Why does he have to be hot and married? [Randy Orton Story] Chapter 4

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Im changing what Aby & Katy look like. So here’s Aby:


Here’s Katy:



Why does he have to be hot and married? [Randy Orton Story] 4

Chapter 4

*Aby's P. o. V.*

The car ride home was.......interesting I guess? When we got home we divided into groups to help each other pack. Randy and I, Cory and Cody, Katy and John, and I think Ted is wandering around the house. He might get lost... Randy and I got to my door, I opened it and he walked in first. Then guess what happened? Yeah, I tripped right onto him! (How lucky am I?) But luckily he caught me. (: [You know those romantic movies when the girl trips and falls on the boy and he catches her then they end up 'romantically' making out? I think that’s about to happen.] We were now only centimeters away. He leaned in more and kissed me. It's not like one of those hungry, and powerful kiss it was a soft and sweet kiss. I then wrapped my arms around his neck and the kiss got rougher. I licked his bottom lip asking for entry and he let me in. We started making out for a few minutes until he immediately pulled away.

*Randy's P. o. V.*

The kiss got rougher really fast. She asked for entry and i willingly let her in. A couple minutes into the kiss I realized what I was doing. I was cheating on my wife. I pulled away from the kiss. Aby looked very confused. "I- I'm s- sorry. "
"It’s ok" she said.
"Um, I'll be right back. Where's the restroom?"
"Down the hall, and to the left."
"Kay thanks." I walked out of the doors until I could find John and Katy. I’m so confused. I mean I know me and Sam aren’t doing well because I'm traveling all the time, but I just cheated on her. I don’t know if I should tell her now or wait and let me think. I have to talk to John about this, he'll know what to do. I kept walking until I found a door that said 'Katy's room! Do NOT enter.' I politely knocked and waited for an answer. After about a minute Katy answered the door.
"Hey" she said.
"Um, is John here I need to talk to him for a couple minutes."
"Yeah, sure. Let me get him." She closed the door so there was only a crack. "JOHN!!! RANDY’S HERE!!!!"
Soon enough, John opened the door. "Hey, what’s up?" he asked me.
I just gave him my I-just-cheated-on-my-wife-and-don’t-know-if-i-should-tell-her look.
"Yeah, just follow me." I led him to the bathroom so we could talk in private. I soon found the door Aby was talking about. I opened it, walked in, and then John walked in after me.
"Gosh! I’m such a fucking screw up!!"
"No, you’re not. You’re just confused about your feelings towards Sam"
"How am I supposed to tell her I just CHEATED on her?!?!"
"You either don’t, or go to her and tell her"
"Yeah, I'll show up and say 'I’m sorry but I’m attracted to a younger and sexier woman. Oh, and I cheated on you!' NO way in hell am I doing that. Not until I get time to think it over."
"Wait? You said Aby's sexier than Sam?"
"I guess, yeah…."

“So what you’re telling me is that you have feelings for a girl you just met and you also have feelings for your wife?”

“But my feelings for Sam are just fading. We’ve been separated since we’ve gotten married! I hate but I love it because I met Aby.”

“Wow, you’re falling in love all over again.”

“I never said love.”

“Dude, I can see it in your eyes.”

“Whatever.” And with that I walked back to Aby’s room to help her pack her bag. Once I got to her door I questioned myself. What’s going to happen between us? Am I going to keep cheating on Sam or am I going to tell her the truth? Girls are so difficult. I finally got the guts to walk into her room. When I opened the door she was standing in the same place still looking as confused as before. “Um, hey.” I said softly.

“Hey.” She said back.

“You still need help packing?” I asked her.

*Aby’s P.o.V*

“You still need help packing?” he asked me.

“Uh, yeah, Thanks,” I said politely. I led him towards my closet door and opened it.


He looked like he was in shock. “Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Um… Yeah. I’m just- Wow you have a BIG closet.”

“Yeah, so let’s start packing!” It took us about 45 minutes to pack my bags but we finished. It is now 4:00 and me and Randy are laying on my bed watching ‘The Hangover’. “Hahaha, I love Allan. He’s my favorite.”

“You are weird”

“No, I just like guys who are funny”

“And I’m not funny?” He asked.

“Well, you’ve never really said or done anything funny so, nope.”

“Well, I see how it is”, then he left. What is it with him and just randomly leaving? Throughout the rest of the movie I couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. We’re going to have to talk about it sooner or later because we can’t just keep pretending like it never happened. I escaped from my thoughts and looked back at the tv screen to see the ending credits. Was I really thinking that long about the kiss? I wonder if he liked it. My thoughts were soon disturbed by a knock at the door. It was Cory.

“Hey, dinner’s ready. Are you coming?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay.” And then she went downstairs to the kitchen.

I soon got up and walked over to the door of my closet and pulled on my slippers.


