My Male Countries Are Idiots.Fun.Hot.What?Hetalia love.Ch8.:Books:.

I had to cut off alot of stuff to save it for the next chapter!But you'd still love me.:3

Created by InsaneHeartCupCake on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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AngelxOfxThexShadows,amiboshisGF,MikaMusician,alexsha10,and celestexx for messaging ideas!Again Again!I'd like to give yeseyyesey half the credit,we came up with it together unintentionally,for the thing under-you'll know it when you read it!

So here Poland was, mumbling angrily about the tourists who dared to put down his fashion sense.The bottle was spinning furiously around in circles.It eventually landed on Liechtenstein.We all know if he dared her to do something inappropriate, Switzerland would go GI Joe on Poland with his gun.

"I choose dare.""I dare you to like be louder than America." That’s a hard one.You knew that Liechtenstein wasn't loud to begin with,how could she be louder than America?Liechtenstein looked around as everyone stared intensely at her she opened her mouth to say something but her eyes widened in horror.

"WHAT IS THAT?!" She pointed to the kitchen and everyone looked to where she pointed.Nothing.A strike of lightning and the lights blinked twice.An ominous atmosphere filled the room as everyone sat there as if they expected something to happen.When nothing jumped out,everyone returned to the game and tried to pretend nothing happened.Liechtenstein spun the bottle lightly. It didn't go around to many times before it landed on Switzerland.

"Dare." Of course he would pick dare.Liechtenstein wouldn't dare him to do anything difficult or torturous."I dare you to give up your gun for the night.Someone has to hide it." Maybe something torturous for Switzerland.Switzerland was frozen in shock.You got up and walked over to Switzerland.You got down and poked him a few times.Nothing.You took his rifle of his back and made sure he didn't have any in his pants.You arose with rifle in hand but you still didn't want to go alone.Even with a gun.

"Russia,your coming with me." "Me?Okay i'll protect you,da?" Russia got up and followed you out the room leaving the rest wide eyed.

-Later_Second Floor-

Currently you had the gun in the position to shoot as you walked down the halls with Russia.Russia didn't scare you for one reason or another.Maybe it was because he is your country and therefore you do not fear him.Either way Russia was Russia and you loved him for it.

"Hmm where to hide this?"Russia turned to you with his childish smile."I don't know,but hiding it under something seems too obvious."You nodded in agreement just before the floor creaked at the end of the hallway.You positioned your gun ready to shoot while Russia got out his pipe in preparation for the ass beating to come.Your eyes widened and your gun lowered at what you saw coming-flying down the hallway towards you.Flying Mint Bunny giggled and flew right pass you and Russia.It would have been scary if it wasn't a cute flying bunny that smelled like minty freshness 24/7.Russia seemingly didn't see it but you sure did.

"What is it?" You snapped out of your trance like shock."Nothing." You grabbed Russia's pipe wielding hand and lowered it.Once it was all the way down,you began walking not once letting go of Russia's hand.'I swear if I see Captain Hook i'm going Jackie Chan on his ass.' You and Russia continued down the hall.You and Russia walked through a door to what looked like a spare room with a walk in closet and bathroom to the right, a bed in the middle with a window right above it,and a desk next to the bed.The light coming through the window made it easier to see but the pitter patter of the rain hitting the house and the raindrops dripping slowly down the window filled you with suspense.Turning around,you noticed that the door frame, especially at the top, stuck out quite a bit.You stood on the tip of your toes with the gun trying to see if it would be a good hiding place for the gun.

"I'll help you." You felt hands on your waist and the feeling of being lifted up."Thanks." You held the gun in place."It's perfect but we're going to need something to stick it up here." Russia put you down and you began to scan the room with your eyes.As your watchful eyes went across the room,they stopped at the sight of a roll of duct tape lying on the desk.


