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The rain dripped down the steamed up windows as Seth Clearwater looked out the window, hot cup of Tea in his hands. Everything was wet, and quite dreary that day, no one in their right minds would go out. It had been four years since that clash with the Voulturi, and he was now 20. Today, infact, seeing as It was his birthday. He sighed, and looked around the small shop he was in, only noticing about two more people in the room, excluding the waitress. No one had remembered his birthday, or they had wished him a happy Birthday before they'd gone away on Holiday.

He sighed and took a sip, placing his mug down on the small circular table, looking out the window again.

"Hey, sugar... you want some more tea?" asked the waitress, a middle aged woman who always talked to the customers. Her voice held worry.

"No, I'll be fine thanks..." he said quietly, thanking her for her concern. He looked down at his cup of tea, watching the steam rise up and out of the hot liquid, floating up and past his head.

Well, there was no time for moping, he had a shift to do at the patrols, he needed to go phase. He grabbed the cup of tea, drinking the scalding liquid in two gulps and threw some coins on the table.

"Why couldn't Jacob do it or something?" he muttered darkly as he opened the door, the bell above his head tinkling. He snorted. Jacob wouldn't do it right now, he was too busy 'Protecting' Nessie. Yeah right. He was doing a lot more than that.

He pulled the door too behind him gently, and squinted out into the rain. He snorted, wondering why there had been any thoughts of someone kind enough to let them under their umbrella, and sighed, slipping his jacket off and raising it up above his head.

He ran out, and walked along the road, looking occasionally around. It was too wet, and with all the pine around, all the scents were skewed.

The rain bounced off his coat, and his shoes, and the floor splashed when ever he placed a foot down. It was raining in Port Angles... what a surprise.

"Hey! Do you want some help?" A voice yelled, and he turned to look to the voice.

A woman was stood with an umbrella underneath one of the bridges, that held up one of the many levels of the city.tumblr_kx0i6gw2Bi1qzbktso1_500.jpg

"I wouldn't mind it actually!" he said, laughing slightly, and ran over, ducking under the small umbrella quickly.

Seth grinned at the woman, and shrugged his jacket back on.

"Thanks! I'm Seth Clearwater" he held out his hand to the gloved woman, who grasped his large hand with a strong grip.

"I'm Emmaline Mary Brandon." she shook his hand firmly, and smiled, then realising her hood was still up. She let go of Seth's hand, and brushed her hood back wards, letting it fall off her White hair.

Seth's eye's widened, and he looked at the Tanned beauty, looking over her face with awe. She looked about 19, and her smile was kind.


She smiled softly, and nudged him slightly, snapping him out of his trance.

"Where are you going?" she asked, as they walked over to a lime green and black sports car was, clearly expensive.


"What? oh Forks!" he replied, smiling apologetically for staring.

"Oh! That's good! that's where I'm headed!" she said, cheerfully, opening the drivers seat and closing the Umbrella, sliding into the seat and closing the door quickly.

She motioned for him to get in the passengers seat, but then he realised something as he quickly climbed into the other seat.

"Are you from Europe?" he asked as he fastened his seatbelt, looking over at her as she placed the keys into their respective slot, and pulled out smoothly of the car park. He asked because the drivers side was on a different side to usual.

"Yeah! I'm from the Northwest of England actually, but I grew up in France and the like, occasionally visiting the Mediterranean. It was nice, but then I had to move." she said as she drove down the road quite fast, the windscreen wipers flashing from one side of the windscreen to the other.

"It must of been! I've never been out of America!" he said laughing slightly as he looked around the car. It was decked out with the latest sound systems, Sat Nav, and car calling system.

Seth whistled in appreciation, and turned to hear her laugh.

"You like the car?" she asked, smiling as her eyes flicked from him to the road ahead.

"Yeah! It's like every car fans dream!" he said, brushing his hands over the buttons above him, and admiring the car.

"Ha ha! well, you can take a ride in it any time you want!"

"I might just take you up on that offer! You wouldn't mind me bringing a few friends to look at it? Would you, they'll be gentle with the beauty... its just we're all quite big mechanics, so this is an excellent opportunity." Seth Muttered the last bit sheepishly, earning another chime like laughter from her.

"Of course, you just call me up when you want to meet up!" She giggled and with one hand passed a little card to him. It was white with silver lining, and in the middle, it plainly stated her number.


"Oh! here's my stop, just outside the diner!" She pulled the car up, and Seth, grinned, and hopped out the car, shutting the door quickly. He raised his coat up above his head, and ran around, to where the woman rolled the window down.

