Best Friends... Or More? (Jacob Black One Shot For daniellerocks1999)

Happy Birthday Kiddo!! Luv u lotz! Byeee! XD

Created by SerenityJoy22899 on Saturday, April 30, 2011


Name: Danielle Walker
Age: 16

Name: Jacob Black
Age: 17

**Story Start**

I woke up on a Saturday, and quickly got out of bed... today was my 16th birthday. It was spring, so I wore this:

I was going out with the pack for dinner. I did my make-up and hair, and finally, everyone came. Jacob looked absoluetly STUNNING!! (He wore the tux in the pic for what he looks like lol)

I couldn't believe what Leah wore... a DRESS!!! She and I would always play sports, and here we are, wearing dresses:
(Leah's outfit)

Emily looked gorgeous as always:

The boys, other than Jacob, all just wore black tuxes. They all looked very nice. My jaw dropped at the sigh of them. "You all look, amazing!!!" I said in shock. Jacob's eyes never left me.I blushed and looked away. "Come on. Jacob, take Danielle with you in your car, there won't be enough room in mine." Sam said. I rolled my eyes secretly. Sam knew I liked Jacob, and was always trying to set us up. "Ok, come on Danielle." he said taking my hand. I was so happy, nothing could change that. Except one thing. Bella. There she was, looking all fancy. If it weren't for my gifted acting, Jake would see I was upset. Bella was wearing this:

Jacob's eyes went directly to her. He even let HER sit next to him on the way. I just looked away at the laughing, happy 'couple' as I made disgusted faces. I really hated Bella, for taking Jacob. MY BEST FRIEND!!! Ugh, unbelieveable.

He was so oblivious to the fact that I loved him. He was blinded by the stupid leech-lover!! She loved Edward, and since he left she follows him around like a lost puppy! No, not a puppy, puppies are cute... A lost rat. Haha.

When we pulled up at the resturant, Jacob opened the door, let Bella out, and was too busy with her to realise that I was scooting out too, so he slammed the door in my face!!! Right in it!!! I was fed up. So, I did what any girl this upset would do. I balled my hands into fists and walked towards the werewolf and vampire infested woods. Hehe, stupidity...

I saw I was stupid, because a vampire came out of nowhere and attacked me. Victoria. "Tori! You scared me!" I whispered. "Danielle? Oh, it's you... sorry..." she said. Yea, I was friends with Victoria. We walked and talked for a while, and eventually, she had to go get some blood. So I bid her goodbye.

I kept walking, until Seth came and brought me to the resturant. Ugh... Seth is sooo gonna get it...

"Hey, where were you?" Jacob asked. "Like you care! All you've been doing is paying attention to Bella! Whenever we hang out, 'Bella', 'Bella', 'Bella', 'BELLA'!" I yelled at him. Then I started to cry and ran away, my makeup getting all messed up, and it was raining. I was freezing. And this was my favorite dress, too!

I sighed and heard footsteps, then heard someone next to me. Jacob. "Hey..." he said. I tried to walk away. I didn't succeed. Jacob pulled me around and did something unexpected. He kissed me!! Right on the lips!!! I immediatly kissed back. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I put my hands behind his neck and played with the wet locks of his hair. He moaned into the kiss and licked my bottom lip. I giggled and denied entrence. He got mad, so he put more force into the kiss and forced his toung into my mouth. He smiled into the kiss.

Now, the question is... are we still just best friends, or more??

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