One hour in heaven- Skater boy (dirty)

Jessica (me), your best friend invites you to a party. The party decides to play one hour in heaven. And guess what!!!!! Your first :P WARNING : this is very dirty... well kind of .. and if you dont like that kind of stuff then dont read it.

Created by nightofthehunter on Monday, April 25, 2011


You reach into the hat scared half to death. You were still a virgin and scared tonight you may lose it. You really didn’t want to play this game, in fact you hated this game with a passion.” This is so stupid" you mumbled to yourself, wishing you weren’t here. "HURRY UP___! We cant wait here all day!" I screamed. "Okay, okay geeeezz." You mumbled again. You finally grabbed onto something and took it out of the hat. It was a wheel. One of those wheels you would find on a skateboard. "Who the hell put a wheel in the hat" you screamed. "That would be me." Said a cute boy, who stood up from the other side of the room. Your jaw dropped. It was Jayden. He was the hottest guy you have ever seen. He had brown shaggy hair and deep green eyes. He was wearing a black t-shirt with jeans and had a black skater hat on his head. He was always hanging out with his friends at the skate park just outside of school. You always admired him from a far but were never brave enough to actually talk to him. “Okay lets get on with it!!!!” I said shoving you two into the closet. As I slammed the door, the both of you fell to the ground with Jayden on top of you. “You got one hour” I said. Jayden got up on his hands and knees. As you looked up, you saw Jayden was still on top of you. You began to blush like mad. Embarrassed, you sat up and backed up against the wall. It was dark. You could barely see anything. “Are you okay?” a voice whisper from beside you. You jumped a bit as you didn’t realize Jayden was so close to your side. “ um.. ya.. I-I guess….. I mean um.. I’m _____” Jayden giggles a bit. “I know who you are.” You felt surprised. “ Y-You… do?” “Ya, you’re the gorgeous girl with the pretty eyes who walks by the skate park everyday.” Your skin was bright red. You could feel your whole body getting hot. “I’m Jayden by the way.” You giggle to yourself. “I know” you said. Everything then went quiet. You stayed still not knowing what to do. All of a sudden you felt someone breathing near the front of your face. Then a warm hand on your cheek. “Your blushing” Jayden said rubbing his hand along the side of your face. You couldn’t believe you were warm enough that Jaydon could tell that you were red. This made you become evenmore red. “_____ I know your pretty nervous but can I …..just try……… one thing?” Still red you manage to squeeze out “um.. okay”. As he rubbed the side of your face, you felt the hot air coming closer. You began to breath deeply. Seconds later you felt warm lips touch yours gently. You jumped a little bit but began to kiss back. Jayden, stroking his hands in your hair began to lick around the edge of your lips asking for an entrance. You let him in. He kissed you slowly with passion. You felt tingly all over your body. Your heart began to pump faster. You broke free for air. “Wow… um wow” was all he could say. “Pretty wow yourself, but its that all you got?” you teased. Jeydon getting the idea grabbed your hands and smash you against the wall kissing you fiercely. As he kissed you he couldn’t help but smile into it. He began to kiss down your neck and to your collarbone. You began to breathe slowlytrying not to moan. You gasped as he was near weak spot. He began to suck slowly on your weak spot. You moaned loudly unable to hold it in. Jeydon smiles into yourneck then started to kiss you on the lips again. His tongue felt so soft and warm. He slowly moved his hands to your waist and grabbed onto your top. He slowly lifted your shirt off and of course his own. Jeydon climbed up on top of you and started to grind against you. You moaned as loud as you could. “You like that?” he whispered. You smiled finally taking charge. You turned Jayden on his back and began to tongue wrestle. Jayden rubbing both of sides began to rub your breasts. You started grind Jeydon hard but slowly. He moaned as you felt him get hard. You both looked at each other. He looked down at your pants and then back to you. You nodded. Jayden smiling, undid your bra and flipped you over on your back. He began to kiss you at the collarbone and made his way down, to the middle of your breast. Youscreamed his name “oh my god… Jay….JAY ….JAYDEN!!!” He moved down even more unzipping your pants and his own. He then removed your thong. He started kissing your wet center. He stuck his tongue in you. You felt like your heart was going to explode. You screamed with joy “faster…FASTER!”. He moved in and out with his tongue. You could barely breathe. He stop. He slowly moved up your body and moved his lips to your ear and whispered. “Are you ready?”. You nodded. He smiled and kissed to on the lips. He slowly entered your wet center. Slowly went in and out. As he slowly humped you , you both looked onto each others eyes. You both were smiling. Jayden started to go faster. It felt so good. You flipped him over and start to ride him. He began to rub your boobs.You both started screaming and moaning not even trying to control yourself anymore. Jayden flips you over on your backand looks into your eyes. “I… I love you________” “I love you too Jayden. He kisses you sweetly on the forehead. BAM! I OPEN THE DOOR. “Whole ****!!!!!!!… get your clothes on. I yelled. So you two got changed and walked out hand in hand. Most people were whistling and everyone else …well there mouths just dropped. Jayden then whispered in your ear. “come on… lets get out of here.” You guys ran outside and into Jayden’s car. He drove you to his house and you both ran upstairs to his room. You spend to night and fell asleep in each others arms.

In the end you two end up get married and having four kids :D

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