Any Kind of Guy (A BTR Love Story)

This is just a short story that will keep me busy while I WRITE AND CORRECT the ship of dreams story. A little fun fact about myself is that I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH (BTR) especially the incredibly gorgeous and talented James Maslow. This is a little fan fiction for James and the rest of BTR, (Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena) It is based on their TV Big Time Rush and will be using their character's names (James Diamond, Kendall Knight, Logan Mitchell, and Carlos Garcia).

Created by musicequalslove716 on Sunday, April 24, 2011

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**** Addriannah ****
I had just moved to LA to become a singer. I'm originally fromMinnesota and my mom and dad thought I would be able to make it big time. As I walked into the famous Palm Woods three things caught my eye: 1, all the guys were super cute, two girls were talking to the four hottest guys there, and three, there were three girls that walked in slow motion that honestly, creeped me out.
"Come on Addriannah. Let's check in then we'll get you to Roque Records so that you can see Uncle Arthur." my mom said. My uncle, Arthur Griffin, was the President and CEO of RCMCBT Global Net Sanyoid and was the owner of Roque Records, which mega producer, Gustavo Roque, ran. I grabbed my things before I bumped into one of the hotter guys, actually no the hottest.
"I am so sorry." I babbled to him grabbing my things again.
"No it's cool. I'm James Diamond. I take it you're new because I haven't seen your cute face here before." he said as he helped me with my things.
"Yeah. I'm Addriannah Griffin. It's nice to meet you James. I would love to talk but I have to meet my uncle somewhere in a minute. Maybe we can hang out sometime?"
"That would be awesome if we could Addriannah. I'll talk to you later." He said as he walked back to his little group of people.
My parents helped me get settled in before they had to catch a flight to Minnesotato take care of my little sisters Haileigh, Destinie, and Taelor. After I was settled in, I took a cab to Roque Records as I thought about James. He had an adorable smile and was very strong and muscular. Before I even knew it I was there at Roque Records and Uncle Arthur's henchmen were opening the door for me.
"Welcome to LA Addriannah. You're uncle will meet you inside in a minute." the tall black guy said to me.
"Cool thanks." I said as I walked inside. I liked how Roque Records looked on the inside. I will admit they needed to get rid of the posters from the 80s and 90s. As I looked around, I noticed a poster. Big Time Rush? Oh my god, that's James! I thought to myself as I saw his face on the Big Time Rush poster. Wait a minute? I looked closer at the poster, I recognized all the guys! Carlos was the craziest out of all of them. Logan always tutored me in math and science. Kendall was the most level headed, and James. Oh boy, James was the one that I had had a crush on since pee wee hockey. Grant it, I don't think any of them had recognized me because I was a LOT thinner since then and that my hair was a lot lighter, but I did recognize them for sure.
"You must be Addriannah Griffin. I'm Kelly Wainwright. Welcome to Roque Records. I hear you will be working with us for quite some time?" A nice sweet lady came up to me carrying a Blackberry and a notepad. I take it this is Gustavo's assistant. "I'm going to be assisting Gustavo while we record your demos." Yup I knew it.
"It's nice to meet you Kelly. Yeah I'm Addriannah Griffin."
"We've heard so much about you from your uncle. Come on, I'll show you around while we wait for your uncle." She said. I followed her around Roque Records as she showed me where I was going to be recording and where I would learn some dancing, and also where I could go if I needed peace and quiet. With what I just remembered, I was going to need a LOT of quiet.
"Well what do you think? Is Roque Records fit your liking?" She asked when we landed where we started.
"I love it. It's everything I was hoping for and more."
"Now that's my wonderful goddaughter and favorite niece." I heard Uncle Griffin's voice as I turned around to see him standing there.
"Hi Uncle Arthur." I said as I gave him a hug.
"Kelly have you seen my favorite pen?" A big man, who I'm guessing was Gustavo came out of an office room. "Plus get the dogs here so that they can record a new song for their next album."
"Gustavo Roque this is Addriannah Griffin, as in Griffin's favorited niece."
"Oh well hello there Addriannah. I'm THE Gustavo Roque. Welcome to my studio. Kelly, get Big Time Rush down here now. They need to meet their recording partner." RECORDING PARTNER?! What did he mean by recording partner. I didn't know how the guys would react to seeing me again. Because after peewee hockey, my parents enrolled me in private school because everyone would make fun of me for being overweight. I couldn't take it so I never really saw Kendall, James, or Carlos. I stayed in touch with Logan so he could tutor me, and I barely saw the rest of them only when it was summer and Logan was doing summer tutoring. But when I graduated from Middle School, I never saw them ever again. I couldn't imagine them even recognizing me again. Before I knew it, everything, was black.

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