I wish you love me! a beck oliver one shot love story

the song i have is tynisha keli and this is my first time writing a one shot so be easy on me and plus i finished this at 6:30am bcuz i had alot of distractions

Created by mzjuliet13 on Tuesday, April 26, 2011


-Saphire Collins
-Beck Oliver
-Jade west
-Tori Vega
-Cat Valentine
-Andre harris
-Robbie Shapiro
i woke up and got ready for school.I go to Hollywood arts with my best friends Cat and Tori, they begged me to go there after they heard me sing and play the guitar in my room and they easdropped and heard me but anyways i'm glad i went there i made some new friends and a new love... Beck Oliver i really like him but he has a jealous gothic girlfriend named Jade and she won't let me talk to him even though i still say hi and have conversations with him when she's not around."Honk! Honk!"i heard outside my window. I looked out i saw Cat and Tori outside waiting for me in Cat's new pink drop topand then i looked closer and saw that they had Jade with them, i sighedthen said"great" to myself. i grabbed my bookbag and ran out the door to and up to the car "Hey Saphire" tori said "hey girls umm jade you're kinda in my seat" i said in a nice way then she gave me that look and said "you don't own this seat" "well i know that it's just that-" "you just what? it wouldn't kill you to sit on the other side for the day" "well no i-" "i'm not moving" "umm saphire you wanna sit in the front?" tori asked "sure" i said then tori got in the back and i sat in the front. When we got to school we saw Robbie, Rex (his puppet), Andre, and Beck waiting for us by the lockers "Hey girls" andre said "hey" we all said "Hey beck" i said "hey saphire" he said back with thatbeautiful smile then i saw jade look at me then him thenwent over to beck and kissed him then glared at me with a smirk, that sorta made me jealous alittle but i shugged it off but i noticed robbie is feeling down"what's wrong robbie?" "well you see i went on a date with carla and the next day on the Slap.com she said something hurtful" "well what did she say?" "that he's a weirdo" his puppet rex said "which is true" he said again "awww well you'll find someone that like you" i said "yeah she'll be blind" rex said "i think he should give up" Jade said "he shouldn't! leave him alonejade i believe he will find love" then i mummbled under my breath "you lucky beck love your sorry butt" "what was that?" she said "nothing" i said with a fake smile "so will you go out with me?" robbie said to me"uhhh no" i said "haha dang you got dissed.. again" rex said. I looked over to beck and he had one hand in his pocket n the other in his hair and smiling.. Man! i love his smile and his hair and his personality but heloves jealous jade over there,ugh! i want him to love me! not her! me! but i can't do nothing about it. the bell rung and my first class is my singing with Tori andRobbie and since tori is the best singer in the class i have to be second best, i have no problem with that. after that class i had to go to sikowitz class, my favorite class.on my wayin sikowitz class i bumped into beck "sorry" he said "no it's my bad i wasn't watching where i was going" i said then he looked in my eyes and i looked in his for a moment then i walkedinto the classwith my heart racing. "Ok class we are doing a little improving" sikowitz said while taking a sip of his cocanut milk "Beck! Saphire! on stage! now" i looked at jade and she looked angry then i smirked to myself and me and beck got on stage "ok class where are they?" "at a store!" andre yelled "in a fight!" jade yelled "on a date!" Tori yelled "I like that! beck, saphire yall are on a date" sikowitz said "and saphire you start!" "ok" i saidthen i beganacting "beck i'm really having a nice time with you" "me too you look amazing tonite" "aw thank you you too" "saphire you made tonite be one of the best nights of my life...... i love you" then he put his hand on my face that made me blush... alotand made my heart race "i love you too beck" then he leaned in and kissed me man i felt sparks fly! it felt like time stopped for that moment"OK! thats enough!" jade yelled then beck pulled away "wow! that was intresting and unexpected.... good job exit the stage" sikowitz said then we got off the stage and took our seats and when i looked over to cat and tori they looked at me with one eyebrow up andsmiles on their faces, i smiled back then i looked behind me and saw jade staring me down, she looked furious and then she had her fist up then i looked over to beck and he just smiled then i smiled and turned back around blushing like mad! After that class was over it was time for lunch, i told