WWE John Cena Baby daddy:)

Created by iisthebaum27 on Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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ame: Karen Gisselle
age: 26
job: Nurse backstage in the WWE
baby daddy: John Cena

I smiled and placed my hand on my ever growing stomach, I was about four months pregnant with my boyfriend's baby.17.jpg
He smiled and walked up to me, placing a hand on my belly. "JOhn, what are we going to name it?" "I don't know... John Jr?" "You mean John the third?" "Yeah that..." I pondered the thought. "I like it, but what if it's a girl?" "We name her Lillian Rose." "So we have John Felix Anthony Cena the 3rd if its a boy and Lillan Rose Cena if its a girl." "Pretty much." I smiled and said, "I like that." "Good, now come on, you've got to get to work" "Of course." "Please be careful...That's my pride and joy in there." "Okay." I smiled and walke dback to the nurses' station. Randy was sittin there with a bad cut above his eye. "WHat did you do?" "Well, Hunter hits hard with that sladgehammer..." "I oughta..." "No you oughta not, incase your belly doesn't prove it, you're pregnant... you can't fight anyone." I flipped him off, thne got him oatched u nad watched the match on the little monitor.
John pinned theMiz for the win. He won and I celebrated with him. Then we walked back to the locker rooms. He smiled and said, "LEt's go out tonight." "MMkay. Where to?" "How about the club? No drinking for you though..." "I know... I know... party pooper. you just had to get me pregnant... anyways.. something sexy?" "Always:)"dress.jpgThen we went to a club and danced the night away.

*Seven Months Pregnant:)*
I changed into my outfit for the night. My bump was frickin' huge.seven.jpgJohn and I planned on getting married soon. He was so happy to become a dad. I remember the day I told him.
"JOhn!" I called from the bathroom of my house in St. Louis.
"Yeah?" He asked as he walked in. "Remember Randy's party like a few weeks ago?" "Yes, what about it?" "Well... did you use protection?" "No... wait, are you telling me that we're pregnant?" "Duh! I just took the test." I showed him the little pink plus sign. He smiled and placed a hand on my bump. He was excited.
*end flashback*
"Karen! are you ready?" "I guess... I mean we're just going to pick out my wedding dress..." "Exactly. you're my fiance. and that huge diamond on your finger proves it." He pointed to my engagement ring.ring.jpg
"Okay. Let's go." We went out the door and John took me to find a dress.

*after shopping*
I found the perfect wedding dress. It looked like:dress2.jpg

*eight months*
John and I tied the knot a few days ago and now we're on our honeymoon. He was currently rubbing my belly as I laid on our bed at our house in West Newbury. it looked like:32-8mn.jpgI was wearing:pajamas.jpgand we were waiting for Raw to come on so I could watch Randy. He was facing the Miz for the WWE championship. John and I went yesterday nad got maternity portraits done. they look like:
photo1.jpg(the december says July and the 2008 says 2011)
photo2.jpgphoto3.jpgphoto4.jpg(except its John)
Then tomorrow we're going to see about the baby. ANd when I can go into labor.

*Next day*
I was wearing:top.jpgshorts.jpg
WE walked out the door and got into the car. JOhn was really excited. I was too, but not as much as he was... I think he was ready for a son.... but I had a feeling that this was a baby girl, I know for a fact though that he'll spoil her rotten... ANd I'll be the bad guy.. sometimes...
THe doctor walked in and rubbed the cold gellyon my stomach, then he put the little thing that will show us the baby. "Congradulations, you're having a baby boy." John smiled and hugged me.

*Month Later*
my bump was huge40.jpg. I was due today, and John and I were on our way to the hospital so that they can either enduce labor or wait for me to go into labor. I was restless, and so was john. He was ready to hold our baby boy. We decided to name him Johnathan Felix Anthony Cena Jr. I was laying in the hospital bed and they told me that they were going to enduce the labor, because they didn't think that I was going into labor anytime soon. So they broke my water and I was waiting for them to delive a healthy baby boy.
*12 hours later*
I was holding my beautiful baby boy.

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