I walked out of my door, down the hall, down the stairs, and to the kitchen. When I entered I saw Cody, John, Randy, Cory, Katy, and Ted all eating my dad’s meatloaf. I guess the chef made it because Cory and Katy would never touch raw meat. There was an empty seat between Ted and Randy so I sat down and said “Hey Teddy Bear, Hey Randy” And then the whole table started laughing except for Ted. I soon joined in just for fun! :D

T=Ted, CR= Cody, CB = Cory, KB= Katy, R= Randy, J= John, A=Aby

T: “Why are you guys always laughing at me?”

A: “Because you’re funny”

R: “Oh, so I’m still not funny?”

A: “No, because you left and didn’t say anything else.”

R: “I thought it was funny” he mumbled.
J: “Who’s meatloaf recipe is this?”

A: “My dad’s”

J: “Can I please meet him? This stuff is good.”

I started getting teary eyed and left to the balcony above the pool where I always think and express my feelings. I grabbed my guitar that I keep inside the door and sat down on the cushy chair. Once I sat down I started playing quietly, then once I got comfortable I started playing loudly.


“I miss you, I miss your smile, and I still shed a tear every once in a while, and even though it’s different now, you’re still here somehow, my heart won’t let you go, but I need you to know, I miss you, Sha-la-la, I miss you”

I suddenly heard clapping. I looked behind me and there stood Randy. “You know, you really have a great voice.”

“Thanks” I said.

“Why’d you leave?” He asked getting right to the point.

“My parents died in a car accident along with Cory and Katy’s parents a few years ago. I was a daddy’s girl so I’m not really comfortable with people talking about him. I still miss him so much. I keep thinking that he’s going to come back but he isn’t.” I now was crying and I just know my face is all red and puffy. :P

“Oh, I had no idea. I’m so sorry.” He said.

“Don’t be, you didn’t know.” He walked over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me. He then put his arm around me and comforted me. “Thank you” I said.

“For what?”

“For being here for me”

“It’s fine. Just don’t tell Cody or Ted. John’s the only one that knows I can be a softie”


“You laughed. I’m funny!”

“Yeah, you’re funny” He was so warm and it was freezing tonight. So, I snuggled up more against him. Every time he touches me I can feel the sparks. I wonder if he feels them too. I can hear his heart beating. “I can hear your heartbeat” I said.

“What’s it doing?”

“Beating really fast. Are you nervous about something?”

“Well, we are sitting here, snuggling, all alone…” the last part was a whisper. It sent chills down my spine. He then looked down at me with lust in his eyes. We started leaning closer and closer. Then our lips finally touched. Our kiss was slow and soft. Our lips moved in sync with each other’s. It felt like we were meant to be together. :D Our kiss began to get rougher, and I loved it. I then moved so I was sitting on his lap with my arms around his neck and his arms were around my waist. His hands trsveled up my shirt and to my bra strap. I suddenly felt uncomfortable and pulled away from the kiss. I walked over to the balcony.

“What am I doing? Im not ready. I just met you yesterday.” He walked over to me so close that I could feel his breath on my neck.

“I feel like I’ve known you for years”. I then turned around and looked up at him. I then wrapped my arms around his shoulders and hugged him. I feel safe in his arms. I looked up at him again and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

“Thank you for understanding”

“No problem. Just one more thing?”

“And what wou-“ I was cut off by his lips crashing onto mine. It was a slow kiss. After about a minute we both pulled away and rested our foreheads against eachother’s. We are now staring into eachother’s eyes. Gosh, I love this moment. He has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen!

“Will you sing me a song?”


“I would like it if you sang for me.”

“Yeah, sure.” My heart is beating so fast right now. I mean the first time I didn’t even know he was behind me when I sang, now I have to do it in front of him. Oh gosh. I led him towards the bench across from my chair. I grabbed my guitar and started playing:

“ My ship went down

In a sea of sound

When I woke up alone I had everything

A handful of moments I wish I could change

And a tonge like a nightmare that cut like a blade.

In a city of fools

I was careful and cool

But they tore me apart like a hurricane

A handful of moments I wish I could change

But I was carried away.

Give me therapy

I’m a walking travesty

But I’m smiling at everything


You were never a friend to me

You can keep all your misery.

My lungs gave out

As I face the crowd

I think that keeping this up could be dangerous.

I’m flesh and bone

I’m a rolling stone

And the experts say I’m delirious.

Give me therapy

I’m a walking travesty

But Im smiling at everything


You were never a friend to me

You can take back your misery.

Arrogant boy

Love yourself so no one has to

They’re better off without you.

Arrogant boy

Cause a scene like you were supposed to

They’ll fall asleep without you

You’re lucky if your memory remains.

