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A Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction-------------------------------------------------------------------------

A small child with red hair dances carelessly around a small campfire at night, humming a silent song. [S k i p] The same girl is picking flowers--theres a small boy with spiky hair in the background. The girl rises to her feet and runs (in slow motion) over to the boy, smiling, but is suddenly grabbed by something and pulled away. The girl reaches out for the boy, and opens her mouth to call for him, but she cannot speak, so he cannot hear her--he can't save her.

Kera's eyes slowly open, a soft pout on her face.
"Why is it always the same dream?" she asked herself in a hushed voice.

[ . . .]

" Mukuro-sama!"

Kera's cheerful voice echoed through the lair as she skipped down the hallway, making her way to Mukuro's room. It had been a month in human time since she had been banished from the human world. Her once short red hair had grown long, now tied back with a black ribbon; her wardrobe had undergone a drastic change: Instead of wearing her usual black and top and sweatpants, she was sporting a black and purple girlie trench coat, shorts, a top and long boots--all fitting the same color scheme. Even though it had only been a month, Kera felt all grown up and she loved it!
The red-head's face glowed with positive energy as she neared her master's room. Knock, Knock! Kera waited outside the door, her entire body tingling with excitement. There wasn't anything special occurring in the next 24 hours, this was just Kera on a typical day.

"...Who is it?" The voice sounded bored--apathetic almost.
"Mukuro-sama, it's me, Kera!"



Mukuro let out a sigh. She knew that overly-happy voice anywhere--Kera. The demon shook her head softly. Kera was an odd demon. Never in all her thousands of years had she met such a demon. Upon finding out that Kera had lived in the happyHuman World the majority of her life, Mukuro could see why the demon was always so full of positive emotions. But, even so. Mukuro knew of demons that dwelled in the Human's world that were spiteful and murderous--the exact opposite of the demon child. Kera's constant happiness puzzled the Demon Lord, rather than bothered her. Kera's fighting was what mattered most to Mukuro, not her personality.
Knock, Knock

"...Who is it?"

Mukuro wasn't an idiot, she knew who was at the door. Even if the girl hadn't spoke, she still would have sensed her approaching.

"Mukuro-sama, it's me, Kera!"


Kera entered Mukuro's chambers after being invited in, gingerly closing the door behind her as to not make any unnecessary noise. The red-head's body stiffened, standing erect like a soldier in front of the Demon World King."Mukuro-sama."She said in a serious tone before giving a low respectful bow.
"That's not necessary, Kera. You're one of my top men now. " Mukuro replied nonchalantly, gesturing Kera to stop bowing--Kera immediately did so.
"You summoned me, so here i am, Mukuro-sama!"Kera explained happily, her smile more cheerful than ever as she awaited her orders from her master. Kera hadn't been working for Mukuro long in human world time, but she always loved her assignments. Fighting, traveling through Demon World, interacting with others-- Kera got to do at least one of these things on an assignment, not one of them the least bit boring. Kera was loyal, dedicated and a skilled fighter. These are the qualities that helped Kera ascend in the Ranks of Mukuro's army as well as catch the King's eye as well. Mukuro liked Kera, and 'liking' someone was a rare case for her.
"I need you to be on the third floor in two hours exactly. I have something to show you."
Kera agreed to her assignment before leaving Mukuro's headquarters. The red-head demon wandered around the lair aimlessly, lost in her thoughts.
>>The Third Floor? That's been off limits for a while now. I wonder what Mukuro-sama is going to show me!< <

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