tori and cat i'll meet them at lunch. on the way to lunch i got pulled into the janitor closet by jade and she told me "stay away from beck and we won't have problems ok? i don't want you talking to him, i don't want you near him, i don't even want you saying his name as long as we are togther nowback off!" i couldn't believe her! i will not do such thing! but i'ma have her believe her i will so i said "ok" then she let me out and i walked to the lunch area. when i got there the gang was sitting in their normal table "hey guys miss me?" i said "yeah we did" andre said "where have you been?" tori asked "uhh around" i said then jade walked up and sat down next to beck then she looked at me and gave that eye phhh! i'm not scared of her i'ma do what i want! if beck got something to say to me i'ma reply and if i got something to say to him then i'ma say it! "hey guys did you know that we can act like robots but robots can't act like humans" cat said then she giggled man that girl is random"what is wrong with you?" jade asked "she's a dizzy red-head" rex added "hey beck what was up with that kiss with saphire in sikowitz class?" tori asked then she looked at me and smiled, she knew i liked beck "it was nothing so moved on" jade said "let the boy say what he want!" i said. i was shocked because it jumped out my body "excuse me?" she said "you heard me!" i said now getting nervous "ok guys there's no need for fighting" andre said "yeah just calm down saphire" robbie said "i don't know why you telling me to calm down when the wicked witch over here started it!" "i wouldn't say anything if i were you whore!"jade said "what did you say?" "thought i didn't know huh?" "JADE!" tori said tearsformed in my eyes and i ran off tomy lockerand cat and tori ran after me "that was wrong what jade said to you" cat saidand then i said with my voice breaking"i know but she don't know everything" "well what happen?" cat asked i already told tori what happen and i think its time to tell cat "you ready to tell her?" tori asked "yeah" i said"well before i came here, i had problems with my old highschool" "well what kind of problems?" "well i was dating this boy named daniel and i thought we was inlove with each other but then one day in school i went to the bathroom then i guess he followed me in i didn't understand why but he did but then he took me into a stall and started undressing me i told him stop but he didn't then i tried fighting him off but that didn't work because he was stronger than me then-" i couldn't even finished i just started balling my eyes out then tori conforted me "what else happen" cat asked "he raped her" tori asked "then the next day everyone started calling me a slut and a whore for what happen and they kept messing with me so that's why i transferred and came here" "oh my gosh that's so horrible" cat said hugging me "that was wrong of jade to say that and she didn't even know the whole story" someone said and when i looked up i saw beck standing there "so you heard huh?" i said wiping my tears away "yeah i'm so sorry that happend to you come here give me a hug" i got up and gave him a hug "i'ma talk to jade about that" "ok thanks" for some reason i felt safe and warmin his arms like he make my problems go away "hey look the talent show is tonite at 7pm" cat said trying to change the subject "hey yeah saphire we should sign up for it you can sing that song you just finished" tori said said "yeah i could do that" i said "great i just finished a song also, cat where does it say you have to sign up?" "in the principal's office" "well lets tell andre and the other's and sign up" "yeah!" i said then we ran and told the others. "a talent show that sounds great i can sing my song" andre said "yeah lets go and sign up right now!" tori said "one time my uncle held a sign up for Mcdonalds but then he got ran over by a car" cat randomly said "ooookay" i said "back to signing up for the talent show!" i said again. after we all signed up for the talent show we all went to go practice for that time we had free. It took me forever to find my song but i found it just in time. the song i made is called "I Wish You Love Me" i made it when i was thinking about beck and i have this pretty white dress i never wore so i'ma really look nice and in 5 minutes cat and tori will be here to pick me up so i might as well practice while i can. 5 minutes later tori and cat came and picked me up "you looked amazing" cat said "thank you" i said "well lets get going" tori said "right!" me and cat said {Author: Tori have on the outfit she wore when she sung Beggin on your knees} we got there in 10 mins and it was 10 mins before the talent show