₪ Never Release Me ₪ Xanxus 【2/2】

Many many thanks to my dear Suzuranko for editing this~!! She is my official editor now~!! ^3^ Last part.

Created by nana-g on Sunday, April 17, 2011

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“You could… at least, apologise.”

“Why the fuck should I apologise!?”

Already a week has passed, and yet those are the only words that he says to her. It’s unfortunate that she can only gather her will to leave after a week, a whole week of inner turmoil, between her heart and her mind.

“…You know what, just… forget it. I’m leaving.” If the previous remarks you had made hadn’t found their way through the thick skull of the man, this would definitely do…

…Or so you thought.

At that moment you realise something significant: you’ve already exhausted all your patience with this man. Should you continue living, you need to escape, and never come back – never look behind.

However, you realise something else. The weight of this realisation is so fresh and so fierce that it leaves you breathless, a tiny gasp escaping from your bruised lips.

The fact that you have consumed all the resistance against this half-naked man standing right in front of you, stubbornness shining in his crimson orbs, is what brings tears to your eyes.

When he grabs your wrist and roughly throws you on the bed, not a single sound escapes you. When his lips dance magically upon your delicate neck, surrendering to his strong will seems like the most logical thing in this world. Even though his calloused fingers are so rough that you are sure bruises are to appear next morning, you let him embrace you — break you.

You softly utter his name; he thinks it is the most magical sound he has ever heard.

His name sounds perfect on your lips.

Realisation dawns upon him that he can never let you go. You are his and he will rip the balls off any man that dares to breathe the same air as yours. He will cut those fingers that trace your soft skin.

Just that moment, he decides he will never –ever- let you know what he is thinking; otherwise, you may get scared of him and try to run.

Although deep down he slightly regrets it, he cannot promise he will never hit you again, or never yell at you; he knows himself all too well.

But he will cage you in his madness, both drowning you in misery and giving you tiny bits of affection and happiness. He will force you to love him.

But he will never let you go.

And you will know this is all he can do. You will learn to live with it.

You have to.

You will be the happiest woman on earth at the rare times when he does not hurt you with his touch.

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