Draco Malfoy is...In Love With A Gryffindor Girl?!? That's Impossible! (33)

Created by NeverXLetXGo on Sunday, April 10, 2011

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I was getting sick of this constantly traveling running for our lives; I don’t talk with Harry anymore, Ron is always listening to that bloody radio of his and Hermione well she just tries to keep us all together. I was sitting at the table with Hermione and Harry as we talked about the next Horcrux but the truth was “I have no idea where to start looking for this one” Harry admits. “So we try to find the sword of Godric Gryffindor?” “But it was stolen” “Great” we hear and turn and see Ron “What’s wrong?” Harry asks facing him.

“Wrong? Nothing’s wrong according to you anyway”

“If you’ve got something to say don’t be shy, spit it out” Harry says and I notice the Horcrux still around his neck and I knew this would be bad “Alright I’ll spit it out, but don’t expect me to be grateful because now there’s another damn thing we’ve got to find!” he says and I look at him confused “I thought you knew what you signed up for” Harry says and Ron glares at him “Yeah I thought I did too” he says and Harry stands up “Well I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand, what part of this isn’t living up to your expectations, did you think we we’re going to be staying at a five star hotel finding a Horcrux every other day? You thought you’d be back with your mum by Christmas?” Harry asks upset.

“I just thought after all this time we would actually achieve something, I thought you knew what you were doing I thought Dumbledore would have told you something worthwhile I thought you had a plan!”

“I told you everything Dumbledore told me! And in case you haven’t noticed we have found a Horcrux already!” he points out “Yeah and we’re about as close to getting rid of it as close as we are to finding the rest of them!” he says and Hermione tries to take the necklace of him but he pushes her away. “You wouldn’t be saying these things if you hadn’t wore it all day!”

“Do you know why I listen to that radio all day? To make sure I don’t hear Ginny’s name or Fred or George or mum or da-“

“You don’t think I’ve been listening too! You think I don’t know how this feels!”

“No you don’t know how this feel! You’re parents are dead! You have no family “Ron explodes at him and Harry attacks him but I pull him apart “Stop it!” I shout scared “Well then go!” Harry shouts and I look at him shocked “Go then!” he says to Ron and Ron looks at me “Why haven’t you left yet? I’m sure you’re tired of putting up with his shit!” Ron yells at me “Ron!” Hermione says “It’s true out of all of us you should have the most hatred for him he’s the reason your family is dead, the reason your boyfriend is fighting against you and yet you stand here next to him every day if I we’re you I” I ran up to him ripping the Horcrux off of him.

“That’s enough Ron!”

He looked at me and then ran out and Hermione went after him I turn to Harry “Do you feel that way?” he asks and I look at him confused “what?” I asked “Do you blame me for your parents death and for you never being able to see Draco anymore” I look at him shocked “Of course not Harry, you had nothing to do with the decisions they all make, you may be the Chosen One Harry, but we all want this to end your just a boost to help us end it” I said and he sits on the stairs “How do you still do this?”

I laughed softly and sit next to him “The same way you do”

“What?” he asks and I take his hand “People ask everyday why does Harry Potter still fight why does he still go on when he has nothing” I started “Every time I hear this I laugh because they don’t know all you have to live for.” I start “They don’t know how much joy has come into your life because all they have seen is the bad things.” I add “And what worries me so much about you is that your starting to believe what they do” I said and his head shoots up. “You need to start showing everyone especially yourself the joy you have in the world.” I said smiling “And that is how I deal with it as well.” I add and smile “I want to show you something” I said and went to my bed and grabbed my bag. I pulled out all the letters Draco had wrote to me.

“This is what keeps me going.”

He picks one up and looks at me wondering if it’s okay to read it “Go ahead” I pulled out another stack on them “They’re at least a hundred of them, maybe more” I start laughing “I had to charm my bag to keep them all in there” I added. “All of these are from Malfoy?” he asks shocked.

“Every single one, they date from the day Dumbledore died to yesterday”

“How do you get these?” he asks I pull out my key “This is a different type of port key very rare, most wizards prefer not to use them because they leave a door behind. But I adore this place Draco gave me, it’s almost a safe zone for us but since this all started we don’t use it now though except to write to one another. I know it’s dangerous but it’s the only way I know he’s still alive” I said softly.

“How can you trust him this much when he is surrounded by all those people?”

I smiled “Because I trust him not them” I start “All my letters are charmed only he can read them” I add and I see him pick up another one and I gasp and grab it and smiled “That one is a little more personal” I said and he looks at me confused and I laughed. “He really likes you huh” he asks and I smiled “I like to believe that” I said and I searched through my letters finding the one I wanted him to read “Here read this one.” I said and he looks down at it.


