thing he said was this:"I look forward to seeing you, Mady"
Jordin:ladies say it with me
Girls exept Mady:I look forward to seeing you, Mady
Mady:oh be quiet
KJ:but Mady hes looking forward to seeing you at 10
Rayven:you better wear acute outfit
Jordin:because a good first impression is always good
KJ:but this is our second impression
Jordin:so still second impressions are important
KJ:I guess so right Mady, Mady
Mady:sorry it shocks me when you correct someone
Rayven:see KJ it is good when you think sometimes
KJ:yes but it depends on what im thinking about
Rayven:ok so we'll se you guys in ten minutes
Mady:ok say bye to your parents bcause thats the last time you'll see them for 4 months oh and bring money
Jordin:ok see you in 10
KJ:see ya
We signed off and me and KJ waited for Jordin and Rayven nd Jordin to come over. When they got there we all sat in the kitchen and got drunk off of kool aid just like KJ said. We went to bed at 11 since we would have to wake up early in the morning. Man I cant believe me, my twin sister and my two best friends are touring with Mindless Behavior. This is like a dream come true. I cant wait.

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