Kurama Love Story - 004

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Created by DarkMagician19 on Friday, April 08, 2011

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"A dream?" Shuichi asked. "You knew details. You knew those two men would be hurt and how." Genkai spoke from the doorway. "I've never heard of such accurate precognitive skills in a non-psychic." Shuichi turned back to her. "You went white as a sheet when you saw the boat. You would not have had that reaction if you were uncertain your dream would become reality."
Yusuke caught his meaning. "Are you trying to say she was sure it would happen just like she dreamed it?" Shuichi nodded. "This is not the first such dream, is it?" She shook her head. Words wouldn't come. "We need to know." She didn't understand why they needed to know. But it was time she told somebody.
She pulled her knees up to tuck them under her chin. "I have had the dream four times now. Each time, the events in my dream come true." She closed her eyes and her voice was flat as she said, "Today is the first time anyone has lived." Shuichi prodded further. "There is something you still aren't telling us, isn't there?"
She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face. He winced at the raw pain he saw reflected in her eyes. "The first time was my father's accident." Shock and sympathy radiated from those around him in waves. All directed at this girl who now cried uncontrollably in his arms.
He held her until her tears were spent. She lifted her head and scrubbed at her face with the back of her hand. "Here." He held out the cloth he'd used to bathe her face. She took it nodding gratefully. "I'm sorry about your shirt." He took the cloth from her and deposited it in the bowl on the table. "Shirts wash. Are you feeling better?" She nodded.
The others had left quietly some time ago. They were now discussing what they had learned. Genkai was contemplative. "I don't understand how she is doing this. She gives off no psychic aura at all. Kuwabara confirmed this. Something like this could have been triggered by the trauma of her father's death. Shock induced psychic abilities would not have manifested until after her father's death. She said she saw the accident that killed him."
Yusuke was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. "Yeah, that sucks. To dream of your father dying, only to wake up and find out you really saw him die." Kuwabara had a solemn expression on his face. "We have to help her. Hey, where's the shrimp?" He looked around. Yusuke snorted. "You know he never hangs around when a woman cries. He's probably outside."
Hiei was sitting in his favorite tree. He recovered his jagan. So, even Genkai thought this odd. He couldn't deal with the tears, but there was something nagging at the back of his mind. Something he couldn't quite pull from his memories. Something he should know. The woman had stopped crying now and he needed to hear the rest of the discussion. He jumped down to rejoin the others.
Hiei perched on the windowsill just as Kurama joined them. "How is she?" Yusuke asked. "Is she going to be alright?" Keiko whispered. "She is sleeping at the moment. Quite exhausted. Only time will tell. I want to let her rest before I ask her any more questions. Keiko, can you tell us more about her father's accident?"
She nodded and sat up a little. Her eyes shifted to the floor in sadness. Yusuke left his place by the wall and sat down next to Keiko. He put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze. She took a deep breath and related what she knew.
"Uncle Paul was a good man. He ran an import/export business. That's how he met my aunt. They used to visit a lot until Uncle Paul's business took off. Then he was too busy and my aunt wouldn't come without him. Beth came alone a couple of times, but then she got into a good school and didn't have time either."
"I don't know much about the accident itself, only what mother told me. He was driving home after working late. Texas can have some really bad storms, and he was driving in it. He lost control of the car and it went off the road, flipping several times. It stopped upside down. One of the gas lines must have ruptured because it exploded before anybody could get him out. The funeral was closed casket." Tears slid down her cheeks and Yusuke pulled her closer into his embrace.
"How sad." Yukina's tears bounced off the floor as round perfect gems. Kuwabara put his arms around her to comfort her. His voice was low as he looked at Kurama. "And she saw all this before it happened? I can't imagine how I would feel. I think I would go crazy." Hiei made his presence known. "Hn. You're already crazy, fool." Kuwabara stiffened. "Bite me, shrimp." "You'd only beg for more." Kuwabara took a swing, but Hiei was already across the room. "You gotta stop sometime, shrimp."
There were several snickers and Yukina giggled. Hiei smirked. Mission accomplished. No more tears. He hated to see any woman cry, but especially his sister. Kurama exchanged a knowing look with Hiei. He'd been adamant about never telling Yukina who he was. Kurama only hoped someday his friend would change his mind. She deserved a family, and so did he. Even if he refused to believe it.
Genkai looked up from her tea. "Botan is here." A woman with blue hair came into sight sitting on an oar. She was dressed in jeans and a pink t-shirt. She had given up her kimono long ago. Only the ferry girls wore those. She was now Koenma's personal assistant. She halted it just a few feet from Yusuke. "What's up Botan? Take off your oar and stay awhile." "No time. Koenma wants you guys in his office, like yesterday." Yusuke shook his head. "Sorry. Got plans. He fired me remember?"
"Yusuke, don't be an ass. This is serious. Three worlds serious." He was unaffected. "When is it not?" She sighed. "Please come. He needs you." "Let him get his new spirit detective to handle it. Oh, wait! He never hired a new one did he? He just expects me to work for free."
Kurama put a hand on Yusuke's shoulder. "Perhaps we should go." Yusuke turned to his friend. "You just got out from under his thumb and you want to go back?" Kurama nodded toward the bedroom. "Perhaps we could exchange some information?" He sighed and headed to the door. "Hiei, Kuwabara! You guys in?" They were already walking his way. Keiko called after him. "Be careful." "Yes, mother," he muttered under his breath. Only the men with him heard the words and the frustration behind them.
To be continued….

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