Give me therapy

I’m a walking travesty

But im smiling at everything


You were never a friend to me

You can take back your misery


I’m a walking travesty

But I’m smiling at everything


You were never a friend to me

Well you can choke on your misery”

(Song: Therapy By: All Time Low)

“Wow, I think you should be a singer.”

“Yeah, I like it. But it’s not my passion.

“Cool. Im not much of a singer either.”

“Hahah” I looked at my phone and it was 10:00pm. “We have to start getting ready, It’s 10”

“Alright, let’s go!”

I put my guitar back in its case and picked it up deciding that I’m going to take it with me. I led Randy to my room. We walked in the door and I told Randy to just wait for me. I grabbed the outfit I decided I was going to wear on the plane. May as well be comfy! I got into the shower. I took about a 8 minute one. I got out and dried off. I blow dried my hair, then straightened it. I got dressed in this:


“Kay, I’m done! I just gotta put my bags in the car.” I said.

“Alright, let’s go see if everyone else is ready to go.”

I grabbed my 2 bags and my guitar. I led him to the front door so I could set my bags there. Cory and Katy’s bags were there too. We decided to check their rooms to see if they were ready to leave. We stopped in front of Katy’s door. I knocked. “Come in” Katy said.

“Hey, are you guys ready?” I asked.

“Yeah, we were just watching a movie.” John said.

“Okay, well go wait for us by the door. And we’ll go get Cody, Cory, and Teddy Bear.” I said.

“M’kay” Katy said.

Randy and I left Katy’s room and headed for Cory’s room. Once we got there I didn’t bother to knock so I just barged in yelling “CORY ARE YOU GUYS READY?” I saw Cory and Cody were laying on Cory’s bed snuggling.

“Yes, mother” Cory said being sarcastic.

“Kay, well get your butts down to the door and wait for us!” I said.

“Fine. C’mon Cody.”

Randy and I then left so we could find Ted. We then heard a noise coming from the game room. “I think he’s in the game room” I told Randy. I led him to the bathroom and then I went to the game room and opened the door. My eyes landed on someone I never wanted to see again.

“Jared…” I whispered.

“Oh, Hey Aby. What’s up?”

“Leave, now.”

“But im playing pool with my new buddy Ted here.”

“Get out.”

“No, I want to talk things out with you.” he said.

“You cheated on me. You can’t just come back here saying ‘I want to talk things out’ “

“Yes I can, and I just did.”

“Leave Jared”

“Not until you give me at least 10 minutes.”






Randy now walked in.


“No, Jared.”


“Fine, but only 10 minutes. Randy, could you and Ted wait in the hallway?”

“Sure” Said Randy.

*Randy’s P. o. V.*

Ted and I walked into the hallway.

“Who’s the guy?” I asked Ted.

“Aby’s ex. Apparently he cheated on her.”

“Who would cheat on Aby?”


“If he hurts her, I will kick his ass”

“So will I.” Ted started getting bored so he went to the door to wait wwith Cory, Cody, John, and Katy. Finally the door opened.

*Aby’s P. o. V.*

“What could you possibly say to me Jared?”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ve already said that.”

“I know, but I mean it. I truly do.”

“Why do you even care?”

“Because I love you.”


“I want to give us a second chance”

“I do too, but I can’t trust you.”

“Can we at least be friends?”

“Yeah. But I won’t get to see you a lot. I’ll be on the road.”


“My job.”

“You mean you got the job?”

“Yeah I’m now an official Wwe Diva!”

“Cool! No wonder Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase are in your house. Are there any other wrestlers in your house I should know about?”

“Cody Rhodes and John Cena.”

“Cody Rhodes is in your house?”

“Yeah. Oh yeah I forgot he’s your ‘Idol’”

“Lead the way woman.”

“Will do.” We walked over to the door and opened it. Randy was the only one still there. Ted probably went to wait with the others. “Randy, we’re gonna let Jared meet Cody then we can leave”.


We walked all the way to the door and there stood John, Katy, Ted, Cory, and Cody. “Hey Cody, this is your biggest fan. He thinks he’s dashing just like you.” Jared walked over to Cody and they did the man hug/handshake thingy. “Okay,can we please leave now. It’s 10:40 and we have to get to Randy’s hotel, then to the airport. So bye Jared. I’ll text you.”

“Bye Aby.” Then he left.

“Okay, Randy I guess we will follow you to your guy’s hotel. Then you will follow me to the airport”

“Let’s head out.”

The boys grabbed out suitcases and I grabbed my guitar. I led then to the garage and opened the garage door. They started heading toward the camaro “Uhm, we’re taking my truck. Everything will not fit in my camaro” I walked over to grab my keys and pressed the unlock button for my beautiful truck. We then put the bags in the back, got in our trucks, and were off to the hotel.


FerranJLD.jpg( He’s a model) (;

My Truck:


Katy's Outfit:


Cory's Outfit:


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