My Prince...Is A Vampire Prince! [Sasuke Vampire Love Story] Chapter 24; Sasuke's Origins

Oh, I was having fun while writing this chapter. Not only that but it's my birthday! Woot! I am officially 15 years of age! Anyway, guys, after MPIAVP is done, I would be so greatful if all the fans of this story check out Real World Meets Naruto World. It has romance, it has drama, a little action and most of all, it came from my coo-coo of a brain! XDNow back to blood sucking!

Created by sasusakuvampires on Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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Start of Story

Thursday; 28 April

Colette POV

Sakura “C’mon, Colette!”

She grabs your hands and runs away with you as fast as possible. She was faster and stronger than the other vampires. You were amazed yet confused at the same.

You think “How is Sakura alive? Didn’t Sasuke tell me he couldn’t save her? That his venom was too late...”

She ran out of the manhole and helped you out. There, everything was in panic. Humans and vampires were fighting against each other. Your heart squeezed.

You “What’s happening?”

Sakura “Artemis”

Suddenly, Naruto drove in with an orange convertible.

Naruto “Get in!”

Sakura picked you up and tossed you in the back seat. Sakura jumped into the front seat and Naruto floored it. You got tossed back and groaned.

You “Ow!”

You sit up as Naruto drove.

You “What’s going on?! How are you alive and what’s happening to England?!”

Sakura “Explain later. Drive, Naruto, drive!”

Naruto “On it!”

He really floored it. You screamed.

You “What’s going on?!”

Naruto “Artemis has awakened”

You “Who’s he?”

Sakura “He’s regarded in myth as The Dark One. He was created long before time with his mate, Celestine, The Lady of Light. He and his mate ruled the earth until Celestine saw evil in his heart…”


Celestine POV

You opened your eyes to the morning sunlight. It was so beautiful and warm that it made you smile.

??????? “Good morning, my queen”

You turned to your mate and smiled at him.

You “Good morning, my king”

You held his face. He let out a smile and held your hand in place. He lets out a gentle moan.

Artemis “Oh, I love that warmth of yours every day”

It made you filled with joy. You went close to him. He pulls you into an embrace. His body was ice cold but it was soothing.

Artemis “How is our child?”

You “He…or she…is fine”

He chuckled and pressed his nose in your hair.

Artemis “This child of ours…will rule this world”

Confused, you looked up to him.

You think “His eyes…they’re ominous”

End of Past

Sakura “And she put him to sleep just as how you found Sasuke”

You held yourself. The information was just too much.

You “So, you’re saying…Sasuke…is the child of Artemis and Celestine?”

Sakura “Yes, he has been running away from his past…from his father. He knew his father would try to look for him and take over his body by taking over somebody else’s body”

Naruto “So that’s the reason why he always distances himself”

Sakura “Correct, he wanted to protect all of you. He thought that he had outrun Artemis so he decided to get close to people again but…he was wrong”

You held yourself in discomfort.

You think “So, it’s my fault that this happened. If I hadn’t probed Naruto to show me the coffins, none of this would have happened…Sasuke would’ve been safe”

??????? “Nervous?”

Your eyes widen when your head turned and you saw Artemis in Sasuke’s body sitting casually next to you.

You “Artemis…”

Naruto “Everyone jump out of the car and run!”

All of you did what he said. The three of you landed in the same spot as the car crashed into a poll.

Sakura “Everyone alright?”

You and Naruto nodded at the same time.

Sakura “Let’s go before he gets a chance to recover”

After another nod, all of you ran as fast as you could but you hesitated and looked at the car crash as it caught on fire. The tears started forming at the corners of your eyes.

You think “Sasuke…”

Then, he walked out of the debris with glowing red eyes and a sinister grace like it was absolutely nothing. You looked away and wiped away any tears that could have come out.

You think “Forgive me”

You ran away, following the others and away from your almost lover.

Artemis POV

The young black haired child stood and watched with sadness and grief as you came out from the fire. Her green eyes were empty as though she had pitied you.

You think “Sympathy? Such a foolish human emotion…”

But you could not stare away from those eyes. A longing in your heart emerged. It wanted you to embrace her and console her but her eyes with the shade and intensity which could stab a man helpless rendered you pitying her.

