"You're So Drop-Dead Gorgeous, New Girl!" (A Scene One-Shot)

Note: None of these people are real! Except for Skyy and Jersey, but he has a different last name! Skyy is not really the girl in the picture and neithe is Jersey. So don't go looking for those people!

Created by RainbowwStar on Sunday, April 03, 2011


Your name is Skyy Rainbow! Your last name is very uncommon and you tend to get questioned andaccused of lying.You are 15 and a sophomore at your school! You are new to McKenzie High Schol due to your parents jobs offer in a small town in Iowa. You are an only child and live with your parents in a 2 story house. Your parents are never home because they work almost all the time, so it's like you live alone. You are very loud, hyper-active, and random person but around people you don't know, you are very quiet and shy. You tend to get mad and annoyed very easliy, so people know exactly not to test your temper. You can be a bitch and a sweetheart.
This is Natalie Rushmen. She is turning 16 in a week and is a sophomore just like you. She is known as "Notorious Natalie" on any social network site and is a beautiful site model. People tend to call her a "Scene Queen" but she does not consider herself one. You and Natalie become friends in one of your classes. You will learn about Natalie's life a little ater on in the story.
This is Alexandria Carrey. She just barely turned 15 and is a sophomore. Alexandria really doesn't like you for anything in this world! She dislikes you with a DEEP passion. She is jealous of you in everyway and likes to copy you a LOT. She tends to try to make herself look better than you. Her septum piercing and gauges are fake and are magnets. She likes to lie to people and say they're real. But as soon as she gets home, she takes them off before her mother can see and throws a HUGE fit! You'll see what she is pointed out as to everyone and to Natalie.

This is Michelle Thompson, a veryclose friend of Alexandria.She is 16 and a junior. Michelle and Alexandria are like best friends, and call her(self) "Michi". Michelle is suposably a site model known as "Michi Massacre" but no one has ever seen her as a site model, expecially Natalie.

This lovely cutie is Jersey Issacs! He is 16 and a sophomore. He is very sweet and a nice guy, but can be a jerk when hehas to.You have a HUGE crush on him, but what you don't know is, he likes you back! Alexandria is very very jealous about this. She was the first person Jersey told about him having feelings for you. Not only is Alexandria is jealous, but she is planning to steal him from you! She only wants him to make girls and you (expect for Natalie) jealous!

This is Damian Newton. He is 15 and a sophomore as well! He is one of Jersey's friends and is known as "DamianDemonic" on Vampire Freaks and Twitter!

And this is Lorenzo Matthews! Lorenzo is turning 16 the same week as Natalie and is a sophomore. He is another friend of Jersey and Damian, and they're given nickname for him is "Lenny". Lorenzo has this cute puppy dog crush on Natalie and tends to get teased about it from Damian. Whenever anyone is talking about Natalie infront of Lorenzo, he gets very very shy and blushes a lot! And yes, Lorenzo's septum and snake bites ARE real! Along with Natalie's septum and snakebites and Skyy's gauges.
Thanks you guys for reading so far! :D
Story will be posted tomorrow ;D

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