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Created by xoxMarochanxox on Thursday, March 31, 2011


You walked into the gates of Namimori Middle with your head held high. For the first time since you had started school you didn't have detention. Its definately a time of celebration, you thought.
''Hey [Name]-chan! I heard today was your first day out of detention,'' a boy who sat behind you called. You turned and waved at him before nodding your head with excitment.
''Yeah I'm so excited to actually do something with my life again.''
He smiled sweetly as a small blush came onto his cheeks.
''Y-Yeah. So I was. . .uhh wondering if after school you'd want to. . .I don't know go see a movie with me?'' He shyly asked while looking down, suddenly finding the ground very interesting.
Your heart nearly skipped a beat as you realized that this boy, this really cute boy, was asking you ona date! You could feel your face light up as you opened your mouth to reply, but finding that it was deeper and more fierce than normal. Oh wait. . .that wasn't your's.
''Herbivore,'' Hibari said from behind you. Slowly, painfully, you turned your head to look over shoulder at the demon.
''Yes,'' hesitentally you asked as you didn't really want to know what he wanted with you.
''What?!'' You yelled turning around to face him head on. he held a blank, cold expression as you fummed with rage at him for ruinning your plans for life. ''What did I do this time?!''
''Because I say so,'' he stated.
You glarred harshly at him, all of your angry pouring out at him even though he didn't seem to notice. Instead he turned hs attention towad the boy who stood awkwardly behind you, his gaze becoming as fierce as your's.
''I hate you,'' you grumbled as you turned around to bow to the kid. ''Gomen-nasai, I guess I'll have to take a rain check. But some other time maybe?''
He looked terrified as he looked from you to Hibari then back, clearly seeing something that you weren't. Taking a few steps back he held his hands up in deffence.
''N-N-No, I think I'm good. See ya around [Name]-chan.''
Your mouth dropped as you watched him hurriedly turn away and leave you there. Turning back to Hibari you saw a slightly smug expression on his face.
I hate you so much, you thought to yourself before storming away.
Why did I do that? Hibari thought as he followed behind you. But as he watched you stalk away he couldn't help but get that sick feeling as the thought of you being with that herbivore out of his stomach. Whatever the reason for it, he wasn't going to let it sit there and fester so he got rid of it the only way he knew how, by canceling your plans himself and making sure no other herbivore could do the same thing again.
''Hn,'' he mumbled as he glarred at nothing, not liking how this was turning out at all.

Maro: Ohhhh your jealous~~!

Hibari: I'd never be jealous of THAT!
Maro: Uh Huh, sure I'll buy that.
Hibari: *glares*
Maro: ;D

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