You think “What am I thinking about? I have no heart”

Then, she dashed away and as she did, a teardrop fell to the ground. The sound was a shock of sadness. Your chest was aching and everything felt numb. It was getting difficult to control your own body. You couldn’t stop shaking and wet trails started falling from your eye. You touched it.

You think “Tears? Was I crying? Impossible unless…”

You “Yes, I see it now”

You grit your teeth and looked at your hand.

You “My son, you truly are a mastermind of deceit”

You think “To transfer his power to that girl…and to break his bond with her by making love to the red haired one…I thought she was his mate and I can’t believe I wasted my time killing the wrong one”

You smirked.

You think “But making his love to fall for me will be much more enjoyable”

Colette POV

You, Naruto and Sakura reached Scotland after a tiresome non-stop run. The three of you stopped at a cave because it was already nightfall. All of you sat around a fire that was made by Naruto.

Naruto “Hey, Sakura”

Sakura “Yes”

Naruto “Colette told me once that you actually died 300 years ago and Sasuke couldn’t save you so why are you alive now?”

Sakura “Would you really like to know?”

You “Very much, yes”

She sighed and relaxed her body.

Sakura “Well, when the Hunters tried to kill me, I was barely alive and I thought I was surely dead. Then...”

She smiled a bit.

Sakura “Sasuke found me. He bit me. He tried to save me and he did but he thought I died. It did feel like I was dead”

She exhaled and looked at the fire.

Sakura “After about 50 years or so, I woke up and found myself in a coffin”

Naruto’s eyes bugged.

Naruto “C-coffin?”

Sakura laughed weakly.

Sakura “Yeah, it was pretty scary at first but I got out fine”

Suddenly, your throat felt extremely dry. The thirst was burning.

You “How did you handle the thirst?”

Her face suddenly twisted with sadness and guilt.

Sakura “Terrible…I was so thirsty. I killed a number of people before it was ever satisfied”

You glanced at the fire.

Sakura “But I heard you two were quite amazing with it. Naruto, I heard you never had a drop of human blood ever. It’s astonishing”

Naruto grinned and chuckled happily,

Naruto “Aw…it’s not that great. I prefer animal blood all the time unless it was an emergency”

Sakura “So you had human blood?”

Naruto “Donated only. Hospitals are always the best”

Sakura “And you, Colette?”

You “I don’t like drinking. I try to avoid it as much as possible and I never cared how strong the thirst is. I don’t want to be a monster. It’s disgusting to me to take the life of others just to survive. I’d rather die. I was foolish to want to live. I should have died when the elders judged me”

Naruto “Now wait just a darn moment, what about your family and us, your friends?! Don’t you think about how sad we’d feel if you died from something pitiful like starvation?!”

You “My family doesn’t need me. They’re doing fine and knowing you, Naruto, you’d survive. Sure, Chantra would be sad for a while but she’d get over it. Everyone has to die someday. Even vampires get tired of living forever”

There was a short momentary silence.

Sakura “Ah, so that explains”

You looked up to her.

Sakura “I was wondering why Tsunade would have to bandage you up like that. You refuse to drink blood which caused your body to degrade”

Naruto “What’s degrading?”

Sakura “Well, vampires feed on blood just like cars need gas. Sooner or later it needs to be refilled if not it degrades. Immortality is that car”

You blinked in surprise.

You “So it runs out?”

Sakura “Yes, after a few years without drinking blood, a vampire will revert back to be human again”

Naruto “So we could turn back to humans?”

Sakura “It should but it’s risky. Lacking any of that nourishment could cause death most of the time. Barely anyone’s survived it”

She looks at you.

Sakura “One of the symptoms is slow healing. I bet if you remove your bandages, you’ll see only open cuts that keeps bleeding”

She stands up. Your eyes followed her every graceful movement.

Sakura “Which means you need blood now”

She turns to Naruto.

Sakura “C’mon, Naruto, you’re coming with me”

He nods and stands up.

Sakura “Colette, don’t go anywhere”

Naruto “Yeah, we’ll be right back before you know it”

They ran out of the cave. As soon as they did, it started raining. It started getting cold. You wrapped your arms around your body and tried to stay as close to the fire as possible.

You think “This is degrading…I know it. I almost forgot how I can easily get cold at times like this. I wish I was wearing thicker clothes now”

The cold harsh wind blew the fire right out. It sent chills throughout your body. You shivered uncontrollably.

