Beyblade MF - Our secret (A Kyouya TategamixHikaru Hasama Love Story)

A love-story between Kyouya and Hikaru from Beyblade MF.

Created by DragonOfDestiny on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Come on Madoka! Hurryyyy!" Gingka whined.
"Calm down, Gingka. I can't finish the uppdate if you keep disturbing me" Madoka said.
"Okay, I'll be quiet" Gingka sighed.
"BU-BU-BU-BULL!! Fix my beyblade after you're done with Gingkas!" Benkei said.
"No! Fix Sagittario!" Kenta said.
Kenta and Benkei started to argue. Kyouya, who was leaning against a wall, sighed.
'Those two are hopeless' he thought.
"QUIET!" Madoka yelled.
Gingka, Kenta and Benkei got scared.
"O-okay!" Kenta said.
The door opened and someone walked in. Gingka, Kenta, Benkei and Kyouya looked at the person. It was Nile.
"Hey! It's the Kyouya-wannabe! ^^," Gingka said.
"I'm not a wannabe! ò_ó" Nile said.
"What are you doing here?" Kyouya asked.
"There's a tournament in the next town. So I decided to stop and visit you before the tournament starts" Nile answered.
"A tournament? Cool! I'm in!" Gingka said.
"Not with an unfinished bey" Madoka said.
"But hurry up then!" Gingka said.
Pegasus was finished 15 minutes later.
"And....done" Madoka said.
"Finally" Gingka said.
He took Pegasus from Madoka.
"I'm ready for the tournament!" Gingka said.
"If you want to get there in time, you have to go now" Madoka said.
"I wanna be in the tournament too!" Benkei said.
"Me too!" Kenta said.
"Sorry, but I won't be able to finish Bull or Sagittario in time" Madoka said.
"Nooooo! T_T" both Kenta and Benkei said.
"Haha, don't worry, There will be alot more tournaments later" Gingka said.
Gingka started to walk towards the door.
"Let's go Kyouya-wannabe! ^_^" Gingka said.
"I'm not a wannabe!! Ò_Ó" Nile said and walked after Gingka.
"Come you too, Kyouya ^^," Gingka said.
Kyouya walked after Gingka and Nile without a word.
When they went through the door, they saw Hikaru passing by.
"Hikaru! ^^," Gingka said.
Hikaru stopped and turned around.
"What is it, Gingka? -_-" Hikaru asked.
"I just wanted to say hi ^^," Gingka answered.
"Sure you did-_-" Hikaru said.
"Hey, are you going to enter the tournament too?" Gingka asked.
"I am. Why asking?" Hikaru asked.
"Hehe, Kyouya, Nile and I are gonna enter it too" Gingka said.
Hikaru looked at Nile and Kyouya. Nile was blushing a little. Kyouya looked at Nile.
'He's blushing? Hm....' Kyouya thought.
"Hey, Tategami" Hikaru said.
Kyouya looked at Hikaru.
"What?" he asked.
Hikaru was quiet for a while.
"Good luck" she said before she turned and walked away.
'....Thanks....' Kyouya thought.
Gingka saw Nile was blushing.
"What with the blush, Nile? ^^," he asked.
"Wh-what!? I'm not blushing! What makes you think I'm blushing?" Nile asked.
"I don't know....maybe because your cheeks are red" Gingka said.
"They're not" Nile said.
"....Can we go now?" Kyouya asked.
"Right! The tournament" Gingka said.
He started to walk.
"Let's go! ^^," Gingka said.
Nile and Kyouya followed him.
Hikaru was walking through the forest. She stopped and looked up at the sky. The sky was getting darker and darker.
"Looks like it's going to rain" Hikaru said before she started to walk again.
A powerful storm blew up. It was raining and lightning was seen all over the sky.
"Stupid storm..." Hikaru said.
Lightning hit a tree Hikaru was passing by. A branch fell down and hit Hikaru in her head.
"Ugh..." Hikaru said before she fainted.