You’ve been right this whole time I am nothing like these people and cannot even pretend to be anymore. I want to run but if I do they’ll come after you. I wish there was so much I could take back starting the day I made Harry Potter my enemy.

Harry stopped and looked at me shocked and I smiled “Keep reading”

I now realize that my pride has forced me to lose all that I care about in the past years but the most important was my best friend now my love.

That’s a bit cheesy don’t you think?” I shove his arm and he laughs “Keep reading” I said and he smiled.

I realize that if I never made him my enemy I would have a lot more happiness in my life…and probably saved about a good ten or fifteen fights with you. I hope that one day I get the chance to apologize to your friends because they have all been true friends to you these past years where I have been too concerned in getting what I want. I hope the day comes if we are still together that I can be considered a friend to them as well. I do apologize for this letter not being as long as usual but they are making me leave at the moment. For the record I can’t wait for Harry to kill the bastard so I can be free again. I truly envy him because he never had the type of family that doesn’t accept who he is, and he is spending every day with you.

Until we see again, with all my love and more


“What exactly does this mean?”

I take it from him putting all my letters away “It means that you have people on that side rooting for you as well, and I was hoping that it gave you an idea of who Draco really is.” I add and he scratches the back of his head “I guess it did, more weird than anything though” he says and I shove his arm and he smiles. “So he was always like this to you?” he asks and I nod and go through my bag and pull out my bouquet of Phoenix flowers. “He gave me these on one of our first dates.” I said and I see them dying and Harry jumps but I take his hand sitting the flowers in his hand.

“Watch” I said softly.

Slowly the flowers bloomed into new ones and I smiled at him “Sometimes I stare at these for hours, it’s funny how these simply flowers give me so much…hope” I said and he looks at me and hands them back and I put them away. I then see Hermione rush in and she looks at us “He’s gone” she says sad and we look at each other and I look at Hermione who was about to cry. “We should pack and get moving”


I’m starting to forget things now, how many days have passed whether it is day or not and I am afraid to say I even lose the memory of your voice. The last part terrifies me more than anything, I don’t want to forget you and every time I imagine you, I see you either in pain, crying or looking as if you hate me. What I would do to just see your smile for one second. I hope you are safe and hope you are careful. Beware everywhere you go Savannah; I don’t want him to find you and never want to see you in the place I am in. You know you are not safe anywhere but remember we both have one place that no one knows of.



I sighed looking at the newest letter from Draco and I put it in my bag and I see Hermione just sitting next to the radio hoping not to hear Ron’s name now. No one knew where he was and it frightened us. I lay on the bed next to the steps looking at her. I then look down at my key thinking about what to write to Draco. I then see Harry come in from outside, I wasn’t sure why he was out there seeing that our new campsite was on a bunch of rocks, literally. I then see him sit down and look at us and he then gets up and looks at her he then sticks his hand out asking for hers and she takes it standing up and he takes the Horcrux off of her and sits it on the table.

I sit up and look at him and he takes her over to the middle of the floor and begins swaying with her and starting to dance and I see him look over to me and I gulp “No, I can’t I-“ he takes my hand and pulls me up bringing me over and we all begin swaying to the music. I smiled softly thinking about how Draco did the same thing to me when Harry and I got in our first huge fight when we were dating. He then takes our hands and spins us around and I laugh softly.

I couldn’t believe with all that was going on we were dancing in a tent and I loved every single part of it. Hermione then grabs my hand spinning me and I smiled and Harry takes our hands and as we were happily ignoring reality, the song ended and reality hit us again. I look down and Hermione lets go of our hands and looks at us and walks out of the tent. I look at him and smile and I walk and grab the Horcrux and put it on my neck and I walk up to Harry and kiss his cheek. I then back away “want me to tell you a secret?” I said softly and he looks at me.

“My parents would always tell me stories about your family and how they would visit your house…”

I stopped and looked at him “What?” he asks and I rush to the table going through my bag “Why didn’t I think about this before!” I said angry at myself. “Savannah what on earth are you talking about?” Harry asks and I take out a book. “Look” I said showing him the Daily Prophet from that day we snuck into the Ministry.

“Death Eaters raid Godric’s Hollow; what does this mean?”

“What if this is where the sword is Harry? Why would Death Eaters care about this place what if this is where Dumbledore hid this for us?” I asked and he looks at me “Harry you’re parents are from here so are mine, what if this whole time the sword has been hiding in our parent’s home?”

“Wouldn’t death Eaters have found it by now?”

I shake my head “See I don’t think they published this article why would they want people knowing they’re coming close to their homes.” I said and he looks down. “It couldn’t hurt” he says and I smiled “Let’s go get Hermione!” I said grabbing his hand pulling him out.

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