You and Russia were hand in hand happily going down the halls and back to the others.Your footsteps hit the floor at the same time while your connected hands swung back and forth. Approaching the stairs,you both went down step by step.Upon entering the room, you were greeted by a shaky and somewhat panicky Lithuania. Hesitantly he grabbed your free hand and pulled you over to the circle.You left you hand slowly slipping from Russia's before it was completely removed and you could only feel the touch of his hand still lingering on your fingertips.You felt bad.You knew what Russia was going through and all you wanted to do was continue to hold on to his hand and hope that that would give him at least a little comfort.You knew Russia had to feel alittle sad,you just literally slipped from his grasp and you knew that had to bring up some bad thoughts.You successfully made yourself look like nothing was wrong as Lithuania pointed to the middle of the socializing circle.There laid Poland,looking as if he died on the inside.

"What happened?",you asked as you bent down and poked at Poland."S-Switzerland",Lithuania began in a shaky voice,"He d-dared Poland to make h-his outfit clash." You nodded understandably and lifted Poland to his feet.Or you tried to but he just fell limp in your arms.You fell to your knees with Poland in your arms instead of trying to haul him up to his feet.'Why didn't I feel anything?' "Hey Lithuania,did he fall down?" Lithuania shook his head."No,he just slowly crawled and flattened himself on the floor until he eventually looked like...that." You nodded your head once more before turning your attention to Switzerland."How long does he have to wear it?"Switzerland looked at you with that same stern look as always that somehow seemed softer when it was directed toward you while he tried to control his quaking hands.'Gun withdrawal symptoms.' "Just long enough to get a decent reaction from him."

You fanned Poland with your hand as you tried to convince him that it was okay."Only for alittle while Poland.I'm sure if you wear anything clashing you make it look good!That takes talent and skill so if you can do that you should be able to do this dare!I'll help okay and we'll just put the clothes on top of the ones your wearing!If we do that then as soon as the dares over,you can just take it off!Lithuania!Lithuania will help you too,your a fashion legend you can get through this!" Behind you Lithuania had a look that just screamed 'I didn't agree to this!'Poland seemed to get an ego boost as he rose to his feet.He looked a confident and flamboyant as ever."Okay (Name),Lithuania follow me!" You,along with an unwilling Lithuanian man,followed Poland to what awaited up the stairs.Again.

"Just do it!" You and Lithuania randomly put Poland in and took him out of shirts,pants,and skirts.By the time you were done,you both took a step back to have a look.Poland was wearing a neon green tank top over a purple and yellow polka dot shirt,light green pants,and a pink skirt."It's definitely clashing,"Lithuania said while nervously putting his hand behind his head."Yep."

You lead,or dragged,Poland down the stairs.After you finally got him down,you pulled him into the room.No one notice you three enter the room,they were all socializing."I got him!" As soon as you yelled that,you dipped to the side leaving Poland and Lithuania in the spotlight.After seeing you escape,Lithuania followed your example and inched off to the side.

Everyone stared blankly at Poland and his clashing clothing.A laugh of a single person slipped out before everyone started laughing and cracking smiles.You inched over to Switzerland and bent down."Can he take it off now?" Switzerland turned his head to you and nodded.You a smile you stood up and faced Poland."You can take it off,"you yelled with a light pervertness to your voice.Poland quickly took off his clash and looked as confident and flamboyant as ever.

'Damn,he can strip fast!' You headed back to your sit as did Poland and Lithuania.Poland spun the bottle,but after a few seconds it began to spun uncontrollably. It went up into the air and hit Estonia on the head,then Lithuania,then Latvia."Psychotic bottle!Duck!,"you yelled just before you ducked and the bottle went right over your head and into the wall.You rose back up with a smug look on your face."Sucker,can't attack these ninja skills!" Many erupted in laughter at your remark while Poland looked pretty happy from where he was sitting.