"See you around then?" she asked, taking her scarf off and her gloves, not having done it when they got in the car.

"I guess you will!" Seth said, laughing slightly.

"Yeah! see ya" she smiled, and they made eye contact as their hands clasped for a second time, shaking. As soon as he looked into her eye's, he felt the world tip around him, and his eye's felt like he could only ever look at this one woman. His eyes widened and he was stunned for a moment, before grinning stupidly and stepping back into the rain properly, not bothering to hold his coat up.

She waved at him as he got drenched, and he waved until she'd disappeared into the slightly misty distance. He snapped back to reality, and noticed there was something in his hand. He raised it up, trying to cover it so it wouldn't turn soggy. It was her card, and he surveyed the number a moment longer, before flipping it over.

There was some pen writing on the back, and he squinted his eye's to read through the pouring rain.

Happy 20th birthday Seth Clearwater

His eye's widened with joy, and his heart skipped a beat. He covered the card up with his hands and he walked into the diner, dripping water everywhere as he walked over to the group of tanned guy's in group. He slumped dreamily in his seat, and looked at their smirks.

"Who was that?" Paul asked in a sly voice, and Seth looked around at him, only just noticing the odd looks.

"Who... oh her?" Seth said, trying to contain his posture and whatever dignity he had left.

"Oh! So it was a girl!" Jared said teasingly from the side of the circle, and Seth merely groaned. The whole group burst out laughing at his expense.

"Come on! we need to patrol!" Quill said as they calmed down.

"Yeah, I want to run already! And, I'm due a card game rematch with Emmet!" Embry grumbled as they all stood up, Seth's shoes squeaking slightly from the wetness.

They all left the diner, and ran off into the woods, Leah having gone on holiday, so no need for precautions. They stopped by a large group of tree's and stripped down, phasing and bundling up their clothes in their mouths, before running off in pairs.

'So! Who's the girl?'Sam's voice said in Seth's brain.

'Not you too!' Seth groaned in his head, and he and Embry ran, sniffing all the plants as they ran past.

'We all want to know, so you might as well tell!' Jared thought, and they all heard a huff from him as he landed, after jumping off a particularly large boulder.

'Well, she was white haired and gorgeous!' Seth thought as his memories leaked into his mind, the others being able to see her clearly, and her smile, and the way he'd felt when he'd made eye contact.


Seth nearly jumped out of his fur coat when four other voices shouted out in his mind.

'OOOOOH Seth's imprinted!'Seth heard Embry tease as he nudged his shoulder playfully.

He sighed, and lowered his head in defeat.

--- My -- Pov ---

I hand't seen my sister for over 50 years, and I was excited to see her! I'd met up with our niece Eliza a while back, and had been there when sister Cynthia had died. I had cried then, not physically of course, it wasn't possible, but I had cried on the inside. She had been mine and Alice's little sister, and had been especially close to myself.

Alice and I hadmet up before she went to find Jasper, though I'd gone with her and met him before they left. I had some work to do before I found my family, though I did live with the Cullens for a while, about 20 years, though I'd left to research about family.

Me and Alice were twins, and we looked quite similar apart from the hair, where her's was black, and mine was white.

We'd both been created at the same time, in that asylum, and had been admitted there for unknown reasons, though our families thought us as dead when we were admitted, seeing as the dates of when we entered the asylum match up to the dates on our tomb stones.

I sighed as I drove down the muddy road, looking at the address, I had on a piece of paper in my hand. I looked around and saw a little road, going up through the forest. I grinned when I saw this and turned smoothly, driving up the road slowly, the wheels crunching against the ground.

This was so Carlisle's style. I started laughing as I saw the glass house, and I stopped, opening the door and sliding out, the rain merely drizzling now. I slammed the door shut, and walked up to the door, knocking gently. I waited several moments before the door was opened by a blonde haired man who looked to be in his early thirties. I grinned and his eyes widened. I threw my arms around him and started laughing.

"Emma?" he asked, holding me in a hug that was very paternal, as if I was his actual daughter.

"Yep!" I giggled, and hopped up and down when I pulled away from the hug, grinning large.

"It's good to have you back!" He said, ruffling my spiky hair, much to my annoyance.

"WHO's back?" Emmet asked as he wandered into the room with Rosalie.


"Hi Emmet!" I choked out as he gave me a literally bone brushing hug.

"Hello Emma!" Rosalie said warmly, an gave me a slightly less painful hug.

"Hi again Rosie!" I giggled.

"Emma?" A Voice called out from the bottom of the stairs.

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