I Switched Bodies With A Teenage Boy #12

12th part. Any banners or messages?? Enjoy XD

Created by xBrownEyedAngelx on Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Danii's P.O.V//

"Lizzie, me and Danii have swapped bodies." Alex announced. Lizzie looked at both of us in shock.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Lizzie laughed. "You guys are good. Nearly got me!"

"No! Lizzie we have switched bodies!" I said a bit stubborn. Then she stared at me with a confused expression.

"What? How did this happen?" She asked us lot's of questions.

"We don't know." Alex announced.

"All we know is that we have to act like each other so no one will think we're mad." Alex gave a nod of agreement.

"But what do you want me to do?" Lizzie asked.

"Just pretend Alex is me." I said. Alex interrupted me.

"I kinda already am you." He replied as he pointed to him in my body. I rolled my eyes.

"Alex, just don't get me into anymore detentions-" I got interrupted by Alex sprinting off. Me and Lizzie looked at each other. "Detention." We both said at the same time.

We couldn't help but laugh. Lizzie was about to hug me when Ben came over two us suspiciously.

"What you guys doing?" He asked; I brushed away from Lizzie and Lizzie did the same.

"Well..." Then I had an idea. I grabbed Lizzie and I out my arm around her.

"Me and Lucy-" Lucy interrupted me.

"Lizzie."She said. "Me and Lizzie are gonna go to the janitors closet, isn't that right?" I said nudging Lizzie.

"Oh yeah." She awkwardly said. "Act sexy around me."

I whispered to her. Lizzie gave a nod and started to be all clingy around me. To be honest, it was kinda funny cause before she did anything around me, she hesitated.

"Right cool, well see you after." Ben winked at me; as soon as he went off me and Lizzie let go off each other as soon as possible.

"God, that was a close one. Let's miss our next lesson and talk." Lizzie offered. So we walked down the hallway and entered into the toilets.

"Ugh, Alex what you doing in the girls toilets, you perv." A blonde girl asked me. Shit...

"Ugh well, um, I'll just go! Bye!" I walked out of the girls toilet with Lizzie laughing at me.

"Ha ha, that's embarrassing." She gasped for breath.

"What's even worse is I'm a girl." I quietly said. Lizzie gave me a pat on the back. "Come on, lets just go for a walk outside of the school." Lizzie offered.

"I'm not sure anymore." I confessed. Lizzie looked at me in confusion.

"I have to stick with Alex's friends, or they will think something fishy is going on." I said.

"Ok, well, you know my phone number. Call me tonight." She said as she walked off, waving.

I took out Alex's phone and saw 30 unread messages. Being me, and being nosey, I opened them up, and about 29 of the messages of girls having sex texts.

"Ew... gross." So being the trouble maker {A.K.A: Alex} I just left school, got into his car and drove off anywhere.

Alex's P.O.V//

After realizing that I had detention, I sprinted off to detention. I entered the room, the teacher that was here today was the physical ed teacher. I hated him, I gave him my slip, and he just sat there.

"God, this is so fucking boring." I mummered. I turned around and saw five other people in the room, They were either the punks that I hated, or people that were just plain stupid.

I looked at the teacher, he was sleeping. What an idiot. For the rest of lunch I sat there, about to die of boredom.

When the bell went, I sprinted off to the toilets. I nearly entered the boys toilets, that would of been embarrassing.

So I slowly entered the toilet, went up to the sinks, and splashed water to my face. Luckily my face isn't fucked up, like girl's faces when I break up with them.

I just stared at the reflection of Danii, for about 10 minutes. Then I snapped out of the day dream I was having, then just walked out of the school, like nothing could stop me.

I was about to exit, but then Principal Turner stopped me. "Where do you think your going." He asked sternly at me.

"I don't feel well, the nurse said I could go home." I lied.

"Right, I want you to still come after school. For your detention." He warned me. I gave a nod.

I went to the parking lot, went to Danii's car. I looked around but I couldn't find my car.

"Danii better take care of it." I said out loud.


A/N: Hey it's Danii. That was the 12th chapter, hoped you enjoy it. Messages would be nice, if you liked it or not. Rate? It only takes like 2 seconds. Urm... Yeah I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who in the past has messaged me, made me a banner, rated it and of course read this. Thanks so much for your support. ~ Danii <3

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