After a while, the storm disappeared. Kyouya sighed.
"Where did Gingka and Nile go now? -_-" he asked himself.
He looked around.
'Tree....stone...Hikaru laying on the ground....' he thought.
".....WHAT!?" Kyouya yelled.
Kyouya ran over to Hikaru and bent down, checking if she was okay.
"Hikaru? Hikaru, can you hear me?" Kyouya asked.
Hikaru couldn't answer Kyouyas question. Kyouya lifted Hikaru up in his arms before he started to walk.
'A branch was laying next to her...maybe it fell down from the tree and hit her in the head...' Kyouya thought.
He looked down at Hikaru.
'I hope she's okay...' he thought.
After a while, Kyouya came to the other town. Gingka and Nile were waiting there. They looked at Kyouya and saw Hikaru unconscious in his arms.
"What the heck happened!? o_o" Gingka asked.
"I don't know...I found her unconscious. I think a branch hit her head" Kyouya answered.
Hikaru started to wake up.
'Where....where am I? I must have fainted' she thought as she slowly opened her eyes.
She saw Kyouya was holding her.
'K-Kyouya?' Hikaru thought.
Gingka was the only one who noticed Hikaru was awake.
"You look worried, Kyouya. Something wrong?" Gingka asked.
"No...I just...I hope she's okay" Kyouya answered.
"Really?" Gingka asked.
Kyouya nodded.
"So you're sayin' you care for Hikaru?" Gingka asked.
"I....." Kyouya said.
Helooked a little nervous. Hikaru blinked as she saw Kyouya looked nervous.
'What's...with him?' she thought.
"....Of course I care...She's my friend and..." Kyouya said.
"And...?" Gingka asked, wanting Kyouya to continue.
"And I....I think her..." Kyouya said.
"You mean like like?" Gingka asked.
"....Like like..." Kyouya answered.
Hikaru blushed and her eyes wided when she heard that. Nilelooked at Kyouya like they were enemies and Gingka had a huge grin on his face.
"You know Hikaru is awake, right? ^^," Gingka asked.
"Huh?" Kyouya said and looked down at Hikaru.
"I can't believe you didn't see that" Gingka said.
"Eh...." Kyouya said and blushed.
He put Hikaru down and walked away.
"And that's the Kyouya we all know ^^, ...I'm hungry! Let's go and eat something! ^_^" Gingka said.
"No thank you -_-" Nile said.
Gingka took Niles arm and ran away.
"Let go of me! ò_ó" Nile said, but Gingka didn't listen.
"Are you coming, Hikaru!?" Gingka yelled.
"Ehm....Sure..." Hikaru said and walked after Gingka and Nile.
Gingka and Nile had a competition in who could eat the most hamburgers. Hikaru was looking out the window, thinking over what Kyouya said. Gingka won the eating-competition.
"Haha, I won! ^^," Gingka said.
Nile growled. Gingka looked at Hikaru.
"What are you lookin' at, Hikaru?" Gingka asked.
Hikaru twitched and looked at Gingka.
"N-nothing" Hikaru answered.
"Okay...Time to go! Let's do our best in the tournament" Gingka said.
The tournament was about to begin. Gingka, Hikaru and Nile sat down. Hikaru looked around, searching for Kyouya. She couldn't see him anywhere.
"And in the first round...Gingka VS Masamune!" the DJ said.
"Masamune is here too?" Gingka asked and looked around before he ran down to thefield where Masamune was waiting.
"So we meet again, huh?" Gingka asked.
"Looks like it. Do your best" Masamune said.
"You know I will" Gingka said.
The battle begun and after a while, the battle was over.
"And the winner of the first round is....Gingka Hagane!" the DJ said.
"GINGKA! GINGKA! GINGKA!" the audience said.
Gingka waved to them.
"Thanks! ^^," Gingka said before he went back to his seat again.
"Was that a good battle or what?" he asked.
"I've seen better" Nile said.
