~~ Wolf Wild ~~ (1) |Werewolf/Human Love Story!|

Created by CupcakeAngelXD on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I ran.
My bare feet pounded against the rocky, weedy ground. I could feel splinters and prickers bury themselves into my skin with each step, but I did not slow down. The horses' hooves behind me sounded like gunshots in my ears. Of course, they weren't nearly that loud, but they still seemed to clash and bang directlyinto my ear.
"Don't try to hide, human. We know you're out here," one of the men hissed. He spat the word "human" in such a gruesome way that made my blood run cold and chills crawl up and down my spine.
The vampires sent to capture every female human were good at what they did. They had to have an extremely good sense of smell, keen vision, and ears that could a penny fall out of someone's pocket from a mile or two away. They were bigger and stronger than me. They had countless advantages over me, but I had two. I repeated them over and over as a sort of encouragement.
1: Darkness.
I had grown accustomed to the nighttime, even perferred it. Why? Vampires, werewolves, and other immortals never expect humans to be running around in the night. Us humans, we know that immortals are all the more powerful at night so why would we bother? I ran and scavaged at night. My days were spent at a campsite deep, deep in the forest. It wasnt a big campsite- consisting only of neccessites. A fire for food, a small, durabletent for shelter (and no, it is not made out of sticks, mud, and wood or anything. I'm not THAT much of a nature girl. I just live out here because I have to), and a sleeping bag. Camoflage, of course.
I was leading them as far away into the darkness as I could.
2: The forest.
Unlike any of these men, I knew the area. The further north into the woods you went, the thicker the vegetation got. I knew that if I took them deep enough, they would give up and go.... hopefully.
Suddenly, I found myself completely out of breathe. For me, this was rare. I was slim and limber with strong legs from all the running done in my life. I stopped and leaned against a tree. Dizziness and aching legs, ankles, and feet overwhelmed me. I closed my eyes and sank down onto the soil. I closed my eyes and listened as the clomp, clomp, clomp-ing of hooves in the distance as they got closer and closer. I finally, despite my body's protests, stood up.
I ran.
But this time, the horses ran faster.
I dreamed of my childhood. Back when human and immortals were together, not against each other. Something happened during King Blackwell's rule, and everything went downhill from there. King Blackwell was extremely wealthy, like most kings, and he was a very handsome vampire. His only flaw? He only had human servants. At a meeting, when someone asked him why he answered, "My own kind shall not serve me! We deserve better."
"So, Your Highness, are you inferring that immortals are the better species?"
He looked in the distance, and simply answered, "Yes."
This one meeting changed everything. Many rebellions broke out and later, the Human/Immortal War. The humans knew that they were the weaker species, so they wanted strength in a different area: numbers. All males within the age of 16 and over were forced to serve in the war. I lost my two brothers -and only siblings- in that war. After our species lost, everything just went downhill. Any average human girl was swiped off the street and sold at auctions. My best friend and mom were both taken right before my eyes. I was too young to be worth anything, so they left me at the age of 6 to fend for myself. Ever since then, I've been living inthe woods.
For the most part, I hardly have company. But on occasion, a girl, either running from the men trying to take her to the auction or escaping from the auction cages. The girls that had escaped were only in undergarments. The men stripped them of their clothes while they were unconscious. I clothed them, fed them, gave them shelter for a day or few. Then, they set off on their own. I've met a lot of nice, sweet girls. Most of them were separated from parents or siblings and were on their way to go find them. I never told them that they're family were probably at an auction, too.
I awoke on the back ofa horse. My hands and feet were bound and a gag was shoved in my mouth. I wiggled. I had been running away for11 years. I did not want to be caught now. At first, the big man sitting in front of me riding the horse didn't say anything. I squirmed a little more. Automatically, he reached back and punched my gut. Hard. I coughed and sputtered and didn't wiggle again. There were five horses, each with a girl hanging over the horses back like some wild animal. As I looked at the girls I noticed they all had the same wide, wild eyes and a look of terror. I wondered how I looked to them...

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