Uchiha Sasuke Oneshot: Listen To The Teacher

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“Sasuke you know I don’t like the man, he just has something, something dark . I know you think I am just making things up, but don’t ask me to go with you, if you want to go to that stupid meeting, then just go. The meeting is much more important than me after all” you said giving him a mocking smile before you turned around walking away.

You were tired of the constant fights between you and Sasuke, and maybe it was better for the two of you to be apart for a while. Maybe it would do your relationship good, just some time to think things through. You didn’t want to marry him if you two only fought every two seconds.

Hearing his footsteps behind you closed your eyes and took a deep breath, turning around before he could make you look at him, “it’s true right?” you asked and folded your arms underneath your chest as you looked in his eyes, “you will still go to that meeting, you’ll go even when I asked you not to right?”

Sighing he closed his eyes and raised his hands as he placed them on your arms and glided them over your arms to your hands, holding your hands tightly in his, “you know I have no choice, don’t be like this, you know that I have to go. It’s important, it’s-“

“Family business” you said interrupting him with a slight nod of your head, “yeah I heard that one before, so what about me, I am your family too, your fiancée is asking you to stay, but you cannot listen to her of course…”

“That’s not fair, you know you aren’t being fair right now” he whispered to you as he held your hands even tighter in his, “don’t leave like this, we should talk things over before I leave tomorrow morning” he said gently as he cupped your face in his hands and looked deeply in your ocean colored eyes, “you know I love you babe” he whispered as he leaned in ready to prove to you just how much he loved you.

Stopping midway because of someone who cleared his throat the both of you looked in the doorway to see your brother standing there, his badge shining in the light reflecting it to your eyes, “that’s enough Uchiha step away from my sister now” his deep voice boomed through the living room causing the both of you to rip apart.

“I am not hurting your sister” Sasuke muttered as he looked back at you trying to let you say that he was speaking the truth, “come on, tell him I was not hurting you.”

Letting out a sigh you turned your head towards him and shrugged your shoulders, “I wanted to leave but you wouldn’t let me” you whispered to him before you walked over to your brother feeling his arm over your shoulder as he protectively held you towards him, “we’ll talk later” you mouthed to him clinging to your brother.

“The neighbors called in that they heard people argue loudly in the middle of the night, I think you should give it a rest Uchiha, and head to bed. You can quietly discuss things in the morning” Asuma suggested before he leaded you out of the door as well.

“I wish we could” Sasuke muttered as he made his way to the door and closed it, after having a last glance at you.

“You okay?” Asuma asked you worriedly, you knew your brother wouldn’t let this subject go before he was convinced Sasuke didn’t physically hurt you.

Smiling you nodded your head, “of course I am okay, Sasuke would never raise a hand to me, you know that too, onii-chan” you said and held his arm tightly in your hands as you walked with him to the car, “just let it go alright, it’s between me and Sasuke. You can’t always try and protect me, it’s time that I stand on my own feet okay.”

“I just want to make sure my little sister is alright, is that a crime?”

“No detective, but you busting through our door every time Sasuke and I have an argument is” you said and chuckled when you saw his offended look, “I am just saying please don’t interfere in this, it’s something Sasuke and I have to sort out. Nothing you say or do can help us.”

“I can just give him a little threat” Asuma asked making you glare at him sternly, “alright I’ll give it a rest, but you make sure that you are one hundred percent sure that you want to marry this guy. I heard what this argument was about, if anything it seems to me that the both of you don’t want to get married. There are way too many issues between the two of you, to make a marriage work. You should think this through more clearly, alright?”

Nodding your head you sighed and stepped into the car watching your brother get in as well before you put on your seatbelt, “I know onii-chan. I will don’t worry about me, so you still got the bed ready for me?” you asked jokingly.

“Of course I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time you would stay with me and Kurenai.”

“You make it sound like I am always fighting with Sasuke, we can be very happy too you know. It’s just that sometimes we can’t agree with each other. Couples have rough patches like that right?”

“They do, but arguing like the two of you did just now. That is not okay, and as your older brother it makes my blood boil to see how he treats you. I just want you to be happy” Asuma said as he glanced at you before he focused on the road again.