"Says you" Gingka said.
"And the next round....Kyouya VS Nile!" the DJ said.
"Allright! This will be an awesome battle too!" Gingka said.
Nile sighed, stood up and walked down to thefield. Kyouya was allready standing on his place, ready to battle.
"I didn't expect you to be my first opponent" Kyouya said.
"I'm a little surprised too" Nile said.
"I'm warning you, I won't hold back" Kyouya said.
"And I say the same thing to you" Nile said.
"3...." Kyouya said.
"2...." Nile said.
"1...." Kyouya said.
"LET IT RIP!" they both said.
The battle ended with a victory for Kyouya.
"The winner is....Kyouya Tategami!" the DJ said.
"YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!" the audience yelled.
"Hmph..." was all Kyouya could say.
"And the next round...Hikaru VS Ryuuga!" the DJ said.
"What!!!???" Gingka asked.
"What?" Nile asked.
"What!?" Kyouya asked.
Hikaru stood up and walked down to the field.
"Good luck" Kyouya said to Hikarubefore he walked away.
'Thanks' Hikaru thought.
She looked at Ryuuga. He had calmer look than he used to have before.
"So you're my opponent? Well then...I'll go easy on you" Ryuuga said.
Hikaru growled.
"You won't defeat me this time" Hikaru said.
Ryuuga chuckled.
"We'll see about that" Ryuuga said.
The battle begun. And after a while, Aquario looked tired.
"Go LDrago" Ryuuga said.
"Go Aquario!" Hikaru said.
Aquario and LDrago attacked each other.
"Attack" Ryuuga said.
LDrago used a new move. Not even Ryuuga had seen it.
"What?" Ryuuga asked.
"What's that?" Hikaru asked.
LDrago had purple fire around it. LDrago attacked Aquario. Aquario flew and landed next to Hikaru, but LDrago wasn't done yet.
"Stop, LDrago!" Ryuuga said when LDrago aimed its attack on Hikaru.
It looked like LDrago was flying.
"Out of the way, Hikaru!" Gingka yelled.
"Move!" Nile yelled.
"This can't happen again!" Kyouya said.
Kyouya ran out on the field and stood infront of Hikaru. LDragos attack hit Kyouya instead of Hikaru. Kyouya flew away and landed a few meters from where he stood before.
"Kyouya!" Hikaru said.
Hikaru took Aquario and ran over to Kyouya.
"The battle is over! Ryuuga wins! BUT since he knocked out another person than his opponent, he's disqualified!" the DJ said.
"Eh? o_e" Ryuuga said.
"Call an ambulance!"Hikarusaid.
The ambulance came and took Kyouya to the hospital. Hikaru came to keep Kyouya company. Gingka would be there too, but Hikaru told him to continue the tournament. Nile had to take Kyouyas place. Then the tournament continued.
(At the hospital)
Kyouya was laying down on a bed and Hikaru was sitting next to the bed.
'Thank God the doctor said Kyouya is okay' Hikaru thought.
After a few hours, Hikaru had fallen asleep and was resting her head on Kyouyas chest. Kyouya woke up.
'Where am I?' he thought.
He looked around in the room.
'I'm at the hospital' he thought.
Kyouya saw Hikaru asleep. Hehad a little smile on his face and stroke Hikarus cheek. Hikaru woke up and opened her eyes slowly. She looked at Kyouya, without removing her head from his chest.
"What?" Hikaru asked when she saw Kyouya was staring at her.
Kyouya raised an eyebrow.
"You're really comfortable, huh?" he asked.
"What do you mean?" Hikaru asked.
Kyouya didn't answer the question. It took some seconds for Hikaru to realise why he was staring at her. She quickly sat up.
"S-sorry" Hikaru said and blushed badly.
Kyouya chuckled.
"Nah, it's okay" he said.
"I'm...I'm glad you're okay" Hikaru said.
"I sure am okay" Kyouya said and looked at the clock before he looked at Hikaru again.
