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Whew, this was a lot of writing.

Created by elvenlightmoonc on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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I'd gone and joined a Sephiroth fan club.

The fact remained rooted in my mind as I fought off a troop of Wutai warriors, who were beginning to get quite irritating. They kept running around nonstop, and it was a pain to keep turning to not let them in my blind spot.

I had found that the SOLDIER training room was free when I got back, so I immediately claimed it for myself to train. I was hoping to try the one exercise that Sephiroth told me to avoid being hit during again, but I had no access to the special program that Sephiroth had. I'd have to wait until he was back.

Speaking of which, what would he do if he ever found out that I joined a fan club of his? Would he think I liked him? The thought made me panic, and I stumbled over my feet as I dodged a Wutai spear.

I leapt back, striking down the one that had jabbed the spear at me with one swing of Exodus. He fell silently to the floor and disappeared. The remaining Wutai warriors (there were four left) spread out around me, weapons ready.

My eyes watched for any movement, looking from each of my enemies. All the training I had wouldn't be for nothing.

One of them started running at me.

Prepared, I turned and raised my sword.

But before I could do anything, everything suddenly went dark, the Wutai warriors vanishing before my eyes with a blink of light. The system reverberated as it powered down.

Confused, I turned to look through the clear wall that separated the control room from the training room. Walking into the area were men wearing white lab coats- Shinra scientists. One of them was at the computer and had shut down the system.

What in the world was going on?

"Exit the training room, SOLDIER 2nd Class," one of the scientists commanded, voice loud and authoritative. He was standing right at the glass wall, looking straight at me.

"Why? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Professor Hojo is here to conduct experiments. Please leave the training room."

"Wait, what experiments?"

"That is not something that concerns you. You are to leave immediately."

I frowned, quite annoyed now. A bunch of scientists pranced in here and interrupted my training, and they wouldn't even tell me why?

"Now, now," a nasal voice interrupted. A familiar looking man walked into view, shaking his head. He had long black hair tied back, and a pair of round glasses.

"Professor Hojo," the scientist hailed respectfully.

"I see that she would rather stay here to observe the experiments," the middle aged scientist remarked, referring to me. "There's no need to make her leave." The way he spoke was so... weird.

"But, aren't these experiments classified, Professor?"

"I believe she wants to volunteer to test the experiments, isn't that right?" Hojo insisted, looking at me.

What? When did I ever volunteer?

I was so very freaked out at the moment that I didn't know what to say.

"You could use some combat training, yes?" The creepy scientist began to chuckle, a shrill sound.

"That won't be necessary."

At the sound of the voice, relief flooded into me. He was back!

"Ohoho, Sephiroth," Hojo greeted, turning to see the tall, silver haired man walking towards him. "I must thank you for the excellent data you collected in Wutai. Utmost perfection." Excessively theatrical.

"That's enough, Hojo," Sephiroth growled, venom in his voice. He then turned to look at me through the clear wall. The irritated look in his eyes faded as they fell on me. He looked tired.

"Let's go, Hali."

Sephiroth turned to leave the room again.

Without a word, I moved to obey. The scientists watched as I passed by to follow Sephiroth.

Outside, Sephiroth was already walking down the hall toward the elevators. I hurried to catch up to him.

"Sephiroth," I called after him. "You're back!"

Stopping in his path, Sephiroth stiffened suddenly. He turned around to face me. There was a slight crease in his eyebrows, and his expression was like stone. But then, he seemed to relax again, though I could sense some sort of tension. Had I done something wrong? Did he know that I joined one of his fan clubs? No, that couldn't be it...

"Yes, I am back," Sephiroth replied. "I see you've been training."

"I was," I smiled. "Until those scientists walked in and tried to kick me out. That scientist, Hojo, was creepy. I don't know what I was going to do, if you hadn't come." I couldn't ever be more happy to see Sephiroth.

"Is that so?"

I nodded, puzzled.

"Hmph. Hojo is nothing more than a walking mass of complexes. He should rot." Sephiroth stared off to the side, a look of anger etched on his face.

It was clear to see that Sephiroth didn't have an inkling of respect for Hojo. I was rather apalled though. I've heard of situations where people couldn't get along, but Sephiroth's apparent hatred toward Hojo was beyond that. I never thought that he was capable of such strong dislike.

Sephiroth glanced up at me. The exasperation in his features diminished slightly as he looked to me, concerned.

"My apologies," he said, sincerely, seeing my alarmed expression.

I shook my head shyly. "No, it's alright."

For a moment, neither of us spoke. There was something within the silence...

Then, Sephiroth cleared his throat.

"Are you coming?" he asked, starting to walk toward the elevators again.

After that moment of silence, something had changed in the air between us.

"Where are going?"

"To Lazard's office. You have a new assignment. Your first solo assignment, I believe."

"... That's great!" I smiled, feeling a strange cheerfulness.

I wasn't sure what kind of change it was, or whether it was good or bad. But of one thing I was sure- the way I looked at Sephiroth would never be the same as before.

~ ~ ~

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