You think “It’s so cold”

You stood up.

You think “Better sit behind a rock or something until this passes over”

You found a suitable crack in the cave which was just big enough for you to sit it. It blocked some of the wind and cold chills.

You think “I still don’t get what’s going on. Sasuke is…the child of the two first vampires in the world? He has lived for so long…”

You close your eyes.

You think “Maybe that’s why when I went to see the movies with Chantra and Naruto…”

The flashing image of the young crying Sasuke suddenly came back to you.

You think “He must have been alone for such a long time”

You close your eyes and eventually went to sleep.


You started opening your eyes and you were in a wide bright emptiness. There was only one other person standing across from you.

Sakura “Colette, you must hurry! You must return to Sasuke!”

You grit your teeth and balled your hands into fists.

You “Will you stop with all the lies? I know you’re not Sakura. She’s alive”

The impostor frowned.

You “Tell me who you really are”

????????? “You have a right to know”

Her face started changing. The radiance was still present. Her eyes turned the sparkling emerald green you knew too well and her hair grew longer and turned white.

????????? “I…I’m Celestine, Sasuke’s mother”

Your eyes widen. She looks up to you with a begging face.

Celestine “Please, return to my son. He needs you now more than ever”

You shook your head.

You “No…no, it’s not Sasuke inside. It’s Artemis, he’ll hurt me”

Celestine “My son would not allow that! He would not let anyone hurt you!”

You “I can’t save your son. I’m not special like everyone else”

Celestine “That’s where you’re wrong”

She goes up to you and holds your shoulders. You looked up.

Celestine “You have a power. A power which no one had notice but Sasuke did. He saw it and he knew you could stop Artemis once and for all. He broke that bond with you to protect you”

You “Because Artemis could find me with that bond”

You held your head.

You “Sasuke…”

??????? “Now, why would I ever hurt you?”

You looked up and you saw the black winged man from before. Your eyes widen.

You “You’re Artemis?”

He goes over to you and holds your chin. He wraps his other arm around your waist as he pulled your face up to his.

You “You told me to follow Orochimaru’s orders. I trusted you”

He pulled your face closer to his. His soft brown eyes were sad and apologetic.

Artemis “You were so miserable as a vampire. I wanted you to feel at peace”

Celestine “Don’t be fooled by him, Colette!”

Artemis “You can’t trust her. She’s lied to you before”

Celestine “Stop feeding her false facts, Artemis!”

You “Stop it…”

You pulled yourself away.

You “Stop fighting, both of you!”

End of Dream

?????? “Wake up, Colette! C’mon, don’t die on me here!”

You open your eyes to see Naruto’s face looking down to you with a worried face.

You “N-Naruto…?”

Naruto “Yeah, it’s me. I’m right here”

Sakura, who was nearby, checked your pulse for a moment.

Sakura “Heart has stopped so the blood transfusion was a success”

You sit up and the three of you were still in the cave except there was a small tent now. You looked at your body. The bandages were removed from your arms to reveal smooth flawless skin. There was a needle in your arm which was connected to a plastic tube that was connected to a needle in Naruto’s arm.

You think “Naruto gave me his blood”

You “I guess I was lucky that I’m AB blooded”

Suddenly, Naruto’s eyes widen and he froze. Now you were worried.

You “Naruto?”

Sakura “He’s having a vision”

After 3 seconds, he blinks and looks at you with a bewildered face.

Naruto “Oh my…Colette, you are so awesome!”

You got confused.

Sakura “What was it about, Naruto?”

Naruto “It’s Colette’s gift. I saw it. When I heard ‘AB blooded’, it cleared everything up!”

You cocked an eyebrow.

You “So, what does me being AB blooded has to do with all this?”

Naruto “You can absorb or suck out people’s abilities”

Artemis POV

You went into the Three Thorns Room which was remodeled in your vision. The dark marble throne made of thorns stood proudly alone in front of the beautiful Rose of Life with the white marble statue of your former beloved lying near it. You grit your teeth.

You “Annoying…”

With just a thought, the statue was destroyed to a dust.


Sasuke’s heart pulsed. He was struggling, fueled by his rage.

“I can’t forgive you for what you’ve done! I’ll kill you!”

You smirked.

You “Kill me? Don’t make me laugh”

You went over to your throne and sat on it.

You “You are only the prince compared to the King of Bloodlust”

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