.:Enchanted- A Gabriel/ Supernatural oneshot for acciowhitney:.

(If I used that title before, my bad) This is for Whitney, I hope this satisfies your craving for awsome angels. Lol. BTW awsome username, harry potter rules! K I'm gonna stop babbling now... Enjoy! :p

Created by xxxdontcallmedaughterxxx on Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Gabriel.jpgTrickster/ Gabriel <3
(Song- Enchanted by Taylor Swift)
Bobby Singer has been my gaurdian since I can remember, that goes without saying that Dean and Sam are like my brothers. Don't get the wrong idea here I'm no hunter but I like to help out with cases as much as I can, it's in my DNA.
"Got anything Whit?" Dean asked for the billionth time.
"Nope and you're really getting on my nerves so please, shut up." I said flipping through one of Bobby's books.
"How 'bout you Sammy?"
"Whitney's right you are annoying." Sam rolled his eyes. "I got nothin' so far."
This case was really bugging the crap out of us. I mean frigginurban legendswere coming to life right before our eyes. I looked at the clock, it read 12:01 am. "Alright guys I'm calling it a night." I tossed the book on the table and went to kiss Bobby on the head.
"Night kid." He muttered. I then wrapped my arms around Dean and leaned in to peck his cheek, son of a bitch turned his head and our lips crashed into eachother.
"Ugh Dean you dog." I whiped my mouth and went to hug Sammy. "Night Sammy boy." I swear I could hug Sam forever, he's just so comfortable and sweet. I kissed his cheek and let go.
"Night Whitney." As soon as I closed the door to my bedroom I heard Sam slapped Dean upside the head and say, "You're an ass." I smiled and changed into my pj's.
To tell you the truth I knew who was behind all these urban legendscoming to life. And it was the same person who visits me every night. "Hey there sugar." Arms snaked around my waist.
"Don't you sugar me. I know it was you." I whispered and turned to face him.
"Oh really, what eaxactly is it that you know I did?" He smirked.
"Dont act cute Gabriel, I know you're the one bringing all those urban legends to life. Are you bored or something?" As soon as I said that he snapped his fingers and took us to our hideout, a cabin hidden deep within the woods. We were on the roof beneath the stars.
"Not really."
"Then what? What is it that's making you kill people?"
"It's fun... not the killing I mean watching Sam and Dean go nuts trying to crack this baby wide open." He snickered.
"Well you have to stop." I said. "Please, stop." I wrapped my arms around his neck. "For me."
"Remind me why we're together?" For once in his angel life his beautiful green eyes looked serious.
"Because no matter how hard we try we can't love anyone else." We leaned in and our lips met. "I love you Gabriel."
"And I really love you Whitney." He said kissing me fiercely (sp?). One snap of his fingers and we were inside on top of the queen sized bed.
With each touch my senses sharpened. Making love to Gabriel always broughtlife into me. I'd feel completely dead one minute and utterly alive the next. It was a good thing our hide out was far from town. That way no one could here my screams. "Uuunnnngghh Gabriel!"
When we were done he kissed the top of my head and snapped us back to my room at Bobby's.
"So are you gonna stop this craziness?" I asked in a hushed voice.
"For you." He nodded. I smiled and pulled him in for another kiss.
He may not seem like it but Gabriel really is an angel.

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