Spock's Epilogue to Star Trek -- 8. ". . ." Part II

Okay, so this mini-chapter in in Angeni's point of veiw. This is probably the only time I'll do one in her p.o.v., so enjoy it!! *Also, um, in the previous chapter, Spock says "bath-pa". This is a Vulcan curse word. :) Enjoy!!!

Created by SpockLives on Thursday, April 21, 2011


Please read the memo!!!

Angeni tore out of that restaurant like a bat out of the very deepest bowels of hell. Hurriedly, she ripped off her stupid high-heeled shoes and ran like the wind. It must have started to rain while she was eating, because she was thoroughly soaked now. Her make-up was smudged—but whether it was from the rain or tears, she couldn’t tell.

She finally slowed to a walk about five or six blocks from the restaurant. Angeni was panting, and sat down on a bench to regain her breath.

Angeni remembered the first time she saw him. Spock was in the campus library, checking out books on English Literature. She had a small twinge of attraction towards him, but was dating Brian at the time so she disregarded it.

However, within a few days, he had saved Angeni from whatever her boyfriend intended to do to her. And then she knew. It only took one look into his chocolate brown eyes.

Her breath had caught, and she froze, her whole body feeling like jelly.

Angeni sniffed, and knew it was only a matter of seconds until she started to cry again.

She also remembered one time she had nearly walked in on him and Uhura. Angeni was planning on finishing a formula prototype, when she saw them “studying” together. It was very hands-on, and she figured that the textbook in front of them was completely forgotten. They had stared into each others’ eyes, and pulled in for a kiss. She had backed against the wall, not wanting to interrupt. She knew full well what Uhura had been up to with Brian, but couldn’t bring herself to tell Spock.

The sobs escaped her mouth, suddenly bringing herself back to the present. Standing up, she cursed herself for being so stupid. Why hadn’t she seen this coming? A girl like Nyota Uhura wouldn’t let Spock go that easily. She started to walk, and made it about twenty feet until she realized that she had left her shoes on the bench.

Reluctantly, she turned around to get them when she heard her name.

He stood by the bench, soaked.

Angeni backed away. “No . . .” she murmured to herself.

“Please,” Spock said monotonously.

Angeni shook her head and turned to run. Spock caught her arm in a flash, holding her back.

“Let me go!” she shouted, trying to break free of his grip. It still sent pleasant tremors up her arm, but this time she ignored it.

“Angeni,” Spock said clearly. “It is illogical for you to act in this manner.”

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