"Does this mean I get to have them like do a dare together?!" Denmark shrugged."Sure,if they agree to a dare." Poland looked over at the Baltic States for confirmation. The Baltic States looked at each other before nodding.Poland had an expression of excitement at their response."Okay,I like dare you to arm wrestle Russia at the same time!Who wants to be the referee?" You felt Hungary grab your hand in hers and raise it up."We'll do it!"

Everyone gathered around a table in the kitchen.The shaky Baltic States were on one side and Russia was on the other.You and Hungary were on the other available sides of the square shaped table.You looked at the Baltic’s to your left,Russia at your right,and Hungary right across from you.You placed all their arms in the proper position and held them there, not letting them budge a bit.Hungary looked at you for the okay signal.You nodded your head and prepared to release their arms."Ready,Set,Go!,"Hungary yelled beginning the match.The Baltic States tried with topull Russia's hand down but he didn't even budge.After a few seconds of them desperately trying to pull Russia's hand down.Russia slammed his hand down, bringing theirs with his.Hungary called it and Russia was the winner.People around the circle clapped at the victory.

'Hm,no contest I guess.' Russia began to rise from his seat until America put his arm out in front of him."I want a go at it." America was challenging Russia to a match."Do you really think you can beat me?" Though America was smiling,the light bouncing off his glasses gave off a threatening glint."Are you saying I have no chance in beating you?" Russia pretended to think about it."Hm,da." You sighed,"Can you guys just drop it.I already know who's going to win." You slapped a hand over your betraying mouth.Russia and America both looked at you."Who,"they asked you in unison."Um..." The Baltic States had already let the table and everyone had spread out away from the table.Hungary shot you a worried glance from her far away, safe spot as America took a seat.They got in the proper position in waited for Hungary to tell them to go."Ready,Set,Go!" They began their match with neither of them budging. Since everyone was so far away and they were speaking quietly and strained, only you could hear the conversation between them.

"You're just going to humiliate yourself,da?,"Russia smiled as always while America gave him a cocky look. "As if,i'm going to win." "I'm going to win,right (Name)? "Um...I'll be right back."ou ran out of the kitchen,through the room,and up the stairs.You had to find England’s room and get a spell from one of his books.You ran into what you thought was his room and dove under the bed.You saw a book in which you happily pulled from under the bed.When you got back out and sat down,you took a good look at the book.It had a face,face book.You looked a t it for a few seconds and blinked. It began to moan."Oh shi-!" You almost dropped the book and surprise.You noticed a note on the back of the book.The note read:

Dear (Name),

To make it short,sweet,and easy to remember, this is a very special book.KEEP IT,enjoy.


You let the note disappear just like all the other notes before it.You looked at the book and it looked at you."Do you have anything that will make this alittle more entertaining and not fighty?" It moaned but with a different tone that made it sound like a yes."Will you tell me?" It moaned again,but this time it sounded like a no."No?!Damnit I will rip your binding out and use your face as a pooper scooper if you won't tell me right no!Good luck getting crap out of your teeth with no hands!" The book opened and flipped it's pages to a mostly blank page with instructions."Thank you."That reminded you,the book didn't have teeth.

You returned to your arm wrestling countries as promised and counted down the special event in your head.'5...4...3...2...1.' The house began to shake violently causing many to panic.Everyone ran to the door and ran outside.After getting out of the house,everyone ran for another good five minutes.Everyone stopped to catch their breaths and slow down there heartbeats.You looked up at the full moon among the wet grass.You looked around you and noticed that you were in a cemetery. As they all calmed down,they began to notice slowly but surely notice the same.

Random Preview Sentences

"I just wanted to help...and be cutesy!

"Ice cubes,what the fuck are we going to do with ice cubes?!"

"Why me?!"

"I'm the her-Oh CRAP IT MOVED!"

Okay,this wasn't all that special,but the next one is where I saved all the stuff to end this party for the next one! Apparently Quizilla has a word limit or something so I kinda had to.This party has been ongoing for like three chapters or something so I gotta finish it up!

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