Little emo boy love (gay emo love story)

with a pic this is a story about 2 little boys who are so diffrent but have lots in common i hop u like it please rate or message me what u think :D

Created by lisathemcrlover on Wednesday, April 13, 2011



There once was two little boys with two diffrent backgrounds but end up at the same place . The first one is tyler who was put in care the same day he was born but the secound little boy wasn't so lucky his name is aiden this little boy was abused by his parents until he was five then he wasput in care the same care home as tyler
both boys are 5 andit's aiden's first day : tyler walks out of the care home and in to the garden pushing over anyone in his way not caring who he hurts that was until he seen a new little boy sitting under the old oak tree with his leg pressed to his chest and his eyes focused on his shoes . tyler walks over to he little boy and sits beside him this caused the little boy to jump a little but he didn't move tyler says hello to the little boy and tells him his name but the little boy didn't saya word or move at all but tyler didn't mind . a small smile came across little tylers face for the first time in his life . tyler told the little boy it was ok if he didn't want to talk and that tyler was going to make sure no one hurts or picked on the little boy but the little boy stile didn't say or do anything after that tyler looked after the little boy and asked the care home people what his name was and they told him it was aiden . tyler was pleased to know the little boysname . tyler stayed by aidens side and no one said or did anything to aiden because they were all scared of tyler and that's the way tyler likes it . time when on and on but aiden stile didn't say a word to tyler or anyone .
the two little boys are 15 know : the two little boys are sitting unger the old oak tree in the garden aiden is sitting with his legs pressed against his chest and his eyes focused on his shoes tyler is sitting beside aiden watching all the other children making sure non of them are going to come this way .aiden looked up at tyler for the first time since they met which caused tyler to look at aiden . aiden then said thank you then looked back at his shoes then the biggest smile came across tylers face . tyler was so happy aiden spoke even if it was only a thank you . tyler kepted thinking aidens voice was as sweet as a thousand angels singing and would love to hear it all day long but he didn't wont to push aiden to talk so he was just thankful that aiden spoke . the years went on and on aiden started talking more and more to tyler and only tyler . tyler and aiden were never adopted cause tyler wouldn't let aiden go and aiden didn't want to go but the peoplenever waunted both of them so they stayed in the care home .tyler got apart time job and safed all his money up and asked aiden if one day he would mave in with him and aiden smiled for the first time and said yes
both boys are 18 and moved out of the care home: they both moved in to an apartment together tyler worked to pay for the apartment while aiden did the cooking , cleaning and shopping so he didn't have to talk to anyone they were both ever happy living together
at the age of 25 : tyler thought it would be time to ask aiden out even through these two boys are so diffrent tyler gets called the bad boy he loves to fight and make trouble and hates everyone exeped aiden but aidens a shy boy who never says a word to anyone exeped tyler but tyler thought he would ask aiden out anyways. tyler told aiden he fell in love in love with him the first time he seen him and stile loves him . aiden told tyler he loves him too and was glad tyler didn't walk away when aiden didn't talk and was glad tyler stayed with him all this time tyler then asked aiden to be his first and last boyfriend and aiden agreed with the biggist smile on his face . no one thought these two boys would last cause they were so diffrent but how wrong they were. these two boys little took a hold of each other and were never going to let go not even after death

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