Kurama Love Story - 003

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Created by DarkMagician19 on Friday, April 08, 2011

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After Shuichi made sure that Beth had only fainted, he pulled some seeds out of his pocket and dropped them in the sand. He placed his hand on the ground and a bright light glowed. In seconds, there was a large plant with purple stalks where none had been before.
Keiko hung up her phone. "The ambulance is on the way. Is that for the injured men?" "Yes. It helps to dull the pain. You didn't tell us that Beth is psychic." Keiko looked up at him. "She's not. At least I never knew anything if she is."
Yusuke and Kuwabara were panting when they deposited their burdens at Shuichi's side. The two men had extensive burns. They were both mercifully unconscious. Shuichi pulled several leaves from his newly grown plant and crushed them. He placed a small amount under each of the men's tongues. Yukina came running onto the beach followed closely by Genkai.
The old woman knelt by one of the men and Yukina the other. Both held out glowing hands. The old woman spoke. "Hiei stayed behind to guide the EMTs. What happened?" When the short story was told, she glanced over at Beth. "I didn't sense any psychic powers when I read her earlier."
Kuwabara pulled on his shirt. "She's not." He had a very strong sense of the spiritual. He could read people's spiritual energy even better than Genkai. "She's not psychic. She's completely normal. No spirit energy at all." Yusuke asked the question on everyone's minds. "Then how the fuck did she know that was going to happen?"
"Kurama?" Yusuke questioned. Keiko shushed him. "Don't call him that. Beth could wake up any time and we would have to explain." Kurama looked over to Yusuke, who was using his shirt to dry off. "I have no answers for you Yusuke. I won't until we can talk to Beth."
They heard the sounds of approaching feet. Genkai and Yukina pulled back. Kurama asked them, "Did you have enough time? Were you able to heal the worst of it?" Genkai nodded. "They will both live. It will take some time and a lot of skin grafts, but they will be fine." "Thank Gods." Keiko breathed.
The EMTs arrived with stretchers and there were police officers to survey the scene and get statements. One of them radioed for a boat to get a closer look at the accident scene. The EMTs had the two men stabilized and ready to transport quickly. "Does your friend need attention?" Kurama shook his head answering the question. "She only fainted when she saw the victims' condition. She's squeamish," he lied. "We'll take care of her." The man nodded and followed the small parade carrying out his patients.
One of the police officers remembered Yusuke from school. He shook his hand. "I always thought if I saw you again, it would be to throw your punk ass in jail. Never thought I'd be shaking your hand for saving another life." "People change. Never thought I'd be shaking a cop's hand."
The officer finished writing everyone's statements and scribbled a few notes. He nodded toward the still unconscious Beth. "I'll need her statement, too. I have enough for now. Just have her call me when she feels better." He handed Yusuke his card.
The requested police boat had arrived and the accident scene was now a hive of activity. When they were alone on the beach, Yusuke tried to pick Beth up. "We should get her back to the temple. We can ask questions there. Damn, it's hard trying to carry someone taller than you." Kuwabara took over. "Let me have her Urameshi." He lifted her up easily. She was limp in his arms, but it was not a problem for the taller man.
Kurama put out a hand, and his plant shrank. He scooped up the seeds and returned them to his pocket. He followed the others back to the temple. Kuwabara laid Beth on the bed as Genkai directed. Yukina brought in a bowl of water and a soft cloth. She dipped the cloth in the cool water and squeezed out the excess. Kurama had settled on one side of the bed. He took the cloth from Yukina and gently bathed the still pale face in front of him.
Beth felt as if she had fought back from some dark place. She felt something cool and damp stroking her face. Her eyes snapped open and she bolted upright. Strong hands gentled her. She heard pretty boy's smooth voice telling her to relax. She had only fainted. "Give yourself time to get your bearings." He gently pushed her back to the bed. She looked up at him and saw concern and curiosity shining in the intense depths of his eyes. She closed hers again. Those eyes were dangerous. You could lose yourself for all eternity in them.
"Beth, are you ok?" Keiko asked. She raised a hand to her forehead. "Yeah. Just a little dizzy." She braced her hand on the mattress and pushed herself up. "You should lie still." His voice was beginning to irritate her. 'I'm fine. I need to sit up. Flat on your back is fine if you're sleeping or dead. I'm neither."
Yusuke made a rude noise. "I can think of other things that flat on your back is good for." He snickered and Keiko slapped his arm. Beth snorted. "I never pegged you for the submissive bitch. Guess you never know, huh?" Yusuke's mouth snapped shut and Kuwabara howled.
Shuichi put a gentle hand behind her back and another on her shoulder to help her sit up. When she was finally upright, she looked at those eyes again. They were now filled with silent laughter. He was smiling. He handed her the tea that Yukina had made.
She took a few sips of the bitter liquid. She made a face and held the cup out. Shuichi covered her hand and guided it back to her lips. "It's an herbal tea. I know it tastes really bad, but it will help calm your nerves." She was staring into those deep pools of green, his concern for her swirling in them once again. At that moment she would have agreed to anything he told her.
He nodded at her when he took the empty cup and placed it on the table beside the bed. "Do you remember what happened?" She put a hand to her head. "Yes," she whispered. "Those men?" "They will be fine. They were taken to the hospital." She nodded, relieved. The others had not been so lucky.
Shuichi drew in a breath. He couldn't afford to be subtle. "Are you a psychic?" She was shaking her head. "Then how did you know what would happen out there?" She raised her head. Shuichi could see a soul deep pain mirrored in her eyes. Eyes that were a mixture of green and gold. Her voice was low. Even with his exceptional hearing, he had to strain to hear her softly spoken words. "I saw it in a dream."
To be continued….

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