“Sasuke makes me happy, there is no other guy in the world that can make me happy like Sasuke” you said quietly and turned your head to him, “it’s time that you start accepting that onii-chan” you said and slightly smiled, “Kurenai onee-chan accepted it, why can’t you?”

“Because to me you will always be my little sister” he said flashing you a warm smile before he parked the car in the driveway and helped you out the car as well, “I want my sister to be happy though and if this hot-headed guy makes you happy, then I will try and at least get along with him” he muttered and sighed when you threw your arms around him and hugged your brother tightly.

“Thank you” you whispered as you just held your brother like that, the hug you needed to reassure you that everything was going to be alright.


Looking at his watch Sasuke ran his hand through his dark locks one last time before he turned to his suitcase, he didn’t know what he had hoped for, but he knew that he should just accept whatever was coming for him. He made a mistake and he needs to face the consequences. He chose his job over his fiancée and now he had to live with the fact that he might just not have a fiancée anymore.

“Are you leaving without me?”

Smiling when he heard the soft voice he dreamt about all night he turned to face the face of the angel that haunted his dream, “you told me to leave remember?” he asked and gave you a playful look, “I am just complying to your wishes.”

“Since when do you listen to me, Mr. CEO?”

“Since my mother told me I should always listen to the teacher no matter what.”

Letting out a giggle you shook your head a little and wrapped your arms around him as you rested your head against his shoulder, “why do we always seem to fight lately, I just want to be happy with you Sasuke. I just can’t seem to understand where we went wrong” you whispered quietly to him as you held even tighter to him as if you were scared that he would leave from your sight.

Holding you tightly to his body he placed his chin on your shoulder and smiled a little, “I know the answer to that” he whispered in your ear before he pulled away to look in your eyes, “we should meet each other halfway, you don’t want me to go on meetings with that creepy old man, so I won’t. I don’t want you to hang out with Sai anymore…so?”

“I wont go on lunches with him” you muttered before you rolled your eyes at Sasuke, “how many times do I need to convince of the fact that I am not seeing Sai behind your back!”

“You might not know it but the guy likes you and I am just trying to make sure that you are still becoming my wife, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I am just making sure that you won’t leave my side, especially not leaving my side with some art teacher” he muttered.

Smiling you nodded your head and looked at his suitcases, “so since I am not going on lunches with your sworn enemy anymore you will not…”

“Go to Otogakure to meet Orochimaru.”

“I guess we can make things work after all.”

Holding your hand tightly in his he guided you through the crowded hall of the airport, “of course, we have been together for three years now, we’re already like a married couple. It’s take and give right?” he asked and chuckled when you gave him a playful glare, “what I listened carefully to the teacher” he said playfully and chuckled harder when you gave him a slight smack on his shoulder.

“You’re so mean” you whispered as you pouted your lips a little.

Stopping he placed his hands on your shoulders and looked in your ocean blue orbs, “but you like it when I am like that, it actually makes you want me more” he said confidently as he leaned in and tried to kiss you but you just turned your head a little causing him to kiss your cheek.

“Please, stop talking” you muttered as you looked back at him, “whoever told you that, is not right in their mind.”

“No one had to tell me that” he said as he held that confident look in his eyes, “your eyes did the talking for you” he said and smirked when he saw your face fading before you could defend yourself he had his lips right on yours making sure you couldn’t speak a word.

Smiling you slowly closed your eyes and held tightly onto his shirt as you pulled him closer to him, maybe Sasuke was right, maybe you were more attracted to him when he was teasing you and held that confident look in his eyes, but you would never openly admit that.

You didn’t want to inflate his big ego even more. Pulling away Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he looked at your smirking form, “what?”

“Admit it Sasuke, it’s you who wants me more than anything” you said playfully.

Shrugging his shoulders he pulled you towards him again and smirked, “maybe I do, something wrong with that?”

Giggling you shook your head a little and pushed him slightly off you, “of course there is, we’re out in public. That’s what’s wrong with it” you said and quickly walked ahead of him smiling as you heard him protest.

You knew that you were right about your decision. There was no other man in the world who could make your blood boil in a wrong and right way at the same time. He was the one for you and you wouldn’t let go of him.

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