"It's the middle of the night" he said.
"So?" Hikaru asked.
"You're not planning to leave?" he asked.
"No...I-I'm not bothering you am I? o_o" Hikaru asked.
"No no! Of course not. Could you...sit here for the rest of the night?"Kyouya asked.
"Sure" Hikaru answered.
A few seconds passed before someone said anything.
"Thanks for saving me" Hikaru said.
"No need to thank me" Kyouya said with a little smile.
"But why did you save me?" Hikaru asked.
Kyouya was quiet for a while.
"I couldn't let him hurt you again" he answered.
"Really?" Hikaru asked.
"Really" Kyouya answered and sat up.
He turned to Hikaru, leaned in and kissed her. Kyouya had his hand behind Hikarus head so she couldn't pull away. After 10 seconds, Kyouya pulled away and laid down again.
"Sorry...I couldn't resist" Kyouya said.
"It's okay. I didn't mind" Hikaru said.
"Huh?" Kyouya said.
"I....I like you too..." Hikaru said.
"You do?" Kyouya asked.
Hikaru nodded. Kyouya smiled before he closed his eyes. Soon, he was asleep. Hikaru crossed her arms, closed her eyes and soon, was asleep too.
(The next morning)
Hikaru woke up and saw Kyouya wasn't there.
'Where is he?' she thought and went out of the room. She went to the reception and asked a woman, who was sitting there, where Kyouya was.
"He's outside" the woman said.
"Thanks" Hikaru said and ran out.
Hikaru saw Kyouya leaning against a tree with crossed arms and his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and looked at Hikaru.
"It took you long enough to wake up" he said.
"Why didn't you wake me up then?" Hikaru asked.
"You looked so...cute when you were asleep, so I didn't want to wake you up" Kyouya answered.
"So you mean I'm not cute when I'm awake?" Hikaru asked.
"That's not what I ment. When you're asleep, you look cute, but I can't see those pretty eyes of yours" Kyouya answered.
"M-my eyes? Pretty?" Hikaru asked.
Kyouya nodded.
"That's a good explanation why I can't stop look into your eyes" Kyouya said.
Hikaru smiled. Kyouyas smile faded and he walked closer to her.
"I have something to say" he said.
"Go ahead" Hikaru said.
".......I have to leave" Kyouya said.
"What?" she asked.
"....I have to go and train. I had some problems to win over Nile and if I'm that bad I can't defeat Gingka" Kyouya answered.
"I understand....How long will you be gone?" Hikaru asked.
"Over at least 1 month..." Kyouya answered.
"Oh..." Hikaru said and looked at the ground.
Kyouya took her hands.
"Will you come with me?" he asked.
Hikaru looked up at Kyouya.
"Wh...what?" she asked.
"I want you to come with me...Will you?"Kyouya asked.
Hikaru stared at him for a while before she nodded.
"Great..." Kyouya said.
Kyouya leaned in to kiss her again, but was interupted by Gingka, who came andwas jumping up and down of joy.
"HEY! ^^," he said.
Kyouya let go of one of Hikarus hands, but kept holding her other hand. They both looked at Gingka.
"I won the tournament! ^_^" Gingka said and held up a big trophy.
"Good for you" Kyouya said.
"But didn't you win it yesterday?" Hikaru asked.
"I did, but the tournament ended so late, so I decided to wait" Gingka answered.
He saw Kyouya was holding Hikarus hand.
"Heeey! I fell asleep and missed everything!? Tell me everything! Did you kiss!? Are you two a couple now!? Tell meeeee!" Gingka whined.
Kyouya chuckled.
"Sorry Gingka, that's my and Hikarus secret" Kyouya said, looked at Hikaru and winked at her.
"Our secret..." Hikaru said and winked back at Kyouya.
"But come on! I wanna know! T_T" Gingka whined.
Kyouya and Hikaru started to laugh.
"You never grow up, Gingka" Kyouya said.
(I hope you liked it ^^,)

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