started and i found out i was last to go, thats good gives me more time to practice and get over stage fright "hey" i heard then i turned around to see beck with a boquet (sp?) of roses "hey" i said with a smile "these are for you" he said giving me the flowers "thanks" i said then i took the flowers "good luck out there" "thanks" "you look great" "thanks again"he looked in my eyes than smiled "well you might as well go take your seat because the show is about to start" "yeah well i'll see you after" "ok" then he walked away. so far 10 people have performed and now it's andre's turn then he walked on stage, introduced his self and the name of his song then started singing. he sung "Song To You" with tori as back up and he had the crowd going crazythen 7 more people performed before tori went out there and performed "Beggin On Your Knees" and rocked the house then like 8 people went on then it was my turn to go on and believe me i was scared as hell but i had to go out there "Hi everyone my name is Saphire Collins and the song i'm singing is called I Wish You Love Me" then the music started then i did my vocals and started singing: Somethin, somethin as simple as me hearin' your name (hearin' your name)
Puts me, puts me in a place that i can't even explain (uh oh, noo i ain't never been here before)
I really didn't know back then but right now i'm totally sure
Baby, i know i'm your friend but i wanna be much more (oooh)
I get butterflies when i see you comin', ooo boy you got me runnin'
This feelin' in my stomach tells me i should be your woman
Because your the only one who makes my fairy tale come true
How can someone make me so sad, but still i only want them to stay
I wanna say i love you so bad, but i don't wanna scare you away
Please, i wish that you'll understand that i wanna be more than just your friend
I wish you loved me
I see, i see you talkin' toyour girl on the phone
I wish that i could tellher to leave you alone
Really didn't know back then, but right now i'm totally sure
Whoaa whoo that i wanna be much more
Boy this is why, i never really liked your girlfriend (why)
Never really gaveher a chance (why)
Because I realized that i'm your woman, your woman
How can someone make me so sad, but still i only want them to stay
I wanna say i love you so bad, but i don't wanna scare you away
Please, i wish that you'll understand that i wanna be more than just your friend
I wish you loved me
Said if you really love somebody, i mean really really really, really love someobody
Let me hear you say yeah, let me hear you say yeah, yeahh
If you really know you need them, and you know deep down you never gonna leave them
Let me hear you say yeah yeah, hear you say yeah yeah
How can someone make me so sad, but still i only want them to stay
I wanna say i love you so bad, but i don't wanna scare you away
Please, i wish that you'll understand that i wanna be more than just your friend
I wish you loved me. I finished then everyone clapped and cheered for me then i walked off stage and i met up with tori, andre, and cat and they ran up and hugged me "you were awesome" andre said "yeah saphire you were amazing and i loved that song you made" tori said then the principal came on stage to announce the winner and me, andre, cat, and tori held hands and prayed "ok this year's third place talent show winner is... Andre Harris" we gave him hiscongrats then he ran on stage and got his award "ok second place is..... Tori Vega!" she was happy to win, she gave me and cat a hug and ran on stage and got her award "now 1st place is ........ Saphire Collins!" the crowd roared as i jumped up and down with delight and ran on stage and got my award. after the show tori dropped me off at home, i was home alone thankfully then it was a knock on my front door so i went down stairs to open it and it was Beck "beck what are you doing here?" "i came to see you and to tell you that me and jade broke up" "YESSS!!" iyelled while putting my hands in the air and he laughed "well you might as well come in" i told him and he came in and plopped on my couch "soo why did you and jade break up?" "for what she said about you" "oh i'm so sorry" "it's ok i'm kinda glad because i can do this now" he said then he kissed me and again i felt sparks fly through my body "wow" i said "i know" he said "ok about that song was that about me?" he added "yeah sorta i was thinking of you and wishing that you loved me and you know" "listen saphire i do love you, i always loved you and i wanted to know would you be my girl?" "oh yes!" i said then i kissed him again. whoo! i got my man! i'm so happy! i love happy endings.

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